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Recorded 3/15/2014 - In this Episode of Goin' Deep we bring back The Silverback and this time he's brought in M.C. to the show along with a few additional newcomers.  We discuss how to train young women, we run through everyones orgy history. The usual sex toys, ass play and obnoxious scavanger hunts are discussed and you should listen and try not to beat off listing to M.C.. Go Deep.

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In this Goin' Deep Show the Kid welcomes GDub, Wally and Don Tang to the show where we discuss idiots building an ark, walking on water and disturbing new forms of pornography. The boys also jump on the male vs female topics and tell the world just how to fuck with peoples lives all in the name of highly rated reality tv show concepts. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes Blackfoot in studio and GDub from Atlanta where we discuss a video of the greatest wedding ever. There were strippers involved and the coolest wife ever. Awkwards happen at various moments with the young kids in the croud but amazing thonged ass is in this video and you should watch it.  

The Kid gets anxious about new domain names and how he can twist anything into something perverted and dirty. 

Kid outlines a legit international company using the same GDS name and color scheme and we're thankful for their online store. 

Kid gives us the rundown on a local coffeeshop visit where little boys and hot young chicks just go to bullshit about video games and not how they would have no idea how to pleasure a chick. 

Kid talks a bit about his favorite new app that he uses to just simply mess with locals and their pathetic lives. 

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In this Goin' Deep Show the Kid welcomes Blackfoot and GDub to the show where we discuss the hotties at the gym, how women turn men into drooling dogs and how our X wives and girlfriends are complete cunts who we wish we never stuck our penis in. The Kid also describes his take on greeting cards and how they lead to sexual activity. 

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Hour long episode of The GDS where The Kid welcomes in Juice and Black Foot where we discuss the Whisper app and how you can find all sorts of idiot behavior on it. We discuss fighting, fingering chicks and what the hell happens when you go to some lame ass gameshow. We discuss finger sniffing after dipping them in a girl and porn addiction. We talk ice cream getting licked off of dicks and how to start a fucking fetish. Second half of the show we do some naked pick review of one of our favorite GDS girls. We talk about the first time you realized a chick will stick your penis in her goddamn mouth. Kid also gives all ladies the inside info on what guys want. 

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Kid welcomes Juice and Blackfoot to the show where they discuss handicap shitters, meat gazing at the Y, and a new wonderful site called Textastrophe. We talk briefly about cars, nostalgia and how to stop a hooker from snoring. Juice also tells the tale of sleeping between two 20 year old whores but opting to stay in a truck.  Did we mention they ran up a huge pizza bill that deserved more head than is humanly possible. Go Deep. 

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Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:30 AM

The second half of the House of Huss episode.  JMac is in for the first few minutes, Gdub and the House of Huss kick topics of breast milk for sale, sexting on bets and how much being pregnant may or may not suck. Kid does a little discussion on The Wolf of Wall street which brings up the conversation of what you would make people do if you had a shit ton of cash. Gdub lets us know that at the corporate Hooters you can have the half naked chicks de-bone your wings for you. The ladies also discuss the types of action a nursing home has. Go Deep. 

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The Kid welcomes GDub from Atlanta, and its a special episode because it includes the ladies from The House of Huss. Topics discussed in this one include how we're all old farts now. The lovely Red is concerned about her hubby getting all ancient. We talk briefly about people spying on your including the government looking at everything. We realize that people would rather have you look through their phone or under their bed or their sex drawer. Kid has to simplify the glory hole for the newly initiated. Kid also wants to open a restaurant where the women feeds you and you don't lift a single finger. Go Deep.

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Cleaning out the Goin' Deep Show system we're dumping all sorts of odds and ends into thd mix. Here's a listener line call from Spoo giving credit where its due during a classic episode of the show where the ladies take over and the Kid just simply falls into glass tables.  

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Kid welcome in Juice and GDub to the studio where we discuss various topics including strip clubs, drunk activities way too early in the day, super conservatives being way more waco jobo than we could possibly know.  We talk about $300,000 dollars lost and found and how hard it would be to give that shit back. We also tell you how to scare a truck load full of Illegals and what you can and can't wear inside a strip club.  Race is brought up as usual, along with horny chicks looking at dick pics. We wrap up with a woman beating the shit out of someone with a ceramic squirrel. Go Deep. 

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Kid, Gdub and Juice in studio discuss big food, how women get prodded when in studio and how one young lady fled the studio when asked if she was wearing white for her wedding. We discuss how loud to have sex, and what reasons there are to get married. We also bring back a subject close to most mens heart.... how well a chick blows you and how pissed Wally got once when it was done wrong. Kid also gives out his great idea of having a video game where you can customize whores to sleep with on screen. We give some brilliant game developer some ideas for games that including thrusting and sex. Go Deep.

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Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:00 AM

Its backstage week here at The Goin' Deep Show. In this episode Kid and The Martial Arts Phenom get on mic for this extended backstage bullshit 45 minutes of mindless rambling. Discussed are how fucked up the Kid got the night before, trying to remember when you're in love, soundboards of the MAP, farting in front of your mother in law, favorite tv shows and why people may want to avoid or listen to our shit. We also attempt to get a time set for recording in the morning and how we love and hat the Internet all at once. Again this is truly what we do here at Goin' Deep. We let you in on a conversation. As boring and mindless as that may seem. Go Deep.

Direct download: gds.1210.mp3
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Nearly two goddamn hours of complete nonsense. This is the second half of the Holiday Crapisode featuring the sultry voices of GDub, JMac, Silverback and The Kid.  We bring up the goddamn Duck Dynasty idiots bible talk, homos and other various fancy gay shit. This is truly a behind the scenes conversation that we're just releasing because lets be honest there's no difference between this and the other bullshit we put out other than some shitty music at the beginning and end.  Other topics discuss in this one are kids goind ape shit setting fires, JMac and Dub recap being around drunkies for the first time and the NFL gets brought up for some arguments on how its becoming a fucking pussy sport when it comes to injuries and lame penalties and fines. We hit on some video games, younger brothes with long distant relationships and how blinged up his virtual cars are in video games. Check it out and consider all the time you'll be wasting and all the regret you'll have after. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Gdub in this backstage of the backstage. This one is truly listening in on the bullshit that we talk about during and in between the show. We're waiting for JMac and Silverback to get in studio and do some mic check tests. Its pretty much the same as every other episode of the show but it doesn't include the regular intro and is even more rough than usual. Topics include soundboards, Wally vs. JMac, Anchorman 2 thoughts, the back catalog of shows and the new site that is in the works. We talk about ethnic haircuts, how everyone has to like the same shit and The Kid discusses advertising, cash and other technical bullshit as well. This is the first of our Xmas shows from a few weeks ago and the second half of this will come out tomorrow so tune in. Kid also gives his two cents on porn subject matter that is getting more odd. Check it out, Go Deep.

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Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:00 AM

Kid and Gdub kick it in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We discuss naming our studios, how horny some of our crew is, and a cat fight that nearly busted out at a local bar. We discuss bar hookups and how women can pretty much get layed at any goddamn time they want to. Kid recaps a time at Central Michigan University and drunk dancing and getting cock grabbed some sub par skunk who's face was hit. GDub talks about taking home some fat indian woman who he could barely remember.  He did recall trying to scoot her nasty ass out of his apartment before one of his friends saw her. Kid gives more details on the chick who cried while giving him road head. We recap sign language guy, selfies and the Kid loving having long hair for all the whores who wanna touch it. 

Direct download: gds.1207.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang discuss Vine and how some of the most awesome things come through the porn.tumblr.com Vine. Kid decides to start calling porn stars porno stars and we get on the racist topic and compare that to gay shit. We talk about how to go total violent and its all good but if you do a boxing tough man contest you get shut down.  We hit the Kardashian tip, make fun and of course talk about funky faces during booty love. We also discuss how women should have time off when they're twats bleed. 

Direct download: gds.1206.mp3
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Kid and Gdub discuss cops at the bar, getting pulled over, video taping sex and how Google needs to take the initiative and get going on the Google Glass Cock to check bar whores for STDs. We throw a shout to local brewing company Tri City Brewing.  Kid also cures the drunk driving dilema but also puts every cab company out of business. We also discuss the Cat House show, taking pics of women for drugs and nerds who can afford four hookers and still have no clue what to do with them.  Listen in and if you're a teacher make sure nobody knows you listen. Go Deep. 

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We've been anticipating getting our asses in gear for a while now and this holiday break will finally get a steady stream of The Goin' Deep Back Catalog into the feed.  This will however take some time and effort so be patient if you are looking for a specific episode.  We'll be starting with the 2009 catalog and work backwards until we have all shows available back to 2004. Stay tuned and get ready to search for episodes from over a decade ago. 

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The Kid and Don Tang sit in on this episode of Goin' Deep where they discuss some crazy bitch yelling at her husband, how to kill people at an amusement park, ways to get your dick hard that will land you in the hospital and Jenna Jameson doing threesomes and slapping guys around. Listen in Go Deep

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In this Goin' Deep Show the Kid asks Daisy and Luna if they have a bunch of different races on their sexual bucket list. We discuss oral sex and how to get the fuck out of it by pretending to be terrible at it. Spit or swallow gets brought up at some point and we recap a night of going way too far drinking. Pantie talk and more about sharing the boyfriend. 

Direct download: gds.1203.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:58 AM

Kid welcomes back Daisy and Dutch to the show and introduces us all to Luna.  The Kid asks the normal lineup of disgusting sexual questions you've all come to love and expect. On top of that we talk threesomes, booze and tit size.  Its all that and some nipple piercings to get you through your hump day. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1202.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:49 PM

Kid welcomes back Neo and Sputnik where they discuss how she snaps back into shape after getting banged, we talk about what to put on your junk when she's blowing and what kind of fart sounds couples make during sex. We do a comparison of girly girl vs tom boy chicks and how long we all last. We discuss how clingy Sputnik is and it quickly becomes a he said vs she said that leads into farts, sex and how to properly love a dick. Its a GDS for goddamn sake. What else would we discuss but pussy and dick. 

Direct download: gds.1201.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:35 PM

Kid welcomes Sputnik and newcomer Neo into the studio for episode 1200.  Sputnik seems giddy with excitement to talk about her sexual exploits with Neo. Sputnik gets called out on banging bar hoppers and Sputnik just can't stop talking about gigantic wang. Listen in Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1200.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:07 AM

Kid and Don Tang have a packed house for this episode where we dive deeper into a few newbies. We hit on butt play, do an obscure sexual term and at one point refer to preachers as being on the dark side. Listen in and spread the word. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1199.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:52 PM

Kid, GDub and Don Tang welcome K-Zap to the GDS Studio where we discuss cock girth, bustin' cherries and how asian chicks love eels and take large weiners in the buttholes.  We also hit on women shooting things out of their vajayjays, drug use, tit size, birth control and meatheads and their break up techniques. LIsten in, Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1198.mp3
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Kid and GDub discuss how you freak out when you buy a house, a David Hasselhoff crime story, why women are smarter and you should just trust them. We recap a night of walking home from the bar, how to bike ride drunk and we ask the age old quesiton of do men need male birth control. Kid also recaps his dumbass x asking for shit and how he just sets the phone on a table, points at it and then laughs like the joker from batman. 

Direct download: gds.1196.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang tell stories of dogs shitting some hair that it ate, the amazing woman who has to pull this hair from the dogs butthole and how sick and gross the whole process is. This one is a sick one mofos. Kid begins to thank some of the followers of the show and porn.tumblr.com. He also discusses pee pics, and chicks with dicks fucking chicks without dicks. Kid discusses foreign porn and his fandom of mobileboner.com. We hit a porn review of techno syncronized swimming style foreign porn that we can't understand a goddamn word they're saying. Listen in, Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1195.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang discuss the bigger is better thought process and how its the motto of every buffett in this wonderful great lakes state. We make fun of people pooping into a mud pit during a Warrior Dash style race and how it would be easier to just shit into your hand and wipe it on your fucking face. Kid gets molested by a woman from the 1860s, we rip on a dude with 35 goddamn wives and how this would make the Kid's head explode. We also pull a hottie out of the bin and she's not just any hottie. We're talking a crucifix masturbating 19 year old.  Yes you read that correctly. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Gdub discuss throw up, Cunt, and tattoos in this one.  We also hit on titties getting whipped out, twat skirts and meat curtains. Kid also rips on local news anchors, weather people and dudes having kids instead of the bitches. We talk about some movies, DJango Unchained and racist stuff. Ann Arbor is also a topic of conversation and celebrities. Did we mention Facebook sucks especially when you wanna put pics of your pee hole online.  Go Fuck yourself fans and friends. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1193.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:11 AM

Kid and GDub get crazy about fat people who get engaged and attempt to lose weight for the pictures.  They do some festival wrap up, talk about creepers, cops and hot latino chicks. We talk killings, and rude racist shit. The norm. Go Deep.

Direct download: gds.1192.mp3
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Kid and JMac sit down and discuss beer, when you were young and how you got your beer, who broke the law and bought for you when you were underage and how that practice has seemed to go away. We throw a shout to one of our listeners kids who sent us a message. We recap some baseball, and Kid discusses the new iOS. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1191.mp3
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Kid welcomes Don and Pooty Tang in this episode where we discuss peoples outrage over colors, how Don Tang can't say words that his mind wants to.  He fills us all in on the show Vice on HBO and we express our concern over the UK attempting to block all the adult content. Don Tang also reveals he hasn't done any manscaping in some time and his whole pubic region is like an overgrown forest. We hit on some politics and how in the future every politician will have sent a dick pic like Anthony Weiner.  Dig in and make sure to hit our sponsor for this show Audiblepodcast.com/gds and help us keep this nonsense known as the Goin' Deep Show alive. 

Direct download: gds.1191a.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:31 AM

Kid, Dimples and Don Tang give the play by play of a day full of drinking.  It includes chocolate bacon that we forgot about, Don Tang said he stuck his dick in a girls butt when he lost his virginity and we tell everyone that it smells in Mid-Michigan.  Kid also asks Dimples about her take on the Kid getting taken out of the Kid Rock concert. I think at one point we talk about Angelina Jolies boobie operation. Listen in Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1190.mp3
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Kid gets Silverback and a newcomer Layla into the studio where we discuss hot wax on the nads, wet noodles dangling, panties, manscaping and emotionally connecting while the banging is on. We kick into thumbing buttholes, group sex and eventually go into a place that the show has never gone.  Listen in and try not to feel too dirty when you do. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1189-06242013.mp3
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Kid, Gdub and JMac shoot the shit in this off the cuff extra long edition of Goin' Deep.  Topics include shades, car sex, and The Ted Williams of the show.  Listen in. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1188-06122013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid and Gdub discuss mushrooms, what they taste like and how some cow patch got into someones mouth. Kid recaps his exciting life including a goddamn birthday party, how the team he's on kicked the living shit out of the team they played and how not to be duped into cooking shit. Did we mention Kid hates when chicks tell him recaps on highlights of baseball. We wrap up with atheist and homo talk along with some geek shit. Go get fucked but listen to the GDS and go deep while you do it. 

Direct download: gds.1187-06112013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 8:28 PM

Kid and GDub get NSA on yo ass and spy on everyone, say fuck the media, fuck baseball writers who have their tit in a ringer about performance enhancing drugs. Kid recaps a relaxing evening of people watching at Dow Diamond in Midland and gives his words of advice to women about making up their goddamn minds. Kid tips his cap to his lovely red for putting up with birthday parties and all the shittier aspects of life. Kid wants to take bang with friends even further by incorporating his Red into the bang with friends lesbo edition. Listen in, Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds1186-06102013.mp3
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Kid and newcomer Mr. Crowley dive into getting a little bling for your cock, drunk texting, how to get wasted and want to trade shirts yet still be heterosexual. We give some advice about your goddamn phone alerts and we wrap up with porn and how shameful America is about it.  Go Deep motherfuckers. 

