Monday, February 8, 2016 - Episode 1319

Kid and Gdub discuss how badly we need a technical person to handle things for the show. The Kid outlines his plans for the new domain name he gobbled up recently and it features a full database of all the women teachers who've gone a little too far with their students. We touch on the topic of all the nasty shit that goes on at the Playboy mansion.

Kid rants about some out of touch cunt who has no fucking clue about porno mags. In order to appreciate black history month the Kid gets into gangster rap for a few minutes and tries to come up with a special Hottie of the week without any luck.

We give everyone a unique Hottie of the week who actually just died this week. So its the first time we've had a hottie of the week during the actual week she died. Kid goes way back and tells you the story of the last time such a thing happens and we get nostalgic about the early days of beating off to internet porn.

We preview the Gdub soundboard and talk a bunch of tech crap where the Kid calls thing by the wrong name. To wrap up we play Paster James Mannings take on rumors of his church getting bought by lesbos. Go Deep

Hottie of the Week: The late Katie May
On Tap: Tri City Brewing Company Belgian Tripel

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Its Friday and that means we're pushing out some old Goin' Deep Shows into the feed. This week we kick it back to February 3rd 2006 in an episode where Mr. Kleen, JMac, The MAP all are in to discuss porn, what the future holds of one of our daughters and even more obnoxious bullshit that none of us can even remember.  Good thing the mics were all live and capturing the entire thing.  Sit back, hit the play button below and go back a full decade to this episode from the first week of February 2006. Go Deep. 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Anger, rage and herpes lip in this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. We debut a few new segments including the new Herps Time segment and the Kid tells dumb bitches to stop ruining being naked. We review our Hooters experience which is what we usually do in our Thursday load blow. The Kid does his usual rip on his X, we wonder how much begging Red Eye does when he tries to fuck Hooters girls and we discuss how to set up friends to look like fools. We wrap up our Hottie of the week Samantha Hoopes and encourage everyone to go find her on the old inter-web. We do our annual begging for Interns. If you’re interested in becoming a Goin’ Deep Show intern please reach out to us via email at studio@goindeepshow.com   We do try to be positive in a round about way by encouraging every woman out there with fake titties to not let  themselves go and letting the rest of their body fall to pieces. Case in point don’t look up your original hollywood crushes on Google because it will ruin your fucking world. Oh and Kanye takes it in the butt. Go Deep… In a Kanye ass.

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Kid, JMac, GDub and Spider Monkey along with the Martial Arts Phenom coming to you from Arizona late in this one. We discuss toys including the all new Fat Barbie and the new huge dong Ken doll. We ask what accessories the low self esteem Barbie comes with and ask when the new bulimic Barbie will make her debut. We push more Samantha Hoopes at ya and push out more shit. We make some calls and we wind down the night sucking down beers and making fun of having children. We discuss the skill of the Creep-Search and how not to do it and get caught. Go Deep. 

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The gang toys with the idea of giving every asshole who comes into the studio evil communion dipped in load. We give the usual rundown of what's on tap, discuss some breastaurants and cat fights. The discussion quickly turns to buying hardcopy porn. The Kid also reveals that we've crossed over the threshold of having an in studio hottie that is way too close to the age as our children. We discuss Pheend.com for a bit and encourage everyone to go there. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Don Tang in studio and GDub scaring the hell out of us later in the program. Kid gets into the preshow ritual that he's starting to incorporate. It includes social time with friends and doing some preshow practice. We discover some new people and their connection to the show. We salute one of our favorite waiters and the Kid discovers one of his daughters friends just started working at one of his favorite bars. On Tap tonight some Fat tire and some Dirty Bastard. Hottie of the Week this week is Samantha Hoopes. The Kid tells the story of the guy who beat one off in a bathroom stall at work and gets caught for doing something even worse. We discuss the Penthouse magazine decision to stop printing a hard copy magazine. Kid and Don Tang come to the realization that they probably jerk off to the same type of porn.  That porn being a single dude with a room full of women servicing them. We also realize that the only realistic fantasy this applies to are the Muslims and Mormons. We talk sex tech with the Virtual reality headset and how not to warn your women when she reaches into your pants. 

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Kid, Don and Pooty Tang are in studio to discuss idiots who think the world is flat and think their music is good makes them even more of a fucking idiot. The Kid briefly mentions his hatred of Melissa Mccarthy which kicks into a discussion of sex toys ordered on Amazon.com. We get the full run down of how to get a chick to go full retard while in the sac so much you need to create a safe word. We discuss air tight action and breaking but plugs. the Kid discusses a photo he stumbled upon of a chick thats photoshopped to look like she was a horse. Kid also brings up the video of the woman with the inflatable dildo. We wrap up the hottie of the week Leanna Decker and Gianna Michaels. We wrap with a Hoots lunch review and preview the new Red Eys Soundboard

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Kid, Don Tang and Gdub in on this one where we discuss lop sided titties and the boobs that poisoned Flint Michigan water. We hear Pearl Jam is getting involved. Kid picks out hew new favorite criminal. We discuss Raven Riley flesh lights and get into why Pooty didn't believe we had her in studio. We go over our list of porn favs and what a country would look like if assholes were running it. We play the Hookers and Cocain clip and call it a night. Go Deep. 