Direct download: gds.1185-06062013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:14 AM

Kid and JMac discuss recent bar hopping events and the results include a smelly car, who needs to drive their own asses to the bar and some new music talk.  We hit on some bridesmaid discussion and we begin our campaign to get hot chicks to hold up the GDS Little Devil and send in photos at porn.tumblr.com.  Get on that shit or else we'll have to post all the fatty's that have done it.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1184-06052013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:08 PM

Kid and GDub kick it again in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  We discuss cameras everywhere, how we live in a strange time where every motherfucker can document every goddamn thing. Kid does the news where some newlywed decides to get a hooker because he obviously wasn't getting enough ass. We get culture talk with GDub and how ladies need to act sometimes.  We say fuck Facebook and how they've made Spamming all your friends legit.  Go Deep fuckers. 

Direct download: gds.1183-06042013.mp3
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Kid and GDub kick it in this episode where they talk about fucked up TV, Beer Steins and GDub is rocking' new classy wife beaters.  We tell Nancy Grace to go fuck herself and Kid tries to get interns and gives a big old middle finger to political correctness. We attempt to get JMac in studio but soon realize he's probably getting tons and tons of head. Gdub and the Kid talk about doggie decapitation sex with everyone's favorite News Show host. We wrap up with hookers, CIA whores and guys who drop their cock on pizzas. Go Deep bitches. 

Direct download: gds.1182-06032013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:08 PM

Kid and Don Tang discuss pussies pissing on stuff, Kid calls Don Tang out on actually banging 500 times in one year and he gives all credit to stopping the drinking of soda. Kid hates chicks with dicks and when they sneak into porn.tumblr.com. We feature a site called You Got Posted and we go over some sex stories that include drunk driving and fucking and we ask the age old question of what is the craziest thing that you can find inside of a chick. We do some mommie daughter porn talk and a few of our other favorites.  Check it out and Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1181-05302013.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang tell everyone about a site dedicated to all the nasty shit that snap chat claimed was not going to be exposed.  We discuss how America fucks child stars by giving them everything then taking it away. We toy with the idea of recording the sounds of our own banging and counting how many times we can capture it. We do an urban dictionary term, and Don Tang claims he gets layer more than anyone on earth. We make fun of Facebook and tell it to go stick a thumb in its own ass. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1180-05292013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 9:49 PM

Kid eats too much goddamn food, recaps a visit to Frankenmuth, a new tattoo, dick smells, fingering chicks, who you wouldn't salad toss and the battle of Super powers. We tell everyone to go to gdskin.tumblr.com to check out some awesome shit. Did we mention that we talk about some dudes cock getting bit. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1179-05282013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:30 AM

Kid's Birthday eating extravaganza when Don Tang dishes out the chick drinks, Kid complains about eating too Goddamn much and we love to make fun of huge women with big old titties flopping out and serving us beer. We discuss the aging process of women and the sag of the tits. We ask the age old question of how often men look at women and wonder what their vaginas look like. Kid goes over the story of his Apple Store visit and how to get your shit looked at quick. We talk about the all these selfie portraits that people take. Don Tang drinks in the shower then has Pooty help clean him, Kid gives his Hooters waitress review and word of advice for you upcoming Hooters rookies…. please avoid getting knocked up and thinking that you can be a Hooters waitress. Don Tang discusses sex with a prego and Kid encourages freaks to kill themselves.  Listen in and Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1178-05272013.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang discuss porn.tumblr.com and Yahoo! attempting to not fuck shit up, printable guns and little kids holding hands. We discuss dudes butchering people overseas and the wonderful world of Jose Canseco rape. We wrap up with saints who protect cars. We ask the world to send us squirters. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds.1177-05222013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:30 AM

Kid and Don Tang discuss Kid Rock ranting about lip syncin', acting your age, and how we're cranking out the show so we can go get layed. Kid gives us a word of the day, talks about rape, and how TBall and little kids is the worst way to spend an evening. Kid talks about his hatred of a certain pattern, the word "aint" and the crazy Chinese and their new pet keychains.  Some tornado talk wraps it up along with a chick with drugs in her snatch. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1176-05222013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:30 AM

Kid and GDub reveal the porn names that The Vatican is downloading via torrents, discuss how people need to put down their goddamn phones and hang out, and Kid finds the gayest song ever created. Kid also gives his reason for buying a lottery ticket and for the most part its all about him him him. Happy Anniversary to me by the way.  

Direct download: GDS.1175-05212013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:30 AM

Kid and JMac in studio discussing going first class, drinking on a plane, shiny shoes, and what we'll say when we get old. We recap the wonderful world of Alary's Bar in St. Paul. and Kid discusses a recent trip with two chicks to a strip club. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1174-05202013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:30 AM

Kid, Don Tang, Pooty Tang discuss drinking ages and limits on consumption, pushing out a hefty turd, unmarried mothers, a folding condom and doing everything you have to do to keep from sticking your dick inside a hornets nest. We briefly hit on what the Tangs wedding would be like, what its like to poop in a bag and how the Kid is going to make Pooty sling shot one of her tards into oncoming traffic, Kid manages to get into a fight with his wife in a shower and makes fun of Kim Kardashians rhino ass. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1173-05162013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:30 PM

Kid, Don and Pooty Tang discuss hillbilly children, super fat American kids and super huge dads at Tball. Kid rants on why the fuck he's at a goddamn playground set, hearing christmas bells and we talk about getting boobies lopped off because of cancer. Kid goes over his coarse of action when he's bored at a church. We do some reviews of some reality tv star porn tape and how to cut the lines at Disney world.  It involves retards.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1172-05152013_1.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang discuss hatred of women's sports, soccer, and what he will and won't do when it comes to cleaning shit. We discuss some Big Bang banging, We talk about Tumblr, Babblr, Vine and of course how much of a cluster fuck Facebook is.  We discuss some banging with friends and we begin pressing the buttons of Facebook to see how fast they can delete The Goin' Deep Show account.  Save us the Goddamn trouble of being annoyed by you Facebook.  Just cut us off already. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1171-05142013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:27 PM

Kid and Don Tang go through the Kids take on Mothers day, Don Tang does a shitty movie review and we discuss a harpoon gun blast to a chicks face. We recap the fatty vs skinny debate over Abercrombe and its cool people clothes, Kid's kid swims in poop water and we give everyone an urban dictionary classic and a new one to kick off your week right.  The Kid is sick and coughing the entire show and is pissy about people taking advantage of his skills. We wrap up with how to ruin showers.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1170-05132013.mp3
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Kid is beside himself in disbelief when he found a turd in a sock recently. Don and Pooty tang discuss dingleberries, shit eating dogs and we play a great clip of my niece flipping out at a recent birthday.  We figure out how to get retarded kids to stop throwing tantrums and we tell everyone to beware of getting set on fire because God doesn't want you to get married. Kid discusses his addiction to Twitter's Vine app and we blame Pooty for farting even though she didn't. We go off on a rant about trying to actually make some cash with the show instead of beign raped like we normaly are. 

Direct download: GDS.1169-05092013.mp3
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Kid welcomes Don and Pooty tang into the studio where we discuss massive gas attacks, party bus breakdowns and tall chicks with glittery shirts. We hit the topic of selfies, crystal meth vu strippers and your pubes stuck to the sheets. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1168-05082013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:22 AM

Kid yaps about chinese buffet farts, lighting farts and warm toilet seats in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Don Tang tosses Pooty under the poo bus and tells her to get into her own goddamn bathroom to drop a big fat shit. Kid makes fun of his anxious child and how she consistently wants a bunch of shit. We wrap up with beating on nerds. Go Deep. 

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Kid, Don and Pooty tang discuss extra large loads and how to avoid getting knocked up, not trusting women to take her pill and chunky cheerleaders and Kid almost loses a nut. Go Deep.

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Kid, Don and Pooty Tang discuss fat asses that have slept with Don Tang, Pooty clams up and can't tell us what she'd go back and change in her life but tells us that women can only be soul mates.  Kid doesn't believe women becuase they dumb better than men. Kid believes that women are distorted because of fucking Walt Disney. We discuss some role play and the Kid's memories of nipless bras and crotchless panties that a chick wore from her mother. Go Deep.

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Kid, Don and Pooty Tang discuss Cinco de Drinko, T-ball violence, Women in sports, Nancy Grace discussing chicks abducted and gay guys comign out in the NBA. Kid brings up how hot women are compared to guys and we discuss some pretty boy who got kicked out of a country. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Don Tang discuss Mexican restaurants, crazy family members at funerals and how to talk like you're from central America. We give some props to all the crazy antics you could get into living in Michigan and get all criminal on your ass describing our favorite violent cities.  We discuss a recent killing of a 20 year old preggo and also get into the mind of the Kid tells everyone what he'd do to the remaining Boston Marathon bomber. We do some Facebook rage and hate and tell that piece of shit site to go fuck itself with its own advertising. We wrap it up making fun of assholes who feel the need to be in clubs or join together with other like minded assholes. Check it out, Go Deep fuck faces. 

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Kid and Don Tang push some buttons in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  We discuss walking down the middle of the street, computers taking a crap and not working, fat couples eating in agony, and shitty service at local restaurants.  We also recap the hot waitress at Hooters and drop some Hitler on your ass.  Go Deep and make sure you're not poisoned.

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Kid and Don Tang bring up probably the most difficult question ever asked, we give some advice on how to focus on a less than stellar chick and Kid gives the rundown on how you avoid shooting a boner to the ground. We do the debate on the hooker sex vs non hooker sex and we do some news of a mayorial candidate who was a whore for 30+ years.  We have some words of wisdom and we wrap it up with some commercial reviews for smoking. Check it out, Go Deep. 

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Kid and Don Tang discuss not so hot nurses, offending every demographic on earth, and how to make yourself last longer in the sac. We also make sure to tell the world that every man hates it when women decide to solve a non-issue. We discuss Pooty's vibrator, and do an extensive coverage on Hookers, Cat House action and Kids new favorite show with the suicide girls. Don Tang stiff arms a hooker. Call us at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

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Kid, Don and Pooty Tang discuss crazy Bostonians, What our real Twitter accounts are, making fun of CNN and how to modify the Pepsi logo to make it look like a Don Tang Buttcrack. We ask Pooty what music she likes and the Kid predicts that cops are gonna get a whole ass ton of ass after catching that asshole terrorist. We put Don Tang on the spot about if he'd bang a black chick and we like the fact that Angelina Jolie is bisexual. Don Tang plays his new Ringtone and it has to be the most annoying sound ever made. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes Don and Pooty Tang where we discuss Wing Chicks, dropping' deuce at work, being killed by beavers and getting your cock shredded by an anti-rape vagina insertion. Kid recaps his bar hopping action from the past few nights and annoying singing chicks at the coffeeshop. We do some dark skinned porn and what we're currently watching. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Don Tang discuss why paying to watch soccer is about the craziest thing in the world.  We discuss two hot blonde chicks at the Old City Hall in Bay City.  The Kid recaps his quest to find the hottest chicks in the tri-cities / great lakes bay region. Don Tang discusses busting up his foot, Kid makes fun of chewy vitamins, not jerking off all the time and we of course do a porn review and how not to get distracted while beating the meat.  Check it out, Go Deep, listen in and stop being an asshole. 

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Kid, Gdub, Don Tang, Silverback and Sputnik in on this one. We talk about smelly vaginas, pocket pussys and vibrating panties controlled via the inter webs. We catchup with Sputnik and encourage her to go flirt with people she works with. Kid rants about moms and asks Gdub if he's having kids. We try to remember Sputnik's birthday but can't remember a goddamn thing. Go Deep anyway fuckers. 

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Kid, Red, Silverback, GDub, Don Tang and the return of Sputnik in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  The first 15 minutes of this one are all vibrator noises and laughs as we shave silverback.  The second half consists of death stares and stories of no callbacks even with a clean shave. We encourage everyone to check out the video of this one on our Youtube page. Hit is up here. Sputnik gives us the rundown on what happened to her last relationship. 

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Kid, GDub, Don Tang, Silverback and the lovely Red join in on this episode of Goin' Deep. Red points fingers at the Kid when it comes to vanishing tequila. Silverback does a little run down of a night of drunken fun that results in some planking. Kid wonders if trouble follows the crew or is it just that the Kid documents all of it. Silverback fills us in on the details of new female that will be coming into the studio soon. We go over the concept of Bang With Friends and Plenty of Fish surfing. Kid spills a beer all over the place and Silverback has sex with a counter of orgasms. We wrap up with farts during sex. Go Deep. 

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Kid and JMac recap the antics of the week, discuss a few people who were tossed under busses and we get some info on the new lady pal in the Mayors life.  This one is sure to get under the skin so listen in if you can handle it. Have a great weekend Goin' Deepers.  A weekend rerun will hit your ears on Saturday and we have a special treat for you Monday. Stay tuned and we'll keep kicking loads in your ears. Go Deep. 

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Kid, GDub, Don and Pooty tang stir the fuckin' pot in this one and its all in the name of including everyone in the way we fuck around and make fun of people. Time for the faggy shit storm.  We make fun of everyone so just fucking deal with it all you carpet munchers and cock suckers. I think GDub falls asleep at the end of this which shows you just how fucking retarded and boring talking about gay people is. Go Fuck yourself anorexic people.  Go eat a dick and serve my food minus the aids. Listen before you run your fucking mouths. Or just run your mouths at 206-202-DEEP (3337) Go Deep.

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Kid welcomes Gdub, Pooty and Don Tang where we discuss how loud you can be during sex, How old men make Pooty Tang wet and we all wonder how old guys get the young ladies. Kid never sugar coats a goddamn thing and we come to the conclusion that women are grumpier than men. We also give a lesson on how to whipe your asshole. Kid won't piss in the shower but jerking it is on for sure. 

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Kid, GDub, Don and Pooty Tang give Dub the rundown on what its like to toss a beer in a face, and what to do if you're a little guy in a fight. We talk about murder and mayhem and why not to fuck with Mexicans. We discuss Red in the mood to see some fake titties. We will wage war on the other version of the Going Deep Show, the one that is hosted by a few jack asses preaching the good word.  Kid asks about when his eyeballs hurt if thats a big deal. We wrap up the show with butt wiping.  We're classy. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty tang to do a recap of the beer in the face activities at the Kid Rock concert. We also do some race mixing at a Jap restaurant and we try not to laugh too hard at the recorded ride home from the concert. Tons more bullshit in this one but nothing more than usual.  Call and piss and moan at 206-202-DEEP (3337) or send an email to studio@goindeepshow.com

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Honking on titties at random times during the day, getting your inseam measured with a 14 inch cock, and we hit the porn tip discussing some of the latest story lines in porn. Don Tang farts at work and he has no problem with it. We disrespect a local pizza joint with an asshole cranked up on drugs. Go Deep motherfuckers. 

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Kid welcomes Don and Pooty Tang to the show where we hit the beer list, hangover action and how to recover from it. Don Tang gets in trouble for inviting people over to the house and everyone puking and not eating popcorn. Kid goes over his breakfast cereal love and how to give a chick the bird with both hands during drunk dancing idiocy. We hit on a beastiality topic and how they interrupt your goddamn love making. We do an urban dictionary term of the night and more. Go Deep. 

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Kid, GDub and Don Tang make fun of Christian Mingle, Black People Meet.com and other bullshit websites that make you wink or poke them.... or click a lame thumbs up .And don't even try to stick a thumb up someone who's the same sex as you on ChristianMingle.com because you'll be tossed the FUCK off the site. We also do a little recap on some of ways males are scrutinized in the mainstream and how we like it when famous people get fucked up and do crazy shit. Kid gives his take on why every asshole who watches reality tv will think they can do everything better than what they see on TV or the web. We talk Vine and Google Glass stuff and other shit. We wrap up with Bonaroo and drugs. Go figure.  Go Deep. - Listener Line 206-202-DEEP. 

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Kid, GDub and Don Tang in on this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Ladies, GDub is not married yet so start unzipping if you wish. We do a a recap of GDub's redneck riot and how it compares to hit former N-bomb beat downs. Red lets the listeners know why she continues to stick with the Kid and we give our take on that singer Adele. We go over the bitch with the largest titties. Kid recaps his morning BJ and we get GDub's take on Kim Jong un and the fact that part of his name is the sound we make when we take a shit. We go over a little wearable tech and get some info on Wally's custody battle. Dig in sit back and have a good hump day motherfuckers. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Don Tang make fun of North Korea's kiddie porn loving leaders. We somehow go directly into women shaving our balls and steering directly into a stripper throwing videos of her ass on Vine.  Don Tang expresses his love for midgets, and how he's following them. Kid rips ass because he ate too much cauliflower and did you hear that Jesus is making a comeback? Don Tang does a movie review of some lame duped religious movie on Netflix.  We go over the list of Celebrities who's getting the nerdy Google Glasses crap. Don Tang has a friend connected to his wrist and he hates every square inch of the hippo. We make fun of Don Tang Dad....aka Dad Tang and his love of Duck Dynasty, and his lack of tech knowledge. We wrap it up with numb balls and how to send your kid away so you can bang in the morning.  Living the fucking dream. Go Deep bitches and call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP..

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Kid and Don Tang kick off the 2013 Spring season of Goin' Deep Shows with topics including how grandmothers feed the living shit out of everyone they come in contact with, The Kid's kid is using the term Mofo's and we call out how fat a little kid is getting. We do a word of the day, Kid gives us the low down on how he nearly broke his ankle after a very long healthy shit that resulted in a leg falling asleep. We recap a great friday of eating and drinking and ask Don Tang about Pooty naked status. We wrap up with old ladies and what their titties look like. Listen in and get ready for more this week from the GDS. Go Deep. 

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Kid, JMac, Silverback, and Don Tang in studio with a new unnamed lady. We're doing some Absinthe and slurring every word. We recap load drops in glasses and how relaxed we all are.  Our new lady friend is pushing the porn sites and her love of Red Tube. JMac give us the first hand take on the night he got caught banging in the Stein Haus parking lot. We drop the news that the Studio has only been banged in by JMac. Go Deep.

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Wally and Gdub in studio where we call Shithead in japan and talk about chincs and jap hookers and what its like to bang em.  GDubs is in questioning mode and asks all the right questions to Shithead. 

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Wally and GDub in studio give us the recap of a holiday evening at the Stein Haus with some Goin' Deepers and a lovely lady who was three, maybe foursheets to the wind and flashing panties in public. We realize we know way more about our friends love life than we can ever possibly imagine.  This is a complete play by play of what happened during some great bar activities.  Tune in it. It involves police.  Go Deep. 

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Blowing a Zombie Jesus load during this Holy day. This one features Wally and Gdub in studio during the Holiday's where we discuss how much family sucks, Wally and Kid agree that sometimes too much of a chick is a bad thing. Wally gives us the low down on how duct tape is your best friend when you have a woman who doesn't SHUT THE FUCK UP. We discuss the amount of beer we've consumed over the last year. We do a movie recap of Lincoln and how awesome it is depicting hatred of women. 

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Zombie Jesus load blow day here for the Goin' Deep Show. Kid and Don Tang discuss sending pics of weiners, Pooty tang puts Don Tangs balls in her mouth and Kid yells a chick off his left ball. Germany is banning fucking animals and this somehow offends a group of people who are suing over it. Kid solves the nations debt by charging people to fuck animals legally. We discuss our plans to rule the world via our new business model of trading in pets. We touch on the My little pony porn and falling asleep jerking it. Go Deep

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Zombie Jesus day keeps on truckin' in this load blow of a Holy day.  This one from last fall where we discuss people who don't drink, Christian women who are loose and how hot chicks will eventually become a goddamn trainwreck. Ladies do not age well. We make fun of Madonna and her ass hanging out, 60 year old women hitting on GDub and the Kid lays it down that he'd not bang an old lady. More load blow to come. Keep your ears open fuckers. 

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Zombie Jesus day continues to clean the tube before Monday mornings Spring season premier. In this one Kid recaps his hatred of Facebook and how they can go fuck themselves. We encourage everyone to head to Porn.Tumblr.com. Gdub gives us the lowdown on how to look at porn on a 90 inch screen. Kid recaps the way to take it when porn comes from your buddies. We go over some porn suggestions and a great clip of a guy questions where a chick wants the load.  Its a good time so combat todays Holy shit with some good old fashion porn and disgusting talk. Go Deep. 

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Zombie Jesus day load blow here at the Goin' Deep Show.  A complete dump of any back logged shows dumps in your ear to clear the tube in preparation for Monday mornings Spring season premier. For you GDS listeners clammering for a fill up this is your day. This one is from election time back a few months ago.  Red Eye comes in and discusses his bedroom activities with his hot little girlfriend.  We discuss a recent murder, and recap the fight between Kid and Kleen.  Red Eye also gives us the rundown on how to be fired.  Site of the night is full of Yoga pants awesomeness and we get heated at the end as we give our take on politics. Extra audio on this on. Have Fun Go Deep. 

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Kid, Don Tang and Go Go dancing superstar Tiny Dancer. go thongy thong and we go crazy talking about some gag and tie up sex. Kid talks about the best way to have you ex shut up. We go over pillow talk aka pillow over face so you can't talk and when to take the pillow off a half dead chick. Kid describing the best load on the face video he's ever seen and Don Tang talks about his fear of load in the Vajayjay. Go Deep and make sure to call the listener line at piss and moan like a little bitch. 206-202-DEEP (3337).

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Continuing out pumping out of some of our backed up episodes. We're like a Goddamn nun with all this load backed up. In on this one Kid, Don't Tang and Tiny Dancer in studio. This one is so back that we discuss our favorite Holiday and people getting blown during the dirty sluty time. We have Lappity Dance goin', furry boots, and dudes getting' Beej'd right out in the open. Tiny Dancer goes over her vacation time and how she had vicious hammer time sex on the east coast. We ask the age old question of who wants a numb asshole? We discuss having sex in or near the rain. Kid asks about the salad toss and the post cleanup of the toss. We discuss some ass to mouth, some choking and blasting water up your ass along with dogs ripping to shreds some books. We make fun of some N-Bombs beating each other up during celebration. We get a little racist. It happens fucking deal with it. Fuckers. Go Deep and make sure to call the listener line at piss and moan like a little bitch. 206-202-DEEP (3337).

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Kid and JMac welcome in Tiny Dancer and Daisy to the Show with a little post Kleen and Kid spat.  We turn to sexy talk and avoid the bullshit. Daisy says she want to come to the studio as much as possible and JMac is dishing out the spankings. Technique is make sure you get both cheeks even. Get Deep and don't get nuts if we don't like your accent. Go Deep. 

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This is a short one and there's tons of rage as Mr. Kleen and the Kid get crazy on Moonshine and ransack the studio.  Its only 12 minutes before the two get at each others throats and have a pissing match.  Technology gets tossed around the room and fits are thrown.  Listen in and be prepared to get pissy. Go Deep. 

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Kid keeps pushing out the leftovers to start off the GDS in 2013. JMac, Kleen and Tiny Dancer in studio discussing the world records of sex, taking loads in the face and oh so much more. Have a great weekend of getting layer and doing all sorts of things you shouldn't be. Go Deep and make sure to call the listener line at 206-202-DEEP (3337) and comment.

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Kid welcomes Sookie, Hat Trick and Yukon where we get the low down on Hat Tricks stolen property, We learn about Sookie making men a necessity in life and Yukon and Kid just like that he took her vibrator batteries. Sookie gets all mad at the Kid for gifts that don't exist. We ask the question of who you think of when you're getting off and we talk kinky levels of the hosts. Sookie reveals that she enjoys taking her very own fist and putting it into her vagina. We start yelling bacon at the end and wrapping cock in bacon. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337). 

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Drunken mayhem in studio as Kid welcomes Sookie, Hat Trick and Yukon to the show. A Drunk Sookie is the highlight of the evening and she is screaming NO I"M NOT GOING TO WORK TOMORROW. Sookie is a little pisssed about the Hat Trick, Fireman threesome, because Sputnik got in before she did. We come to the conclusion that Hat Trick is the best wing chick ever. We discuss how pissed off guys are when Hat Trick sees skokie tits but guys don't get to. Kid goes over his horrible hatred of sand sex.  We go over the peppermint blow job… for fresh breathe. We tap on the topic of getting caught by your kids during sex and we encourage Sookie and Yukon to go at it on the mic. We go underboob vs underboob and ask the tough questions like if Yukon has ever stuck it in her ass. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337). 

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More catchup episodes of the Goin' Deep Show. In this one Kid welcomes Sookie, Hat Trick and Yukon to the show where topics include a drunk Sookie, how she finally got layer and is now wanting more. Did we mention she wasn't even masturbating? We go over everyones pube schedule and how it determines our grooming. We discuss pantie tea, and Sookie gets more drunk as the episode continues. Sookie slips and says she's ready for children. Hat Trick reveals that certain positions are giving her a problem and we get into a blow job battle between Sookie and Yukon. We get to the bottom of Sookie having sex with a black guy and how to use your gap teeth when giving a BJ. Sookie and Yukon go all tittie twister at the end. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1127.mp3
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It's catch up time fuckers.  We're beginning to finally get our ass out of the winter funk and tossing some shows in your face. In this one Kid gets deep with Daisy and Tiny Dancer in this post show after recording where we discuss tattoo placement, how women can get away with making money by shaking their ass and guys have a harder time with such things. Daisy discusses her latest sexcapades and when the last time she got off. We get some insight into what some women talk about to their friends, how much gets revealed to others about their sex lives and how much easier it is when its all on the table. We do some double penetration talk and how the Eiffel tower just aint happening. Tiny Dancer tells us the tale of a guy she couldn't tell was inside of her. Kid wonders how guys with small dicks masturbate and Daisy likes that its super easy to deep throat a little guy. Lots of gawking and mellow shit in this one. Go Deep. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337). 

Direct download: GDS.1126.mp3
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Kid, welcomes Silverback, Tiny Dancer and Daisy to the show where we discuss the sharpness of the Silverback and his search for an intern.  Daisy reveals she could never get into politics because there are naked pics on the internet somewhere. We tai about the flavor savor on a guys face and some manscaping. Daisy and Tiny Dancer give us what they look for when they see a man and a woman. We dive into nipple piercing and Skype sessions. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337). 
Direct download: GDS.1125.mp3
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Kid, welcomes into studio Silverback, Tiny Dancer and newcomer Daisy. We kick off the show with boner discussion right off the bat. We talk piercings, who's dropped off the face of the earth, Tiny Dancer describes our newbie and we get the girls to give is their BJ technique and how much eye contact goes into it. The BJ philosophy. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1124.mp3
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Goin' Deep guest and listener Candy and friend Wendy discuss the size of JMac's manhood after dropping a few lbs. Any commnents on cock size can be submitted by calling to the listener line at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: ll-Candi-Dicksize.mp3
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Goin' Deep Listener Spoo gets in the Christmas Spirit by telling the focus of the Holiday to spend some time in a nice warm place.  Go Deep and if you wanna tell someone to Go Down give the Listener Line a Call at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: ll-Spoo-BabyJesus.mp3
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Kid, Silverback, Smokey, Emmy and Tiny Dancer in on this one. Kid throws every male under the buss and asks the girls in studio if they rage more when on the rag. Record setting race to masturbation discussion. We do some porn talk and how double amputee's get to fuck their house. The girls give their preferences on what they watch online and we discuss our favorite over the top obnoxious porn star clips from Ava Divine. Kid decides that Ava needs to shut the hell up and just get off. Silverback wants to fist pump Emmy and punch her right in the throat. Some hate fucking I believe is in order between the two. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1123.mp3
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Kid, Silverback, Smokey, Emmy and Tiny Dancer in on this one. We talk about how many times we've looked at Emmy's Cleavage, How many times Tiny Dancer has checked them out and the best way to turn a chicks arms off while you're banging her. We get more info on why Emmy is staying away from the dick. We try to figure out what the fuck is up with Lesbo's. Emmy also said her vagina must have nearly closed up. We make the girls touch butts and compare boobies. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1122.mp3
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Kid welcomes Smokey, Tiny Dancer and a returning hottie Emmy in where we learn how to bruise up women just right so they like it, we compare girl vs guy stalking and some leather talk. Stage names are also brought up and when the last time Emmy had some action. Kid also still claims the jerk off deprevation will begin at some point.  We'll see.  Go Deep and Call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP.

Direct download: GDS.1121.mp3
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Kid welcomes Tiny Dancer, Sputnik and Smokey in studio Birthday recap with blue shit all over Sputnik's face, Someone got their pee pee slammed by a head and it was hangover central the next day. Kid reveals how he picks the hot chicks for the Porn.tumblr.com site. The ladies in studio decide to just make out at some point leaving Smokey and the Kid rambling on about nothing….. what else is new. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1120.mp3
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Kid and JMac in studio bringing Gdub in via Skype. We give the pre game of the Halloween party. Kid goes over his entire philosophy on life. Kid's Red suggests mechanical bull for the Halloween party, and wet T-shirt contests. We talk about why Colorado is Fucked up and How The duo of JMac and Dub once planned to Kill someone but decided to just make a rap song about it. We talk about how we want to die and whether or not we did enough. We drop a shit ton of N-Bombs in this one too. So Deal with it. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1119.mp3
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Kid and JMac in studio bringing Gdub in via Skype. We go drunk old school rambling edition of the show. We do a drunk recap of the prior nights beer slamming. GDub gets political and rips on republicans and the Kid tries to change subjects fast even turns to suggesting JMac settle down. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1118.mp3
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Kid, Yukon, Sputnik and Tiny Dancer in studio. We discuss the fuckit list and how to win it. We talk about the Goin' Deep Show Amazon wish list which would include strap ons, ball gags and vibrating panties. Yukon buys chicks vibrators, The ladies buy their shit off the rack. We feature a website, talk about a spanking situation with the Devil logo. We discuss some pony play and talk chugging beer and spanking bitches. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1117.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:00 AM

Kid, Yukon, Sputnik and Tiny Dancer in studio we give everyone the combo of what Sputnik would need to survive. She gives us all a sad story about masturbating and the batteries on her vibrator going dead. Yukon praises the vibrator with the huge mushroom tip. Kid plays a clip of Yukon wasted talking about belting Sputnik. We talk about having a nemesis and how to fuck with them. We do the shower scenario and why its ambitious as hell. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1116.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:00 AM

Kid, Yukon, Sputnik and Tiny Dancer in studio with no intro music, We discuss dumb dumb things, nut smacking chicks in the face, The girls go over the intimate action that is involved in not eating lots of pussy on the first date. Kid says he's gonna teabag someone and Sputnik gets pissed that the Kids brought up some angry women talk. Girls should just eat each other out to stop their bitching. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1115.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 9:00 PM