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In this episode The Kid welcomes back Silverback, Don Tang and The infamous Gdub where we dive into topics such as our listener line, We play some old clips and consider bringing back the call in system where everyone can get as dumb, racist and ridiculous as possible. We play some classic listener line calls including one from a local artist putting messages on the side of Bay City Michigan snow hills. We also play a go to hell shoutout from Spoo from years ago. We dive right into sex toy shops and how hot the chicks that work there are.  Trying to gage on what level of kink people are and wha they use to tie up your bitch. Listen in Go Deep. 

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Kid gets the Silverback in studio and we get the infamous Gdub on the horn from Snowpocalypse City, Atlanta, GA. Kid is a little beside himself because the crew was supposed to have a local hottie in but has to spin into conversations of cum buckets, operations and tuna nets. Kid gives us some of the details on the new studio setup the soundboards and controlling the entire thing. We give you two of our hotties this week. Leanna Decker and Giana Michaels. We make fun of politics including Sarah fuckin' Palin and Donald Goddamn Trump. We discuss the on off switch for you jizz, bloody loads and the auto blow II. Go Deep. 

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We kick off the next generation of Goin' Deep Shows with this edition recorded for the first time with a shit ton of new equipment. We are now kicking it into two seperate locations for recording, over processing and having way more buttons to push than anyone should. In this episode we discuss new planets, that dumb cunt Sarah Palin, Donald Trump rally where the Goin' Deep Show had an inside source for all the Palin taint smells. The Kid does a double porn review including the Three's Company porn and The Vicky Vette visits the grocery store porn. We pick out our girls for who we'd want to fuck in zero gravity and we tall all the assholes with their undies in a bunch about non blacks in the Oscars to shut the fuck up. Go Deep. 

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In this Episode of Goin' Deep Show we welcome Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and the lovely Wild Rose. This is a special interactive edition where we tell everyone to go to Guess Her Muff so you can play along and see the Muff we discuss. If we weren't so damn lazy we'd actually put the photo links here but that would be too easy for you dumbasses.  Go Deep. 

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Kid, Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and the lovely Wild Rose give you all the bullshit you'd expect from the Goin' Deep Show. Topics include this weeks hottie of the week Abigail Ratchford and we come to the conclusion that Red Eye has been wronged by Kaitlyn J. Anderson for some reason but he won't tell us why. We bring up the Michiganbayhotties website and get super fucking serious discussing Dago's recent split with the wife. Red Eye gets into the past twisted map of sluts he's banged which included Dago's wife. This one gets a little serious but the Kid pulls it from the fire by promoting the new PHEEND.com site. Go Deep

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Kid welcomes in Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and brand spanking new hottie Wild Rose. We ask how the hell Red Eye was able to coax her into a conversation let alone getting her into the studio. We get to know The Wild Rose throughout this episode where she calls out Red Eye for his hair being gone. The Kid asks all the sorts of the normal dirty questions and we discover that Red Eye has a real problem with Kaitlyn J. Anderson. We recap a few of this weeks deaths and we get to know Wild Roses BJ skills which include all shapes and sizes even micro. Go Deep. 

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Goin' Deep Show 1306: Is it okay that to dress like a chick?

In this Goin' Deep Show the Kid welcomes in new hottie Sleep Nasty, Don Tang, and Red Eye where we can barely keep him awake. The Kid puts Red Eye on the spot about wanting to dress like a girl but still fuck chicks. The Kid has to apologize to Sleep Nasty and her mother for being a drunken fool at the Halloween Party. Red Eye gives us the low down about being creeped out about finding a wod of hair after banging a chick. Sleep nasty talks about using sex toys for a split second but the Kid steers the conversation back to Red Eye banging a Hooters girl. Its a bunch of bullshit nonsense. As usual. Go Deep. 

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Goin' Deep Show 1305: Introducing Sleep Nasty

In this episode of the Goin' Deep Show The Kid welcomes in Don "His Holiness" Tang, Red Eye and new hottie Sleep Nasty. We get to know our new in studio guest and ask her all sorts of the things you'd expect. Kid makes Don Tang ask the questions that get right to the point of how many sex toys are stashed under your bed and ends with dick pics and how many times they get sent. Go Deep. 

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Goin' Deep Show 1304: Its the no beat down resolution

In this episode of the Goin' Deep Show The Kid welcomes in Red Eye and His Holiness Don Tang.  We talk about the recent development with Tumblr and how they fucked our shit up. The Kid has started a new site and he gives everyone the url in the show and you motherfuckers need to listen to get it. We also tackle the topic of doing some shows on location and where the fuck we want to do it. Red Eye gives us the latest Hooters drama and a bunch of other inside information on who's who. The Kid reveals that he hasn't beat off since 2015 and continues the streak well into the new year. Red Eye brings up the Viagra discussion and claims to have never use it.  We put him on the spot about which Hooter girl he wants to use it with. Listen in and see if you are one of the unlucky ones that he lusts for. Go Deep. 