Kid and Kleen on this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. He's wasted from a hot night of scoping out the chicks at Applebee's. He scores a phone number through laughter and calls out his X Roguee on the air. Kleen discusses his low standards and goes over how he gets chicks numbers. We go over the tantrum throwing that is involved with doing the show and how Kleen didn't want to talk to the Kid and was tricked into it. Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1114.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:37 AM

Kid, Smokey, Sputnik, and Tiny Dancer. The quest for the threesome begins in studio as Smokey wants to land the three way. Its a birthday episode and Sputnik wants some fingers. Tiny Dancer suggests that when your finger banging chicks to take a break so she can suck you off. When two girls go at it its fucking amazing and they have to decide who gets eaten first and how it all goes down. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1113.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:01 PM

Kid, Smokey, Sputnik, and Tiny Dancer. Every guy has an excuse for not getting it up. We talk bubble gum cock during head. We figure out who's more of the dominant one during the lesbo relationship. We do our normal amount of porn discussion. How much we watch and how to really keep a guy around. Kid discusses saving time by Jerking it instead of the full act. We talk frequency and practice and what the scenario is when the two ladies in studio begin to get intimate. We make fun of Red Eye because he's pussy whipped….of course. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1112.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:33 PM

Kid, Smokey, Sputnik, Tiny Dancer and Hat Trick on Skype. We discuss the undies trade planned for 2013 where we shackle women to the wall and take their panties off then hang them from the ceiling. We discuss the art of the three way kiss, how early women started to play with girls. Hat Trick is a pusher sending dirty thoughts towards smokey telling him to have a threesome. Kid is honored to be thought of during a sex fantasy…. where he would never shut the fuck up. The only way would be with a voice box. Kid also throws a temper tantrum calling out people who make excuses vs people who make time. I think we talk chronic masturbating to wrap it. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1111.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:11 PM

Kid, Smokey, Sputnik, and Tiny Dancer in studio where we talk about the double dutch rutter, how Tiny Dancer changes into skirts for the Kid, What color the thong she's wearing is and stories of girl on girl action between Sput and Tiny Dancer. We discuss video camera sex sessions, how watching people fuck as a job would never be a job, and Sputnik's birthday wishes. Yukon calls in right as we discuss the show where we discuss how he beats Sputnik's ass. The Kid also brings up the challenge of not beating it until Xmas. Nobody believes it'll happen. Everyone wants to bet. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1110.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:39 PM

Kid, Smokey and Sputnik discuss porn sounds, music and general gross gaggy sounds that Ava Devine make during the act. We ask about talking during sex. If its good, if its bad and Sputnik is convinced that porn is dumb. Kid tries to play porn under the entire show with no luck… mainly because Ava Devine never shuts the fuck up. We talk about getting hookers and I think she said something about licking her asshole and the Kid has a clip of it. We go over how many beers it takes to get Sputnik to let you stick it in her ass. We go over what sex shit we haven't done and we create the Fuck It List. We're asking listeners to make some suggestions to add to our list. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1109b.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:26 PM

Kid, Smokey and Sputnik discuss how not to sit with a skirt on. Why the Kid suggests not wearing tiny clothing. We do some underwear talk and how Boy Shorts are the worst names for girls underpants. We go over the dynamic looks Hat Trick can do and who she attracts as each. Kid is disappointed about the Slip and Slide show falling apart. We call out Redeye about not getting on the Goddamn Goin' Deep Show because he has to deal with family and fucking kids and bullshit. What it boils down to is family sucks. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1108.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Smokey, Sputnik in on this one. Sputnik wants to strap on and bang Tiny Dancer. We create the Olympic event of Twat Depth. Its a lesbo event featuring a 2 foot dildo. Kid talks vibrating panties and moaning and using cars and cassette tapes to make your balls and bag-lips tingle. We talk ball play and how girls should get into the ball play. We come up with the great idea of having a card with sexual tendencies to hand out to potential partners so they have the heads up on what you want. We get into safe words and the difficulty of saying it when you're suckin' dick. Sputnik goes over her craving for getting roughed up and the one time she used the safe word. Smokey gets busy with a friends with benefits and tells us how she got off five times. Its all the rage bitches. Sputnik also wants a fan page. So we might do that. If she starts dishing out virtual hand jobs. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1107.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Spoo calls out Mr. Kleen about not letting Rogue buy the Goin' Deep Show App for Android.  If you'd like to call and rant call 206-202-DEEP (333)

Direct download: ll-Spoo-KleenGoToHell.mp3
Category:Listener Line Calls -- posted at: 4:00 AM

A nice and short clip of Wally calling in telling the bucks to go to hell. If you'd like to call and rant call 206-202-DEEP (333)

Direct download: ll-Wally-TampaGoToHell.mp3
Category:Listener Line Calls -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid and Don Tang in studio calling Kleenanagan's about all the women Mr. Kleen is having intimate relations with. Rape and Abortion is on topic list but not as important as giving everyone an assignment to find the hottest U.S. Olympic woman's gymnast chick. Don Tang thinks Taylor Swift has naked pics but the Kid doesn't believe it. Kid fantasizes about gymnastic sexy poses while watching America's Got Talent. Kid read a headline about Tumblr cracking down on the porn. Kid calls out Red a bit about getting the Goddamn Charter phone service. What the Mother-Fuck? We cover why women cannot think with a penis like men do. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1106.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:48 PM

Kid, Sookie, Sputnik and Kleen in studio talk about how old the hosts are on the show, how Sookies sisters have next to no boobies. We talk stretch marks on the boobies and how when you get preggo's you get bigger jugs. Sookie also tells us how she's in Real Steele, and how she is currently shooting a movie down in Detroit. We suggest getting the girls with the biggest tits all wet. Its a solid choice. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1105.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:41 PM

Kid, Sookie, Sputnik and the one and only Mr. Kleen in studio discussing swallowing load, the awesome all pussy episodes. Kid has to apologize to Sookie because he doesn't do his homework when knowing her tendencies. We figure out a way to do porn but not do porn. Its the Kid at his most crazy brilliant idea creating best. Sputnik talks about how much she wants Tiny Dancer and Kid tells everyone how much it sucks when you have to love something. We go over the most awesome out of context sound clip from Mr. Kleen. We discuss Sookies dry spell and her search for a relationship. We try to tell every female out there that men are just little boys and will probably never grow up. We do lots of anal talk and try to smell the women in studio. We spend lots of time on the pussy smell discussion and how to change the smells. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1104.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Mr. Kleen and Sputnik in studio. Kid complains about the appetizers at Applebee's where it costs your first born for 8 boneless wings. We go over the gayest foods two dudes could eat, Sputnik is pissed at a guy so much that she wants to grow a dick so he can suck it. We come up with a great idea that includes watching women take a shower and having food served to you without lifting a hand. Kid recaps an old story where he makes Chesticles cry and Sookie jumps in late and we end it with some angry rants by Wally Backman. Stay tuned Sookie is in on the next episode. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1103.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 8:53 PM

Kid, Kleen and Sputnik in studio talking about big titted chicks with G-cups. We do some dick comparisons between the last two partners Sputnik has. Yukon has a monster thats just scary according to Sputnik but the new guy is the longest she's ever seen. Kid asks if it would cover her face. We go over the two belt situation where one is around the neck. Kleen goes over his lineup of chicks, gives us the age, hair color, body type range. Kid asks how fat they are. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1102.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:36 PM

Kid welcomes Sputnik and Heeeee's Back! Mr. Kleen is back in the saddle banging 11women. we watched some WWE and Sputnik wants to Masturbate to wrestling. Kleen rocking the Charlie Sheen Lifestyle minus the drugs. Sputnik seems happy because she got some cock. Sput goes over some of the legwork involved in hooking up. we also try to get her to watch porno but she dodges it because she drips from her special places. Mr. Kleen says he has deleted his Facebook but we know he just jumps in and turns it on and off. Kleen outlines how to get 11 women and keep em on the hook….. even if you're married. We do some Hat Trick talk towards the end of this one and Sputnik is so distraught over her not being single. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: GDS.1101.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:03 PM

Kid welcomes Rogue and Silverback into the studio. We're pissed off because we lost a baseball game and Rogue makes fun of us. Kid's Grandmother dies and we get hit with a monsoon. We ask if anyone has seen Magnum or tried the new ViSalus Colon Cleanser. Rogue tells us that Soy Protein will give you boobies which means some in studio guests could use it. We tell everyone the cure to morning sickness and women around the world are gonna love it. Go Deep and make sure to swallow more and more often. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1100.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:21 PM

Kid welcomes Rogue into the studio and he hasn't even taken a shower to make himself smell better. He suggests smelling his pubes because they smell like Red's special places. Rogue has a blow buddy that she goes and slurps on and then just leaves. At one point I think Kid yells gigantic black cock during this episode. Its what Rogue needs. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1099.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:09 PM

Kid, Sputnik, DJH the SoupyGato, and Hat Trick and now Smokey and Tiny Dancer. in this one. We discuss how The Hat Trick is a fan favorite in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. DJH The SoupyGato's nipple is hanging out, Kid gets into the Tiny Dancer dimensions discussion and regular questioning. Tits, Butt, and underpanties. We get into butt sex, tickle play and how to get Tiny Dancer to let you thumb or lick her butthole. Kid calls out DJH for bullshitting that he wouldn't have a threesome with the ladies in studio… all the while flashing his hairy nipple. Sputnik digs pain but no nipple damage. We do a round of what would you do, where you busting a nut and discuss reverse Cowgirl, and facefucking. Hat Trick tells us the load from the Delivery boy video makes her hot and horny. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1098.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:41 PM

Kid welcomes Sputnik, DJH the SoupyGato, and Hat Trick and now Smokey and Tiny Dancer. into the studio. where we discuss trying to take pictures when women don't know, what to wear when you're on a boat, We call out RedEye for getting a girlfriend and not accomplishing anything he promised. DJH is getting completely drunk off his ass on this one and Kid talks about the boat rides that women would worry about. We discuss slapping and getting rough in bed and when to bring that into the sac. Hat Trick suggests shackles for the wall. Did we mention Tiny Dancer gives us the lowdown on a threesome…. and she's into chicks. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1097.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:07 PM

Kid welcomes Sputnik, DJH the SoupyGato, and Hat Trick into the studio. where we discuss the bedazzlement of the pussy. Upgrading from silver piercing to gold, the life of DJH and is new lady. How to properly Skype and not put load on your computer screen. Hat Trick tells us about smutty books, DJH reveals that his new woman's kid once measured her pussy. Yes… that actually happened. We get into pubes and smells and how to make your woman drool for your man sweat. Sputnik is all pie in the sky about sexting and conversing with women to get in their pants. Kid tries to fill every female in about how selfish guys are. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1096.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:07 PM

Kid welcomes DJH, Sputnik, and Hat Trick into the Padded Room Studio 163. Hat Trick calls out Sputnik about the fake boobs that wonder bra's create. Hat Trick attempts to hook Sputnik up with Deliveryboys friends…. including some sexting where Hat Trick takes pics of topless Sputnik. We encourage with no success to help out with the sexy pics. DJH's X has huge-mongous titties and we throw a shout to a listener who is wearing the Goin' Deep Show wife beater… with full on nippage. I think DJH calls out the ant farm on the titties and these tits are so huge they appear to be eating the logo on the front. Hat Trick also gets wet discussing the werewolf sex scene from True Blood. Go Deep and Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1095.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:37 PM

Kid and Don Tang in Studio discuss one of the greatest text messages. Kid has archived text messages back to 2008, Don Tang tells us that Pooty sends sext messages. The Kid smells all Mexican manly smelly and Red digs that. Don Tang tells the tale of customers beating off in parking lots and the Kid expresses his hatred towards redneck culture. I think we discuss noggin' at some point. Kid gives the lowdown on how women need to keep their shit together. Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1094.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:03 PM

Kid, Don and Pooty Tang, Sputnik Hat Trick and Shithead. We learn Hat Trick is now taken, and how awesome it is that Facebook gets to announce it. We discuss cheesecake in bed and banging in the middle of the night. Kid talks about getting rotten milk in your nose from Whipped Cream. We recap the concert experience where people try to bang. in port-johns, We compare male vs femail the first time you see a chick naked and we attempt to get into all the dirty details of a threesome between A fireman, Hat Trick and Sputnik. Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1093.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:51 PM

Kid, Don and Pooty Tang, Sputnik and Shithead. Kid calls out the ladies for wearing more clothing, Sputnik almost slices her finger off and we come up with the ultimate way to get ladies to take their clothes off. We discuss idiots who stick their hands into fry grease. Shithead hits the big time and is escaping the U.S. Sputnik sees the behind the scenes list of show notes in action. The Kid gives us the details on getting payed to jerk it and shit. Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1092.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:53 PM

Notes Detail: Kid and Shithead in on this episode of the show. The Kid is all pumped about the new site. Kid discusses some beer, how hot chicks try to get him topless. We discuss the Bat Man killer and what a cock sucker he is. Politicians who knock door to door and the Kid tells everyone he's a big fat pussy now because he's scared to go to the movie and has painted toes. We discuss scaring men selling shit door to door. Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1091.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:30 PM

Kid welcomes Don Tang, Pooty Tang, Silverback and Pooty Tang. Silverback has his balls on ice in this episode. We recap last episode where Pooty Tang tells the crowd she shoves some ice cubes up her ass. We get deep on why the Kid doesn't try to gather the GDS troops. We dig into the salad tossing and try to get Don Tang to flavor ice his old lady. We discuss the Human Centipede II, some Asian bitch shitting into a clear glass box, Sputnik and Silverback get angry at each other all in the name of angry makeup sex. We tap on some angry gaping buttonholes at the end. Its all good. Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1090.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:33 AM

Kid welcomes Silverback, Don and Pooty Tang along with Sputnik where we discuss bloody semen, rape jokes and surprising celebrity women. The newbies in the group ask Silverback more questions about how to turn a girls arms asleep while banging. Sputnik calls out the Fireman on some things during a threesome with Hat Trick where she got eaten out. Lots more so get into it. Listen or call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1089.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:38 PM

Kid welcomes Hat Trick, JMac, Gdub and the brand new Sputnik into the studio where we encourage the rookie to measure the girth of Gdub's dick, Sputnik bangs the fireman, GDub is wearing gym shorts so we try not to get him too horned up. Sputnik goes through the details of the one night stand with the fireman. Hat Trick says no, but only during the time of the month. Solution…. blow jobs and anal. We find out that blueberry cereal and Sputnik's pussy have something in common. Did we mention she likes to be dominated? There's more and you should listen or if you're too goddamn busy call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1088.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:00 PM

Kid, Shithead, Pooty and Don Tang welcome back The Judge, JMac jumps in late in the game where we preview some Octomom porno, Kid suggests selling children on Ebay. We ask everyone to assignment America and give us the term that explains what a motorboat to the baby scar would be called. Judge tells us how he ruined his life. How Marriage has lead to tons of masturbation. We give everyone a technique to keep soap out of your goaddamn cock while you jerk it. We put Don and Pooty tang on the spot about their sex life. There's more and you should listen or if you're too goddamn busy to listen call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1087.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:29 AM

Kid, Hat Trick, Shithead discuss festivals that Shithead would create involving thong panties…. on women of course. We encourage women to put dicks in their mouths for charity and Hat Trick tells us how awkward it is when your daughter notices your pussy is pierced. We talk some TV including the Newsroom show on HBO, and Shithead offers Hat Trick a bar job. Kid gets angry at the fake freedom we're allowed to have living in America. I think we toss out a Hottie of the night Kate Upton and how talk about how young she is. Hat Trick also throws out her favorite porn site and category to watch. Guess what it is? Go Deep and Call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: GDS.1086.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:47 PM

Kid, Hat Trick and Shithead discuss beer, Magic Mike, Strip clubs, parties where women just start slurping the dick. Hat Trick would rather go to a strip club where women strip than where men strip We discuss the little mini version of the Kid who never shuts her trap. Shithead discusses having some dirty sex with some 19 year old asian. There's more and you should listen or if you're too goddamn busy to listen call and complain to our Listen Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337).

Direct download: GDS.1085.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:52 AM

Hat Trick takes over the control chair with Kid in the two hole and Shithead from the Tokyo Studio. Kid discusses Red checking out his package, Hat Trick says she had camel toe with some tight jeans and we give you the ultimate story of a testicle wedgie. We come to the conclusion that Hat Trick is the way she is because of her father and his balls that where hanging out while drumming.  Big black cock vs Super Hot Titties, Hat Trick finds condoms everywhere in her house, and we find out Hat Trick has better taste in women than in men. Go Deep. and Call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: GDS.1084.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:00 AM

Kid and Hat Trick in Studio with Shithead from the Tokyo Studio. We do a follow up on the guy who sold his cock to be eaten. Hat Trick gives us the difference between eating and sucking. We wonder what type of marinade you do on a cooked cock. We wonder what the official number of people can eat from an Asian cock. Hat Trick brings up the fact that the new guy told her she is nice and tight. We encourage her to get a mold of her pussy so it can live forever and the Kid is happy for sex toys because it encourages even more sex. Hardon spray not working, huge dildos given to Dimples McDonna and who on True Blood Hat Trick would Eff Marry Kill. Go Deep and Call the Listener line to get your 2 cents in. 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: GDS.1083.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:01 PM

Yukon gives us a drunk explaination of a few things that will be brought up in tonights recordings at Studio 163. He's drunk by the way and this call comes in at 3 in the morning. If you want to drunk call the show give us a call at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: LL-Yukonshowpreview.mp3
Category:Listener Line Calls -- posted at: 12:15 PM

Don Tang and Nurse Dingler aka Pootie Tang, Hat Trick and Shithead from Japan. Kid talks Jenny McCarthy, first porno's that give the illusion that a woman can fuck a dudes dick clean off his body. Hat Trick tells the tale of the first time she saw a wiener and Nurse Dingler aka Pootie discusses sweaty balls stuck to legs. Shithead gives us the details on mascot employment and believe it or not Hat Trick was a mascotter from way back. I think we do some True Blood talk and we get the women's panties wet talking about Magic Mike. Go figure. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1082.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:00 AM

Wally calls the listener line and gives us his country style partying alone until the sun comes up. He wonders where the fuck everyone is.

Direct download: LL-Wally-04-26-2012.mp3
Category:Listener Line Calls -- posted at: 2:38 AM

Kid welcomes Don Tang and Nurse Dingler / Wendy Tang / Pootie Tang. Hat Trick and Shithead in studio. The Kid recaps the warm evening where panties where flashed. We try to gloss over the fact that Shitheads mother has died, Kid suggests living forever and we once again get hung up on the chick with two vaginas and the sex toy that some Asian news anchors had no idea what it was. Kid asks if we're all familiar with the squirting, Hat Trick claims she squirted once and the Kid discusses his jerk/nap situation. Don Tang gets face rides and he has no time for sex or pubes. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1081.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:00 AM

From the ATL Goin' Deep Listener and rant master extraordinaire tells us what he loves and it includes many of the things that the Goin' Deep Show Crew loves as well.  If you'd like to rant about something in your life, tell someone to go to hell or give us shit about how fucking retarded we are then call our Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP (3337) We promise to play it on the show and make you feel special for once in your life. Go Deep. 

Direct download: LL-Spoo-bday.mp3
Category:Listener Line Calls -- posted at: 1:31 PM

Kid, Hat Trick, Yukon and now Shithead joins in on the international fun coming in from Tokyo. Sookie tells us the tale of her fuck buddy who introduced her to Anal. Kid is interested in the thought process of when the anal pops into anyones head. We discuss the 30 day challenge of not masturbating, We try to get info on Shitheads woman leaving him and why he's in Tokyo. Did we mention we're very drunk. Go figure. Lots of idiocy. I think Hat Trick tries to get someone to eat someones ass and is pissed when Yukon and the Kid suggest getting Sookie off. Go Deep or we'll whip our dick out. 

Direct download: GDS.1080.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:24 PM

Serenity X calls out the crew for discussing her giving one of the crew a handjob and tells us how it could happen... for a price. Go Deep and call the Listener line yourself and get in the mix at 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Direct download: LL-Serenity-handjob.mp3
Category:Listener Line Calls -- posted at: 1:21 PM

Kid, Hat Trick, Sookie and Yukon in Studio.  Its Catchup time here in August with the shows back log finally hitting your ear holes.  Hat Trick has brought in a great bottle opener with the GDS Logo on it. Sookie is showing lots of legs and flashing some panties. Kid previews the Hot Box competition which involves slip and slides. We make sure the women in studio are sweaty enough for the optimum cleavage sweat situation.  Hat Trick whips her tittie out at Kroger and it leaves Yukon speechless. Yukon is all man and the Kid is jealous because he's banged both of the ladies. We bring up the half handy/footie and who didn't come through in the end and finish it. We wonder if Sookie injured her Rotator cuff which made her have to go to the foot job. We ask why Sookie doesn't have tattoos and we get the girls to discuss their whole pantie situation. Did we mention that Hat Trick had her ankles tied to her wrist. I think we get into fisting. Go Deep… with a fist. 

Direct download: GDS.1079.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:49 PM

This is a two hour long drunken monster of a show where the SoupyGato announces his full retirement. The Kid attempts to derail the show the entire way and almost succeeds. Try to figure out what minute the train comes off the rails. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1078.mp3
Category:Special Release -- posted at: 12:00 PM

GDub and Kid discuss how your shit smells determine how healthy you are, The Kid calls out any assholes who dump their old ladies after a 20th anniversary.  We discuss how the Red glory days and years are all gone. Kid is set to take her 30s and trade her in for a few 20s when she's 40. We talk about youth of America with floppy jalopy tits. We talk face eating, porn.tumblr.com, and why God hates Red's brother and has cursed him with four daughters. Any bridges to jump off in sight? Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1077.mp3
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A sober kid kicks off the show. GDub joins in to discuss beer drinking how fast the Kid can get lit and how much piss in a beer might get you sick…. and how to get your friends to drink it. Did we mention we retell the story about a brilliant mind getting his friends to drink his load in a mouthwash container. We also ask the question of how hard it would be to jerk it with practical joking in mind instead of huge tits and tight asses. The Kid's kid farts in my face on purpose and wonders where she gets it from. We out the Green Lantern and kill the Christian market but open up to the flamers out there. We talk about growing up and how Hollywood actors should never get married because the world is their playground. We talk about adding new sections to the Porn.Tumblr.com site including a hogging section and a section for suppressed Arab bitches that shows ankles and eyes. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1076.mp3
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More Extra recordings coming at you this week including this after show with JMac, Sookie, Silverback and the Kid in studio.  This is the random bullshit that happens in between official recordings. Check it out and stay tuned for more GDS coming at you over the weekend.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1075.mp3
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Kid, Hat Trick, Sookie, JMac and Silverback in on this one.  Do we really need to say more.  Listen in and try not to beat off….. for a change.
Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.1074.mp3
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Kid and Shithead talk about how much of a big fat pussy the Kid is now about going to the movies because of some orange haird fuck-head who shot up a Colorado movie theater. We talk for a second about gun control but don't really give much of a shit about it. We also dive into personal freedom, podcasters who are told they can't do a show because they work for clear channel and we tap on the Hat Trick twin who we've found video footage on pornhub. We also get to the conclusion of why the Kid has orange toenails. We talk a little about medias fucked up snowball of shit and how to be friends with the Kid on Facebook.

Direct download: GDS1073.2.mp3
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Behind the Scenes Action with Kid, JMac, Hat Trick, Silverback and Sookie.

We're kicking out a ton of stuff this week to catch up. We've been sitting our asses on a bunch of audio with many behind the scenes and full episodes.  In this episode we discuss the hair cut competition between JMac and the Kid.

We also discuss the new Goin' Deep Store for a brief second.  We encourage everyone to go check it out.

Hat Trick decides she wants a threesome with whatever characters on True Blood you pick. The Kid comes up with a great way to root-till.

Hat Trick tells us about the record setting threesome pace she's on. Did we mention she's in a sun dress and has high heels on.

We dig up the Let Me Smell Your Dick video and watch that for some pre game.

Sookie is reminded how good Sookie smelled the last time she was in studio.

We also let everyone know that JMac when on Skype is Vajayjay-mac.

When personality fails Silverback tells us to just use your knocker.

Shower Fantasy is also discussed and its solid as a rock. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1072.mp3
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Kid and Shithead discuss some behind the scenes action. Its a 48 minute special episode and we're pumping out the rest of bin in one massive GDS explosion in the next few days.  Stay tuned and go deep.

Direct download: GDS.1071.mp3
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Kid, Silverback, JMac, Hat Trick and Sookie in studio talking about Load.  What else needs to be said really. I think we do some dick eating and some idiots who payed to eat it. Go Deep on some dick. 

Direct download: GDS.1073.mp3
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Kid and Silverback welcome Hat Trick via Skype where we call out Red Eye for overpromising and under delivering, A waitress at Kingfish and Hat Trick tells us about her longtime fetishes which included Indiana Jones, George Clooney and Silverback in his coaching shorts. Did we mention that Hat Trick had a threesome recently. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1069.mp3
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Kid and Gdub welcome his in laws and his nipple is communicating with me. We talk about people getting their goddamn limbs taken off because they were zip lining. We revisit the wonderous world of the spank bank. Tons of extra stories from the in-laws including X wife stories and more. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1068.mp3
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Kid and GDub welcome some potential inlaws / audience members and we explain the circumstances where Gdub is in town but the Kid doesn't get a chance to see him. We determine that the emergency room is a completely fucked up Wal-Mart style place to be. The Kid gets slightly tender in this one because of a four-year-old with a dislocated shoulder. We talk about getting fat on chicken, and I believe octomom is brought up and her porno ambitions. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1067.mp3
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Kid, JMac, GDub and a few special guests late in this recording. This one is the in between 50 minute long episode of the GDS. Topics include the Kid bitching about bitches, even switching back and forth to google plus midway.  This is the actual in between recording of what happens between the actual recordings.  The Kids Kid and Red make an appearance late in the game. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1065.mp3
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Kid and GDub in this one where we discuss teacher skirts, George Carlin, Vanilla Milkshakes, fat tubby bitches who use amigo's at the store to shop and how much we hate the Parent Television Council. We also discover what beer makes the Kid even more evil. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1066.mp3
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Kid, JMac and Silverback in studio and we bring in Shoninzo halfway through this one. Topics include the last time we recorded farts, JMac talks about a hot box inside a jeep liberty, and the Kid plays an amazing blast of a recorded fart. We go over the awesome name of pooty tang and discuss how to insult a guy from your baseball team by bringing his kid sister into studio for a dirty sex question session. We wonder who's used the boob milk for morning coffee. JMac tells us about the unbelievable boob jiggle of his former significant other during a walk. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1064.mp3
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Kid, JMac, Silverback and Red Joins in on this one where we discuss the time I broker her fucking nose….. She just wasn't listening so she deserved it. Red described when she kicked the Kid in the ribs. We discuss the bachelor that we hung out with and of course JMac's love of the Game Show Network. Kid says you better have beer at your weekend party or you won't be seeing him. Silverback describes a wedding he'll be attending where there will be tons of single women, and he's coaxing JMac into being his +1.  The Kid describes interrupting Red while she masturbates. We talk the sex toy costs, 

Direct download: GDS.1063.mp3
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Listener Line Call: Another quick shout from Wally as he calls in to the GDS Listener Line from Colorado. 

Direct download: ll-WallyInColorado.mp3
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Kid, JMac, GDub, Don Tang and a cute little blonde we call Wendy Tang are in studio where we discuss how lucky men are to even get chicks, especially ones like most of the crew on the show.  We call out Intern Don Tang about having sexual intercourse out of wedlock. We ask about wrapping and then tapping vs complete destruction of property. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1062.mp3
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Going in complete ass backwardness the Kid releases the in between show from the return of Intern Don Tang. Too many topics to even begin to type it out. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1060_1.mp3
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Kid, JMac, GDub, Brawler and Intern Don Tang all getting idiotic in a Google Hangout for the first time.  We do a hooters recap, and play around with all the Google Hangout with special effects.  Gdub wants to see Brawlers under areas and the Kid attempts to take control of something but has little success. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1061_1.mp3
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Kid and Kleen discuss barfing on cock, changing diapers, disgusting movies and gross beers. Kleen tells the world why all his old bitches hate him but wanna be on the the be back bus for sex. Kleen loves sex and porking fat bitches. Kid gives Kleen the scenario of aliens with tiny virgin twats and how they'd regenerate every three fucks. We do porn talk and other Mr. Kleenish topics. Go Deep. 

Direct download: DEEP.GDS1059-159.mp3
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Tossback Episode of the Goin' Deep Show with Mr. Kleen and the Kid. So far back that Mr. Kleen doesn't even know what Youtube is. 

Kleen is crying a river about dialup internet connections when you're trying to whack off and the downloads are super slow. 

Kleen was so sad he had to not get off because his Kid was watching him have sex. Kleen tells you how to light someone on fire and how to toe fuck someone when your parents are around. The Kid calls him out on the bullshit. Go Deep. 

Direct download: DEEP.GDS1058-160.mp3
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Kid, GDub and Shithead drink beer by the alcohol content and so should you. Kid rips on Ice T (Cube) and how fucking lame he is now doing his own reality shows. We discuss why we post shit to the interweb and for the Kid its mostly to rip on his friends who are less drunk than he is. We discuss butt crack wars going on at local restaurants. Did we mention the Body by Vi handshake is the Shocker? Its amazing. Go Fucking Deep with the Shocker.... or Body by Vi. 

Direct download: GDS.1057.mp3
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Kid welcomes the Soupygato in studio where the agenda includes speaking properly, pussy shaving and guest masturbating to GDS members mothers.  We get the whole story layed out on how it happened and how long it took for the spanking to begin. DJH tells us how he got yelled at and we all learn what the Kid would do if he ever got yelled at. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1056.2.mp3
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Kid brings in The Soupygato DJH to the Studio where we discuss dirty rotten ho's, Cig's and how cheap DJH is when he smokes. We discuss the drug situation overseas, blowing your load when you're drunk, how loose women are and what the fuck the Kid was doing in Austria. We talk about Salma Hayek and why she's depressed. Kid tells the world about a funeral where mayhem kicks off. We talk about suicide and depression. Its fun. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1055.mp3
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Kid, JMac and the Brawler give us the run down on why guys beer dibs and paying back is something that remembers even though they're drunk. We talk about men being smarter when Drunk, and how to get a girls name, age and dimensions at a bar without even asking. The Kid rearranges the living room so he can watch TV while taking a dump. The Kid also reveals he can only fight via text message. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1056.mp3
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Kid, GDub and the Brawler in this episode of the GDS. Kid hits up the tech tip in this episode of the show. We fill everyone in on the chance of robo-prostitution and compare it to the Tupac Hologram. We rip on people coin dumb shit and how retarded they will look in a few years. 