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Goin' Deep Show 1303: Red Eye's Lunch head and porn tape

It's the first recording of the new year.  Kid welcomes in his holiness Don Mother Fucking Tang and Red Eye. Where we discuss whether or not we'd suck our own dick. Red Eye gives us the run down on how new years went, we discuss Kaitlyn J. Anderson who just got her new titties installed.  Her Instagram is looking wonderful but going into Playboy during the exact same time that they're deciding not to do any nudity is probably a terrible fucking idea. On Tap we're kicking some Ommegang Brewing company along with some Bean Flickery. We point out that Red Eye is setting up his mini playboy mansion with tanning beds, keg-o-rators and much much more to intice women to come over and get wasted. Red Eye also reveals there is a sex tape of him and a chick somewhere. We preview the story of the walmart asshole who got busted stealing sex toys after he proposes to his dumb cunt redneck girlfriend.  Listen in Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes in Red Eye and Mr. Kleen where we give the run down on how Red Eye is in some deep deep trouble with some crazy bitch that he left at the bar.  Lesson is don't invite a bunch of crazy bitches to the bar with you.  We realize that doing anything 1,300 times is kind of retarded. Unless its beating off or fucking. Listen in Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes in Mr. Kleen where we continue our discussion of that ugly Nymphomaniac that he got with and how many things are flowing through her blood. We do the comparisons of drunk vs non drunk Mr. Kleen. We put him on the spot about his former conquest who would visit the show from time to time. We discuss some racist shit in an attempt to make actual racist people uncomfortable. We make fun of people who their they're special and how they need to get their special asses kicked. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Mr. Kleen in studio for episode 1300  where the Kid discusses the loss of his favorite website.  How much he loves the fact that if you have a smart phone and are ever bored you're just a fucking asshole who needs to get a fucking life. Kleen gives us the miracle jerk off lotion. We're drinking PBR for our what's on tap and do some Periscope action and were performing for some bitches in Brazil. Kleen actual asks himself what is going on in his life after drunk driving and throwing up in his own mouth after sucking down a case of beer. We discuss how women while getting gang banged find their favorite dick and you have to appreciate that.  She picks out her favorite. We really appreciated the fact that porn sites now are getting so organized that you can filter out shit down to exactly what you want and you can even pick how much time you have to jerk your shit off. Go Deep. 

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Kid, Don and Pooty Tang do a porn review where the family is sitting around the table and step brother and step sister start handjobbing each other and then go into a room and get each other off.  Pooty is only worried about the turkey that nobody eats and The Kid reminds her that the turkey as actual air in it and floats on water. Don Tang tells us about fucking an inflatable goat. We do one of our new segments called Breastaurants where we discuss the local waitresses and if we like their boobies or not. We make fun of Red Eye and his sharing of the most idiotic girly shit that we've ever heard in our life. We do a lits bash and push more of our hottie of the week Cassy Ventura.  Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang into the studio.  In this episode we discuss flap jack tits, how to eat breakfast off your ladies titties and how not to get to violent while slapping around your woman's boobies when they have titties. We discuss lube and how you can buy some glow in the dark lube that comes in a sugar bear container that Pooty said she would put up her ass. The Kid suggest having a tarp room where the room is just covered with lube. Pooty makes sure to tell us the proper term for the dick hole and we show her a dude who's dick is so large that he had to get it operated on to shrink it down.  We also discuss some guns and a friend who nearly blasted his goddamn foot off. We toss around suicide, how not to kill yourself and we push this weeks Hottie of the week Cassy Ventura. Kid pushes some buttons that may or may not anger the ladies of the world. Its pretty much the same bullshit that happens every show.  We make fun of the She shed, the girl version of the man cave. We kick out an urban dictionary term and say a bunch of other shit. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang where we discuss how to numb the dick tip to get more head / sex. We bring back a segment from day one which is our Hottie of the Week. We talk about how many hours the ticking time bomb known as the vagina is before a guy won't go down on it. The Hottie of the week this week is Cassy Ventura. We rip on her slightly because all these dumb bitches have this sliced off the side of the head haircut where its all shaved on one side. We discuss hot chick poop styles and how to get drunk on tiny little boxes of wine. Lots more - Go Deep. 

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Technical difficulty edition where Don Tangs fucking mic is still jacked up because of the new mixer situation. Get over it. We got it all figured out in the next few episodes. In this episode Kid recaps the Wiffleball tournament that we played in where some douchenozzle steals homeruns from The Lovely Red, The Kid and ends up winning by way of the Rock Paper Scissors sudden death action. We try to steer the ship back into discussion of retard porn and what not to do with balls. We agree that lists of obvious things not to do do your balls is about the biggest fucking waste of time. - Go Deep.  The audio in the next few is better. Just fucking deal with it. Go Deep again. 

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