A special hour long episode with all after show recording including the dead air. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1053.mp3
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Kid and GDub hit on the FBI scandal, Hookers and how to have sex in the year 2050. It includes all sorts of robotic jerk off machines and other robo sex dolls. The Kid rips on his wife for being a complete fucking buzzkill when it comes to punchasing tickets for a game. We talk about wet girls, watching the View and a listener line call from Wally. We wrap up with music festival discussion and getting tanked. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1052.mp3
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Kid, Hat Trick, Silverback and Red in studio discussing drinking, tattoos and naked chicks. Red tells us about ass grabbing cops, taking pictures of Hat Tricks ass and we tell everyone its fair game if you grab ass then she does too. Kid and Silverback discuss the workout routine, why Red is sore in the morning from dreaming of jerking the Kid off. Silverback takes a gay photo and is thankful that the Kid did not share it on Facebook. Hat Trick says she's gonna get fucked on a firetruck and will let pictures be taken.  Red and Hat Trick agree that a 3-5 minute sex session is perfect. Kid doesn't recall getting Red off in an epic acrobatic sex session that he doesn't remember. Hat Trick also tells us the story of how to legitimize losing your virginity in a one night stand. Did we mention she played the flute? Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1051.mp3
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A Special Hour long edition of the GDS. First half featuring Zaldor, Soupy and lots of porn talk. Second Half featuring Hat Tricks first appearance on the program. Tune in and have a wonderful time listening and playing with yourself. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1050.mp3
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Kid, Zaldor and Soupygato in this episode of the GDS where we have lots of TapDetroit.com love and get a little bit more of a background on Zaldor's World. Kid gives us the low down on some large breasted women and how they can razzle dazzle men into just about anything.  We bring up a transgender beauty contestant and Donald Trump giving his support. Kid tells the story of a buddy on a Minnesota trip attacking a tranny at a bar, DJH discusses drinking and wtf was up with stopping that activity. DJH also gives us the low down on his return and the rebirth of The SoupyGato Show. go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1049.mp3
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Kid welcomes a few legends of the local podcast / internet radio scene to discuss all sorts of fun little tid bits. We discuss DJH's relationship with a Chicago Podcaster, Old days of each of our shows and we give everyone the heads up that we're bringing back the SoupyGato Show. Tons more even some hatred and the Kid of course asks how long it takes to get layer with the new girl. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1048.mp3
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Kid and GDub give you a lesson in free speech in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Some idiot said the 70s could be eliminated from history and the Kid is offended. Kid pisses off all women and pretty much says we're smarter because they're the dumbasses that stay with idiots like us. We wrap up with bipolar crazy bitches with Red Hair. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1047.mp3
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Kid, JMac, Hat Trick and Sookie drinking a ton, staring at boobies and talking about sexy british chicks named Serenity X. We find that women in studio sometimes smell fresh and others don't and we call those women mothers. Hat Trick tells Wally to fuck off even though he's stared directly into her vagina. 

I think a nipple size challenge happens at some point and JMac is sitting in the worst seat in the house. 

We do some porn watching and its a 4 female on one male porn in a limo. 

Direct download: GDS.1046.mp3
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Kid, JMac, Hat Trick and Sookie in Studio. Red thought there were no women over in this one but gets a super surprise when they trot in to use her pisser. Sookie says she never flashes people because her tits are something to be earned. Hat Trick tells us her X left her because she had kids and now he knocked up his new girlfriend. Hat Trick is laughing hard at that.  Sookie says she can take a load and if she needs to use alternative methods she's not above it. We talk Sex Drive, Killing kids and dumb little fuck head. We wrap up with threesomes.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1045.mp3
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Sookie vs Hat Trick in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Kid and JMac in studio talking smack and getting the ladies lit on beer and liquor.  Hat Trick is drinking passion fruit rum so she can slam it straight. JMac does a tit rub in this and well so does Hat Trick. 

The Kid is made aware that when he's drunk he picks up girls and doesn't even drop them.  He usually dishes out Kid A.G. handshakes to all the ladies with epic boobies such as Sookies. 

Sookie tells us about a stripper show she went to and JMac gives us the rundown on if he'd ever strip for cash. 

Hat Trick gives the Kid the run down on how to not live the dirty Hockey lifestyle. 

We learn that Hat Trick will spread her legs for a Milkshake.

Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1044.mp3
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I think its called a Craft Room

Kid and GDub are in HD motha fucka's. Dub is rocking' the stained wifebeater and loving every second of it. 

Kid kicks into A-hole mode immediately in this episode of the show.  So much so that a female who he offended remembered in weeks later. 

We hit in on Male vs. Female in this one which sets people into a tizzy apparently. 

Listen in ladies and try not to get pissy ya dumb cunts. 

Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1043.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:58 AM

Kid, Shithead and Hat Trick bring you stories of locking yourself in the studio and shoving your hands in your pants. Hat Trick talks about using her shower head to masturbate, Kid talks about busting the new studios cherry by beatin off locked away behind 3 doors. 

Shithead discusses his jerk off routine of beating off before dropping a load of shit in the toilet. 

This show also includes a special duck noise that jumps in and interrupts our masturbation discussion. 

We talk Madmen and the big fitted Redhead on the show. Sex drive and getting people to the next level. Hat Trick hopes she can't get any more horny than she already is. 

Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1042.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid and Hat Trick go over why she makes guys hard, stripping on web cam and how the Kid nearly slices his Goddamn finger off. We recap the Sex Toy Party that a few members of the crew went to and how we've planned one for June. The girl running this thing wants to lobo and rub up on everybody. We do a little run down of the difference between dikes and lesbos and how chicks who were born without dicks but wished they had em are fuckin' pissed. Kid goes over his angle on why he's an asshole and the conclusion is he says what he sees and it doesn't really matter who hears it. Therefore he goes over why we live in a guys world. Uh oh… he might be in trouble on that one. Hat Trick tells us about her Matrix moment where she has to pick the correct guy to take home from the bar. I think at some point Hat Trick tells us about the 20 year old with the huge cock. Go Deep…. just not in her buttonhole. 

Direct download: GDS.1041.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:02 PM

Kid, Hat Trick and Shithead discuss going Commando, The Panty Pulloff move that porn stars do and Shithead tells us that his woman wears the big old granny panties and it turns him the fuck on. 

Hat Trick reveals that her baby daddy fucked around on her while she was pregnant and he got fuckin' caught. 

As payback Hat Trick now tells the tales of tantalizing 20 year olds who she will teach how to give the ultimate oral sex. She's the fucking Mr. Miagi of oran sex. 

Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1040.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:30 AM

Kid and Hat Trick discuss the best way to get caught staring at hot chicks asses while riding a bike. Hat Trick tells us how she flirts with guys when she catches them looking and she gives us the run down on how Ducky pissed her off by attempting to hook up with a chick while on a cruise. Shithead jumps in halfway through and The Kid brings up the fact that his 14 year old's boyfriend is attempting to get pictures sent via iPhone. The Kid also discusses the droopiest set of tits ever. Listen in Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1039.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:21 AM

Kid, GDub and JMac give you an in between edition of the Show where we just keep the mic's rolling and shoot the shit between official recordings. Topics include the past St. Patty's Day Parade turnout, Wally's Uncle Dan and other geeky tech shit. Not your normal GDS but worth the release. Stay tuned. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1038.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Shithead and Red Eye rip on fatty's who try to get you into Pyramid Schemes. The Kid stresses with everyone that he hates sales people and how much of a big pile of shit they are. 

We kick off with some Geek speak but quickly jump into dumb shit as usual. 

The majority of the show consists of ripping on jerkoffs who's attention span consist of what sparkly object is in front of them. 

Listen in Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1037.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:35 AM

Kid and Redeye discuss the dumb motherfuckers who feel its all good to go shoot at people when the weather gets good. The Kid tells the story of the asshole who was caught breaking into his car and Red Eye tells the story of another asshole throwing a brick at his car.  Does it sound like trouble follows us? I think so. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1036.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:30 AM

Kid and GDub talk about having a female version of himself is a bad bad thing. Gdub promotes abortion and we agree that Facebook will fuck every relationship in the world at some point. We discuss Gunfire, thug life and the worst cities in America. We discuss substance abuse and mooching off of bitches who don't' like to be called a bitch. Go deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1035.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:30 AM

Kid, Silverback and GDub discuss Walmart mistaken identities, New ideas for restaurants that shake boobies all over and how not to shop for deals at walmart. Kid describes how to avoid fat people who have to sling their appendages, GDub wants to take a big fat dump on Ohio and the Kid describes one of the greatest porn photos ever. 

Direct download: GDS.1034.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:30 AM

Kid, Chesticles, GDub and Bemo in studio discuss SOCO, Wiffleball, naked politicians, and how boners are shot to the fucking ground when you see some grey pubic hair. We discuss the action known as fart sparks, how to avoid getting farted in the face and how simple and to the point it is when a bitch just says "Fuck Me" and GDub just loves to have women beg him to stop. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1033.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 3:30 AM

GDS 1032: Kid and Chesticles Xtra long edition Blacks vs Mexican's

Kid and Chesticles fuck with your head in this episode.  We go over the Kid's apologizing routine, The MAP and a few stragglers call the Angry Black Man and BoneSaw jump in for some obnoxiousness. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1032.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 3:30 AM

Kid, Eckler and Brother time recap the audio captured of Mr. Kleen describing his threesome. 

Brother Time slams his face in a cake and has two of the fattest bitches at the party lick that shit off his face. We discuss if you'd rather get caught beating off or wiping your ass. Eckler says he may or may not have gotten off and his boner may or may not have been shot to the ground during a 4 hour sex session with a fatty. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1031.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:30 AM

Kid welcomes Eckler and Brother Time to the studio where we discuss balls hurting, porn story lines and which chicks don't take it in the face. We find a porn where Ron Jeremy blows himself, 

Eckler is disappointed when he finds the porn that got him through a few years and it comes back all edited. We discuss X-art porn and how it fucks you up. We discuss the spank bank and how men think when they are beating their meat. Extra meat curtains are also in order and how to motorboat a chick with very flappy vagina lips. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.1030.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:57 AM

Kid and GDub go off on a tangent and discuss bleeding buttholes, how gays get aids and the Kid is on a mad hunt for naked photos of Christina Hendrickson. GDub schools the youth of America on the hardwood, and we find a new pimp to idolize. Kid gives us his take on getting stared at by kitty cats while taking a dump and all GDub is worried about when getting a blowjob is the cat jumping on it and slicing the ever living out of it. 

All that including a bunch of advertisers dropping Rush Limbaugh and a story of God really taking care of a tornado ravaged city. Go Deep. 

Show Notes.

0:30 Gremlin's in the system

1:00 Giant fucking Delay

1:30 My butthole is bleeding

1:50 Did poop get in my bloodstream

2:00 Gay's have poop in their bloodstream

2:15 Kid says to suck it. 

2:45 Naked Christina Hendrickson

3:10 Holding off for naked big titted Red head

3:50 Redheads have super powers

4:25 Fingering a redhead is all right because they can take it

4:50 GDub tell us your butthold hearing story

5:30 Fiber will help your softball sized poop

5:45 I'm too busy to shit

6:00 Drinking vs Shitting

6:20 God will take care of you. 

7:00 Jesus is My Tech support

7:25 She thinks you're Jesus GDub

7:40 Possitive thoughts vs Looney bin

9:00 Do you dopes have a fucking brain

9:30 God II is a loving God - God I not so much

9:50 Rush Limbaugh

10:45 My sponsors suck

11:35 Preaching to the masses

12:00 Stop setting yourself up for disaster

12:30 Lets talk about poop

12:40 Sex Clubs

13:00 Yo cripple… you spend the night outside

13:30 Stephen H. is a pimp

14:00 JMac vs Stephen H.

14:30 Creative people get away with shit

15:55 Old School pimps

16:30 Lets start telling bitches what they can do with their vagina

17:20 The story of 2 bathrooms

17:40 The Cat is staring at me while I shit

18:25 Animals watching sex

19:00 Cats licking my nads

19:10 Can you put the cat out before you blow me

19:45 ON TAP

20:00 Gross websites

20:20 Oops your dude burned up on reentry

21:10 The butthole of the internet

21:50 I'll toss a shoe in your eye socket

22:00 Jerry Springer drinking game

22:30 Getting buttfucked by a computer

22:50 The Psych ward

23:00 GDub dominates at hoops

24:00 Pretending to be a teacher

25:00 Wally shownotes

28:00 Outro

Direct download: GDS.1029.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:02 PM

Kid and JMac discuss when two dudes sit way to close to each other, which superstar they'd like to see a sex tape of and get innovative on your ass with suggestions of creating the ultimate in inflatable sex pillows. 

JMac makes sure to warn the kiddies not to mix up your sex drugs and your muscle relaxers and we recap the Wally handjob incident from the Silver Palace. 

All that along with crazy pissed off drunks at the bar, Detroit Redheads who are offended when you take pictures of their ass and drunk big titted chick pimping out her friend for a phone number. 

Go Deep.

1:08 The Kid Recovering from bar activities

1:20 Girls bring us drugs

2:15 JMac is lactating

2:30 Herbs

3:00 The Kid goes crazy

3:30 Gotta love when girls love us

4:00 Our night out - 100 ounces of beer

5:00 The Tap Room Homeless guy

5:25 Manlove

6:20 The guy rubbing his shit on girls asses

7:00 GDS Headquarters

7:30 Wally's Waitress incident

9:00 We made a lasting impression

10:00 Bartender who'll be on

11:00 Pissed off asshole at the bar

12:20 Detroit Red Heads

13:00 He was taking my picture

15:00 JMac's Cock is a crack pipe

16:40 The Crazy X

17:40 Wally's new nickname is hand job guy

18:00 Hogan Sex Tape

18:50 Clooney's gotta have technique

19:00 The inflatable liberator

22:20 The Sitcom Bar

23:50 Drunk chick pimping friend

25:30 Were there people out?

26:00 Drunk Irish People

27:45 The same old same old

Direct download: GDS.1028.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:13 PM

Kid and Silverback recap a nite of visiting Hooters and tell everyone to be nice to women because lets face it their vagina's take a pounding. Go Deep and have someone yank on your balls to make your junk look bigger. 

1:30 Kleen is selling you something

1:40 Salespeople… gotta love em

2:00 Facebook and Google will buttock us

2:30 Who's vagina are you down on… It's Calories

3:00 Can I log them in as Tator Tots

3:10 Dimples Breakfast

3:25 Two Girls one Cup

4:00 The Description

5:00 Hooters Seating Technique

6:30 Hooters in BC is not so good

7:00 Why am I giggling around - The greatest idea ever

8:30 We love Beer and we're feeling it

9:00 Who wants to get into the Kid's Head?

9:30 The JMac Agenda

10:00 Shownotes

11:00 Hat Trick is Focused

11:20 Scare your children then dating students

12:10 The Setup

12:20 It's Not…..

13:00 Every guys dream - Porn Star Stern

13:25 Evan Stone's Goat Balls

14:00 The Ron Jeremy of our generation

14:45 Sacrafice your balls 

15:00 Internet we need you to suck our balls

15:20 Serenity X can dance and suck our balls

15:45 We can gang bang Serrenity X

16:00 Romance to get in the pants

16:30 Women are Dumb

17:00 The Midlife Crisis

17:20 Do they know enough to know?

18:30 Hat Trick doesn't need Romance

19:00 Silverback made her left arm go numb

20:00 You severed my spinal cord

20:30 Treat a woman right because her twits gonna get hit… hard

20:50 Oldies are excited to see a band

21:20 How to scope out a bar

22:00 Bartender with boobies hanging out. 

22:25 Never seen a ring that can plug a hole

22:45 Primal panty move

23:00 watch the panty rug burn

23:40 Banker ends his reign at the Wheel

24:50 NORAD

25:00 Defcon 4 happened at the Wheel

25:40 Sloppy Sounds

27:00 Swinging ? 

28:00 I don't share

28:40 Wrap up and Thank you

29:30 the Essentials

Direct download: GDS.1027.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:29 PM

Kid, Red Eye and Dirty Dell discuss why pussies who get girlfriends suck asses because they tie you down. We cover all sorts of crazy trips south to weddings and how to pretend your in a relationship and the official way to keep your virginity. Go Deep already or we will piss in your face. 

Direct download: GDS.1026_1.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:04 AM

Kid welcomes Red Eye and Dirty D to the show. We talk abot about strip clubs, hookers, naked chicks and fans and listeners who'd kill for the members of the GDS. More Show notes to come.  Just listen alright. Or We'll send Spoo there to kick your ass. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1025.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 9:48 PM

Kid and GDub in your ears. Kid describes his new geeky status as he gets his own Division in a Wiffleball League. GDub tells everyone he has a jumper and will take your ass to town on the hardwood. Gdub's old lady attempts to compare herself to the Dirty blonde lesbos who are dildoing each other while GDub is spanking it. We come to the conclusion that Jerking off is nothing more than batting practice for sex. Most of the time its there for efficiency and getting on with life. We make fun of fisherman, NASCAR and assholes who blow through money like they're gonna be rich forever. Listen in and Tune in to the most recen episodeds of the Goin' Deep Show Monday thru Friday on TapDetroit.com 

Direct download: GDS.1024.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:48 PM

Kid welcomes JMac and Silverback to the program where we discuss the fact that Silverback doesn't have a girlfriend yet. His disastrous blind date that ended with naked women pulled from ditches and puking all over the place. We call out a local town for living in the 90s still and still rocking the Flannel Shirts and Pearl Jam.  We explain the dutch rutter and a few other obscure sexual terms and how to execute them. We give you the listeners some incentive to view our porn site and JMac rocks down the greatest leadin to a story in the history of the show. Check it out, Go Deep, Get Drunk on Frankenmuth Oktoberfest. 

Listener Line Call 206-202-DEEP (3337)

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:30 Intro

0:40 I'm retarded

0:55 On Tap

1:10 Frankenmuth Brewery

2:00 Churn us around

2:20 Does Silverback have a girlfriend yet?

3:15 The disasterous Blind Date from Plenty of Fish

4:20 The Date

5:00 Where's the flannel

7:00 Puke blast

9:00 How did I lose this bitch?

10:30 She's naked and in my bed

11:15 Just fuck the shit out of me

11:20 Did you at least dutch rutte the past out drunk

13:30 Was she hot

14:00 Leg model

15:00 These balls aren't gonna suck themself

15:30 The hunt? With a paint gun

16:00 Don't hate the player. Hate the game

17:00 Sunglasses on your dong

17:15 The Dutch Rutter

18:00 The Mr. Japetto

18:25 I really shouldn't think of this but…..

19:00 Impressions of the new studio

21:00 old text messages with tits

22:00 You're my superstar

23:00 Lets faceplant into a brick wall

24:00 Sporty's is stuck in the 70s

25:19 Wally was obnoxious at Silver Palace

26:40 TapDetroit.com

27:00 Numbers are shootin' up. 

27:40 Flash them boobies baby

28:30 Drawing nakedness

28:25 Dimples boobies

28:50 Bootycall time

29:00 Outro

Direct download: GDS.1023.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:30 AM

Kid and GDub go straight crazy on your ass in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We talk about how true fans will fuck other people up for you, We hope killing 30 minutes to an hour of wasting your time is worth it,  The Kid emphasizes his hatred of anyone trying to sell him something and Gdub talks about full on choke slamming jackasses.  We do another Red's titties recap and wonder the curiosities of how women are like transformers. GDub also tells everyone his mission when jumping on Xbox with tweens and Kid tells everyone how shitty it is when your 13 year old has a HD camera in the phone and isn't afraid to use it.  We come to the conclusion that we'd stick it to a co-hosts sister just to say we'd do it. tune in Go Live, Gop Deep.  Not on TapDetroit.com

Minute by Minute Shownotes

0:30 Intro

1:30 Bible assignment

3:00 Chicks with a mini fro

6:00 Hot or Not

7:00 GDub's gonna choke slam you

9:00 True fans will fuck you up

10:00 Rambo First blood part II

11:30 WTF if up with politicians

13:00 Kill me

14:00 Salespeople can suck it

16:00 Don't trust organized anything

17:00 Lets get married…. later

18:00 Tap Detroit we can kill 30 minutes of your life

18:30 Red's titties - Even more awesome each day

19:00 Instant Boobs

19:30 Women are like transformers

20:00 Imagine if rum or vodka made your dick bigger

20:30 The retard kid who pulls their pants all the way down

21:00 Are you done shitting? 

21:30 Retard… The word makes you squirm

22:00 Get the fuck over it. 

22:10 Gdub is aggressive on Xbox live

24:00 Shitty waitress's shit in your food

25:05 My 13 year old kid's iPhone

25:30 Imagine if we had this technology when we were kids

26:00 Recording sex acts

27:30 Kid you're gonna hate this one

28:00 Wally's sister

28:20 Hat Trick will smack you with a cock

29:00 Outtro - Spoo will hurt people for you

Direct download: GDS.1022.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:35 PM

JMac and the Kid yap through half of this one then a mellow Gdub jumps in where they discuss getting drunk, Obscure sexual terms that Christians find okay but mainly because they dont' make you gay. We talk geeky shit for a few minutes, how to scare the ever living shit out of a Kid and we play Silverback doing some Karaoke. We promote the site plentyoffish.com and JMac does it all while making a meatloaf. We recap the place the Wolf likes to be tickled and we talk nearly naked chicks. Go Deep. 

1:00 JMac can't decide what he is

1:20 Magnum's failure

1:40 New software to keep notes

2:00 Lets expose kids to scary shit

4:00 A brotha at a snow resort

4:40 Spring training and Twitter

5:00 Getting famous people to tweet back

6:00 Adriane Curry

7:00 Porn Star fights

8:00 April Macie

9:30 Frozen in time in Auburn

11:00 Time bead time and husky chicks

11:40 Sweet Caroline by Silverback

14:00 Dad is always worried about the cops

14:40 Disasterous blind date

15:00 Plenty of Fish

16:30 my toe in your ass

16:45 Serenity, Dogging, 

18:00 Pegging

18:40 Ask the Christian about Obscure Sexual terms

20:15 Wolfman likes his butt tickled

21:00 Threesome seeker

21:30 GDub jumps on

22:00 JMac is Suzie Homemaker

23:00 Hot Tubbin' with Gramma

24:00 Lets get drunk and do nothing

25:00 EZE

26:00 Swimsuit Issue

27:39 Pretend your taking it off

28:00 Final Words

Direct download: GDS.1021.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:52 AM

The Kid welcomes Ducky and Hat Trick to Studio 163 where they talk about how many times they'll be banging on a boat, Their relationships with hot sisters, how many times Hat Trick has gone down on women and Ducky's X 69 with a bosses wife who once was the babysitter. We drop the BiBi Jones love in as usual and we wrap up with the revenge story of getting a cock slapped in your face. Its your basic ho hum Goin' Deep Show. 

0:30 Intros - Hat Trick Ducky

1:00 Pre Ship Trip talk

5:00 What happened last night - Let me get drunk

2:00 The completion of the sex is what matters

2:30 Siblings talking sex

4:00 What was your X like? …. in the sac

4:45 Choking? I have my limits

5:00 So drunk during sex… in the kitchen

7:00 Bite The back of my neck

7:30 Why get drunk after

8:00 Swingers and pics

9:00 She was the babysitter now she's the wife

10:00 Goin' Down on each other - Strapons

11:00 Funny to see what porn people look at

11:40 BiBi Jones

12:30 waiting for BiBi Jones

12:45 Chicks 69ing

13:00 Hat Trick down on girls

13:20 Did she taste like watermelon

13:30 The first time Hat Trick's played with girls

15:00 Find a chick for a threesome - Babysitter

16:00 She's old enough to get drunk

18:00 Sexual Tension

19:15 Big Boobs Brandi

20:00 Will you ever get married again

22:00 I'm sure the dikes love the term lesbo

22:16 New categories

24:00 Hot vs Not Hot

24:20 What will Hat Trick wear

24:30 Huge Green Screen porn

25:00 Spank it raw

26:00 Violent porn

26:15 Don't smack a dick in Hat Tricks face

27:00 Hat Trick will hit you in the face with a dildo

28:00 I thought you were gonna stick it in the ass

29:00 Women with Blue Balls

29:30 Outro

Direct download: GDS.1020.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:20 PM

Ok we've gotten through moving week and its about time the second half of The sexy SerenityX show hits your eardrums. In Studio Ducky and Hat Trick blow snot, Talk about disastrous attempts to hookup and the crew describes various ways of revenge. We talk sex toys, Mirrors in the bedroom and Shithead makes us look at a gaping vagina. It'll make your wouth water….. with vomit. Go Deep. 

0:30 Intros - Hat Trick snotty

1:15 Ducky's Voice

1:40 Hat Trick is roughed up

1:50 Smoke a Doob or a pole

2:30 Who did you fuck again?

3:00 Girls are always into it at first

4:00 Hat Trick fucked on the show and I can't even remember who

5:00 Serenity X's ways of revenge

6:10 The Kid's ways of revenge

7:00 Shithead's ways of revenge

8:00 The three way Recordings and the vandalism

10:00 The Weasel

12:25 Girls don't vandalize

12:55 How Many sex toys do you have?

13:30 The Rabbit or The Bullet

13:50 The Electro set

14:30 Magnum's vibrating Panties

15:30 The Salesperson

16:00 Cunt - Things I want to make SerenityX say

16:30 Drugs

17:11 Pussy Fisting

17:20 Girl on Girl action

18:00 Hillbilly Land

19:30 WTF is up with the gigantic pussy

20:00 Any problems with the wetness

22:00 Ducky's blind date disaster

24:00 The worst booty call ever

24:50 Movie description

26:00 Born in 1992

27:00 I could see her vag lips

27:20 Crazy Twitter sex session

28:00 Holy huge swinger

29:00 Outtro

Direct download: GDS.1019.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:46 PM

The Kid pops the cherry of the new studio with Hat Trick, Shithead, Serenity X, and Ducky. We keep Serenity up late and the in studio guests pop major wood to SerenityX's voice. We talk sex positions, crazy public gangbangs and getting your tits tattooed. The start of a new era of Goin' Deep Shows begins as the Old studio is finally put to rest.

GDS Front Office Studio Born Saturday, October. 2, 2004 - Last Day,  Sunday, February 19, 2012. 

GDS Studio 163 - The Padded Room,  First recording Sunday, February 19th, 2012.  - Go Deep. 

Minute Show Notes. 

0:20 Intros - Hat Trick, Ducky, Shithead, Serenity X

1:00 The voice gives you boners

3:00 Porn.tumblr.com

5:00 I can't do ass floss

7:00 GDS on location in the UK

10:00 Missionary with legs on the shoulders

12:00 Fat Tuesday or Pancake day

15:00 Her titties are fucking ridiculous

17:00 Awesome Tittie Tattoos

20:00 My balls have to be controlled - No Boxers

23:00 Bukkake gangbange

25:00 Brazillian fart fetish lesbians

26:00 The Dogging Scene

28:00 Hillbilly Girls

Direct download: GDS1018.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:40 AM

In Studio: The Kid

On Skype: Shithead

0:30 Intros

0:40 No shit Whitney Houston died

2:00 How to write songs about being dumped

3:30 Alicia Keyes has Magnum hips

3:30 The GDS on Zaldor's World Feb. 27th

5:00 The Kid couldn't do real radio

5:30 Having Beers with Zaldor

6:30 Is Fergie Hot or not?

7:00 Don't pull your hair back so tight

7:25 I have a serious problem with Country Music

8:25 The Kid's sensitive about Whitney? Yeah Right

9:00 The Kid eating yogurt during the show

9:30 The big pot debate

11:00 Whitney should have done weed

12:00 You can't handle life so we hope you die

12:40 For some reason God hates you

13:20 Addicted to porn

14:00 Serenity X raises the bar for porn

15:20 Brazilian farting porn

16:15 Spoo said he'd beat someone up for me

17:00 Make your momma cry

18:00 The Kid's a lightweight

18:15 Kate Beckinsale is fucking amazing

19:00 You ever have sex with a girl with Fake tits

19:40 What do girls have to look forward to really? not much

21:00 Young girl with an old man Fetish

22:00 Shithead is busy with the bar and being cold

22:30 The Kid getting anxious to head to TapDetroit.com

23:00 Lets bring along the sluts. 

24:00 Hat Trick getting nailed all over a cruise ship

24:25 Hat Trick showing off pics

25:30 Milf Mode - Puma Swede

26:11 Amazing three blondes vs dude porn

26:30 Anorexic chick looking like she was getting killed

27:00 Its never good to cry during porno

27:10 The worst edit job in Porn History

27:45 She's obviously taken more cock. She's takin' it like a champ

28:00 Will we ever get sick of porno?

28:30 What's the next level

28:40 Wolfman wants a threesome

29:30 TapDetroit.com - Porn.tumblr.com

Direct download: GDS.1017.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:00 PM

In Studio: Oz, Red Eye
On Skype: Hat Trick and Shithead

0:30 Intros
1:20 You ever heard of getting your pee pee pierced
1:35 How about a butthole piercing
2:00 Cheek?
2:30 Hat Trick found pictures
2:45 The Vagina coloring book
3:00 Anal piercing
3:45 Shithead and the Bar
4:30 You're a drunken humanitarian
5:00 Bar Hopping with Red Eye
5:10 The dollars and cents of the bar owner
7:00 Hat Tricks panties getting wet
8:00 The Married life
8:40 Mags makes you go away
9:30 The relationshit
10:00 Here's what happened to Mag's
11:00 Obviously very high on the old priority list
11:30 Starting and Finishing …. the marriage
12:20 The Magnum soundboard
12:40 Rogue
13:00 Red Eye being a dope dealer
13:30 Oz has been there and done every drug
14:05 The building is turning to Lava
14:35 Drugs would make her ass small and tits big
15:00 What is Heroin like?
15:25 X
16:25 Kids shitting into a jar
17:00 The War on your toilet
17:25 Hat Trick could be rich on Kid shit
18:00 Hat Trick finds something grossly awesome and nasty
19:30 Historic nasty Genital bisection
20:00 Pain Olympics
22:00 Before I throwup…
22:45 Ball sacks hanging with Twine
23:10 How do you find this shit
23:40 The worst sex ever again?
25:00 No more making out.
26:00 Was he drunk
27:20 Where the hell do you find these guys
28:00 The virtual double blowjob (SerenityX and Hat Trick)
29:00 Hat Tricks Tattoo Haven www.porn.tumblr.com

Direct download: GDS.1016.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:28 AM

In Studio: Kid, Red Eye, Oz

On Skype: Hat Trick

0:22 Intros

1:30 Hat Tricks take on the two twatted girl

2:00 Imagine if one of her two Vagina's was stinky

4:00 80's Fest, Schedule stuff - Huge Burp

5:00 Magnum is in a relationshit - Facebook official

5:30 Hat Trick is stalking Magnum

6:00 Hope she's gettin' fucked hard. Wasn't that the problem

7:00 Patterns with show participation

7:30 Does the show ruin marriage?

7:55 Just don't tell people ya dummy

8:40 Red Eye is right on the pulse of the relationshit

8:55 Magnum is officially dating a car 

9:25 The lifespan of a person on the show

10:00 Red Eye has jerked it to Hat Trick

10:10 The Kid takes a stab at the typical Magnum man

10:50 Hat Trick Tattoo time - Porn.Tumblr.com Tat section

11:10 Looking at porn can be overwhelming

11:30 Not numb yet

12:00 Do you think you can handle the dedication to porn?

12:30 Red Eye calls out Mags…. again

13:00 Time to take down the tree

13:25 No good words for Red Eye

13:40 Hat Trick…. just say yes

14:00 Why can I not turn past the Kardashians - Time for a load on Kims face

14:40 Wally sneak attack on Hat Trick with whip cream

15:00 Vodka infused whipped cream

15:30 Hockey Panty Party

16:14 Twin talk

16:50 Our Kids go to school together

17:00 The "Why are you so fat" story

18:00 Use your kids for asking shit you don't want to

18:20 New Kids are homos

18:45 Shit

19:25 David Navarro Tattoo TV

20:00 Nothing but negative stuff

21:00 No Tats for Red Eye

21:30 More Vagina Tats

22:05 We'll be there for the whole thing

22:25 Follow Hat Tricks vagina

23:05 Do women ever get their Pee holes done?

23:25 Lets spray in all kinds of directions

23:50 Fans look this shit up. (Serenity Mention)

24:14 If people tattoo their buttholes they'll do a pee hole piercing

24:30 Lets tattoo your butthole - Dingleberries

25:00 Everybody poops - Princess Albertina

25:30 Shitheads return in the next one

26:10 Lets look at lady parts with holes in them

26:45 Someone is scared of Vagina - On fire and put out with a chain

27:00 The MAP's motorcycle shop in Phoenix, AZ

27:30 Eckler's been busy

27:50 What's on Tap

28:00 Rum-chatta -

28:20 You've never tasted your own tittie milk

29:00 Hat Trick's sexy stories

29:29 Final Words - Hat Trick and Serenity X double team the Kid

Direct download: GDS.1015.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:01 PM

Kid and JMac hit the studio to discuss the Super Bowl, Madonna, Twitter, How good of a time we had at Sleeze's Party and how much dip The Kid's shoe had on it. 

We tell you how to suppress farts, and how to really creep yourself out while masturbating. 

We talk briefly about the GDS Motocross team, Your clothes full of jiz, and how many shootings we've already reached in the Mid-Michigan area.

We toss a shout to Serenity and tell her to update her Tumblr more and we try not to touch ourself to BiBi Jones. Go Deep.

Minute by Minute Shownotes

0:30 JMac sings afternoon delight

1:00 Twitter people saw shownotes

1:30 Madonna is the same age as our mothers

2:00 Who the fuck are these new artists?

2:40 Good time at Sleez's

3:00 KT knows how to delight the boys - Dip

3:50 Beer farts and fear of shitting yourself

4:20 Super Fart silencer / muffer

5:00 The bean bag chair effect

5:50 Sinus / Hangover

6:20 I have a Free Day

6:40 Recording the Halftime show

7:20 Over the top hatred means you've thought way too much.

8:00 Tap Room 

9:25 JMac assaulted a kid

11:00 Baseball schedule

11:20 GDS Motocross Racing Team

11:40 Hottie Motocross chicks

12:20 Gopro Camera's

13:00 Lets not piss off the wifes like when Raven was in

14:14 The porno masturbation peek-a-boo story

17:20 Is that sock used?

18:15 Your clothes are full of loads

18:30 KT in rare form

20:00 The Kid predicts the thawing guns

21:00 Serenity X getting on the show

22:00 Serenity X update your tumblr

22:30 Bibi Jones

23:20 How can I stalk you now?

24:00 I'm so glad its creepy

24:30 How not to turn your kid into a porn star

25:30 New studio first show

26:30 Scaring the living shit out of you and your birth control

28:00 How could you tell me that on gameday? WTF

29:00 You're a Daddy. - Outro

Direct download: GDS.1014.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:47 AM

Pretty much the opposite of yesterdays show. Here are the minute by minute show notes without the description. I'll get to it later tonight. I mean who reads this shit anyway. Go Deep already. 

0:20 The Kid intro

0:30 The 40 year old Kid

0:45 GDub in the house

1:10 Kid wants a shirt that says Pornographer

2:00 Gramma's are cooler than real parents

2:45 Old granny sex

3:20 The Ride back for GDub - Ohio Sucks

4:00 This is gonna be a rant show

4:20 Red's hug titties

6:00 I'm not getting fixed

6:45 The Kid's regrets in life

7:00 What was going through Kid's 22 year old head

7:43 The problems solved by jerking off

8:00 Manipulative women

8:45 The slapdown

9:00 Thinking of other women during sex

9:40 Newt Gingrich open marriage

10:00 Family values can suck it

11:00 The Kid's freedom

11:40 The anorexic dad at school and short mexican chick

13:00 I wanna punch them in the fucking cunts

13:15 What bugs the Kid - Dentist edition

14:00 Noises suck

14:40 Back to Red's tits - Out of Control

15:00 She flashed me one time

15:30 Fire snatch

15:50 Fuckface Book - IPO

16:00 You are Facebook's product

16:30 They own your shit

17:00 Which X got fat and ugly

17:30 Don't let them use you

18:00 GDub got layed through Facebook

19:00 Can you stretch out my vagina again please

19:30 There are more websites than just Facebook

20:00 Don't chat or message me through Fuckbook

20:40 When Mom is questioning my religion on FB itst time to go

21:00 God doesn't want penis in little boys

21:30 Time for This or That …. Demi vs Jennifer…. Angalina

22:50 Why the Kid's the kid - The Apple slicer incident

24:30 Red works her ass off

25:00 Me time

25:50 Like a manchild

26:00 A beer and a shot

27:00 GDub and his flasks

28:00 JMac's wedding - The women love the wedding

28:30 Don't get married

29:00 I can't stand her but she likes to suck dick

29:05 Serenity X is Gdub's new whipping chick

Direct download: GDS.1013.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:57 PM

Kid, JMac and GDub discuss the story of the century, Fisting, Triple Anal and all other sorts of goodies. We're pumping this one out to you without our regular show notes but they will be hittin you later. Go Deep already. 

Direct download: GDS.1012.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:35 PM

In Studio: Kid, GDub and Wally

A completely blown out episode of the show. On the drunk scale this one is off the charts.  We play porn clips, talk about He-man and why you shouldn't break into Ivan Drago's house. We try to get Wally to open up on the exclusive clip of him and his woman banging and GDub comes to the conclusion that he can't fuck unless Eye of the Tiger is playing in the background. 

Wally wants to rape women, tape it and sell it as a porn movie called Burka in the Wind and we revisit the Wally on Salvia clip, how much the trees wanna hug him and we call The MAP and leave a gay voicemail. The show tailspins quick and by the end GDub wants a Bay City Hooker or some Green Spa treatment to beat him off…. We settle for sausage fest at The Shot N Shell. Go Deep.

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:25 Intro

0:40 GDub and Wally wasted

0:50 Twelve Pac of doja

1:45 Fuck the government

2:00 Good fucking luck stopping Pirates

2:20 Drunk messages to the industry

3:00 From Batman to Crazy right wing Christians

3:45 Upgrade your old model and survive

4:00 Someone wants to fuck the internet

4:20 Wally says we all need guns 

5:00 Kid wants to be a murderer

5:25 Wally suggests cutting someones head off

6:00 In Florida you can kill people

6:30 Wally wants to rape Middle eastern women

7:00 Wally's new porn movie "Burka in the wind"

7:30 GDub's cock is called Shock and Awe

8:10 Get the fuck out of Dolph Lundgren's house

10:00 Ivan Drago will kick your fucking ass

10:35 He Played Goddamn He-man

11:00 The Tailspin begins 

11:15 Van Halen has been obducted by aliens

11:40 What Wally's woman sounds like during sex

13:30 Pretend time

14:25 Is she still going?

14:30 GDub wants to hear Eye of the Tiger while having sex

15:01 Suck that Clit

15:20 Lick that pussy

15:35 Suck that Clit - Shove it up your ass

16:05 Does Wally's woman really sound like that

16:25 When GDub bangs Kid's wife

17:00 What Wally's woman sounds like

17:20 In the butt Of Course

17:45 GDub ransacking a bar and telling us about it

18:25 Wally on Salvia Clip

21:00 GDub wants some hookers or a help spa visit

22:00 Too late to go nab a hot whore

23:00 I'll take millions not to work for a year

23:30 Calling the MAP

24:00 GDub acting like a fag on MAP's voicemail

24:50 Wally's Mellow'd out on the special sauce

25:00 Wally censoring himself

26:00 Steal from your old lady - They're worth nothing anyway

27:00 Let's Shell it

27:10 GDub is gonna pee on someone

27:30 The Outro

27:45 Wally loves stupid women

28:00 Would Wally prefer a steak and dick sucker or vegetarian non blower

28:15 Fat Vegetarians and British women who want to have their ass beat

29:00 Done and done 

Direct download: GDS.1011.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:36 PM

In Studio: Kid, GDub, Wally

Kid and the crew bring you the 1,010th episode of the Goin' Deep Show where topics range from how much the Kid loves himself. How his X doesn't have balls but thinks she does, Naked nuns hanging from the walls in the new studio and Wally's Outdoor hunting extravaganza. 

GDub comes up with a great game to get women competing for our love, Wally says he doesn't want to hear a woman bitching about kids and shit during an NFL Football game and calls the top of a woman's Vagina the Demilitarized Zone. 

We go over the fine art of woman keeping themselves nice and trimmed in their special places until they just dont' give a fuck anymore. We discuss how many trains we'd run if we had a gaggle of hotties bent over in front of us. 

The Kid offends women of all shapes, sizes and colors and almost cares that he did. Silver lining,  he does find the Bible and tells you to go read all the parts where women should submit and shutup. Its quality… Its also in teh Bible so blow it our your baby maker. 

Go Deep. 

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:15 Intro - Wally and GDub

0:40 Why GDub hates Ohio

1:10 Kleen's listener Line

1:20 The Kid's got more buttons

1:35 You ever fight with Wally?

2:00 GDub begins the hate on Ohio

3:00 I would be insane if I had to grow up in that bullshit state

3:40 Wally is your woman completely shaved

4:00 How bad is this relationship going? How much hair does she have

4:40 Oh this is disgusting down here

5:00 The reason for Wally's hair loss

5:20 The Kid offers up oral love

5:40 Wally wants Rosary beads between a woman's titties

5:55 Naked Nuns playing Poker for the new studio

6:40 Wally's fascination with Britney Spears

7:00 Right above her Vajay Vajay

7:13 Is GDub's girls top of the Vajay called the Fro-hawk

7:20 Demilitarized zone and Carpets and Curtains

8:00 WWII buff wally wants the landing strip on VaJ Day

8:45 Hat Trick kickin' butt

9:00 We should go gang bang Hat Trick tonight

9:20 GDub needs good public transport

9:40 Beginning to listen to reason

10:00 Wally doesn't want to hear  bitches during football

11:00 Chicks will never understand

11:20 Howard Stern on America's Got Talent

12:15 How can we get this chick out of her clothes

13:00 Bitches need to compete for my love

13:15 Let them play ringtoss off GDub's hard cock

14:00 Wally's outdoor hunting extravaganza - GDS Sports

14:20 GDS fuck team

14:30 Wally at the GDS Bunny ranch

14:30 Obviously a train would be run on those bitches

15:00 Wally's pants would stay on. LOLOLOLO

15:20 What do want to do with your life?

16:00 What did we think we were gonna do with our lives

16:25 GDub hates his job

16:30 Kids doing what he wants to do.

17:00 $300 million dollars - What do you do - Ecstasy, hooker, ass

17:40 I love myself very much

18:00 Some dumb asshole needs to pay me to do this everyday

19:00 Behind the scenes - Is it a show

19:20 The Reality Radio vs Stream of Conscience Journal of what I think

20:00 I really love the word Cunt - Give wally some cock

20:40 The words The Kid loves to be called

21:00 Pissing off woman

21:30 Women are for getting fucked, and pushing kids out. then taking care of em

22:25 Go read the Bible and see what it says. Submit bitches

23:00 GDub drunk off his ass and offending 2 black Christians.

24:00 How big is the stick for your slave?

24:40 My X the bitch - You don't have balls - So You still don't count

25:00 I won't vote for women because they don't know how to rail bitches

25:45 Male vs Female - What do guys want

26:00 What's important to you in this world?

27:00 Stop wasting your fucking time - Wally talking jibber jabber

28:00 How much of your day are you doing what you want?

28:30 Outro - Getting the show number wrong

29:00 Legalize it, Porn.Tumblr.com Serenity Shout

29:30 Chill to the next one

Direct download: GDS.1010.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:25 PM

In Studio: Kid, GDub and Wally

In this episode of The Goin' Deep Show we learn about the words Bitch and Cunt, talk about the manliest and least manly sports, we revisit Wally's take on relationships, who he's gonna marry and how to get her to simply to do what you want by pointing at things. We toss a shout to SerenityX who we find out GDub is all about providing some leather satisfaction to. Kid tells us how his youngster is all about potty humor, cock blocking and how much she's in love with herself. We also describe in great detail the feelings we have while watching porn. Go Deep. 

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:00 GDub intro

0:05 Wally playing topless beer pong

1:00 Nikki Jones 

1:08 Serenity X over sex sounds

1:35 WTF

1:50 Kid intros the crew

2:50 How gay is Roller skating

4:00 UFC anger issues

4:30 Shitty thirty minute montage

5:00 Oh no lie, some Kenyan with no shoes won

5:15 What's on Tap tonight. 

5:20 The Smell of women

6:00 Who would black out to favorite quotes

8:00 Wally's take on relationships ( I can't stand her but she likes to suck dick)

9:40 Worrying about JMac

10:00 How many hours of energy do you need

10:50 Partying with Hookers in South Beach

12:10 The super black ones? who were attractive?

13:30 How much do you think they'd cost

14:00 How many cocks have been in these bitches mouths

14:30 Using Bitch and drinking more

14:50 Hey Bitch hows your cunt doing

15:20 SerenityX shoutout - Leather and zippers - Talk dirty to her

16:00 Ltn. Walraven gonna get you drunk 

16:20 GDub is gonna tan that bitches hide and make her eat my girlfriends pussy

17:10 Don't think you need a kid

17:45 The front room

18:00 The Kid's Kid is a maniac who's into potty humor

18:30 Picking noses and eating it. 

19:00 Two people who love themselves ALOT

19:20 I hope she becomes a lesbo

19:50 I don't want this guys dick in that chick

20:15 Porn stars who don't do black guys

20:50 Wally's woman has had sex with a black guy

21:20 The "Is your name Brian"  story

23:00 Is GDub getting married?

23:20 Wally is talking about whatever the opposite of marriage is

23:40 Skipping the wedding and straight into the divorce

24:00 Forty = two 20's

24:40 Point at the Dishes Point at the dick

25:00 GDub's 3 a day getting blown habit

25:30 The Vibrating ring

25:40 Getting cock blocked by a three-year old

26:30 Are you wrestling in the morning

26:55 Do not have a kid

27:00 Wally having relationship issues

28:13 Magnum lypo relocation  - Who's she voting for

28:25 Who GDub would vote for

28:45 The Kid's behind the foxy boxing agenda

29:00 Wally gets a man boner

30:00 3:33 morning fridays

30:20 Outro

30:40 Wally final words

30:50 GDub wants SerenityX

Direct download: GDS.1009.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:44 PM

Something new we're attempting is to keep the listeners informed and this being the first attempt to do so. We're not releasing a full episode today but mentioning that the world famous GDub will be in studio in the next 24 hours for your listening pleasure. This release is simply The Kid waking JMac up this morning to talk about how he got cock blocked by a three year old, how Rogues Twitter handle got taken away and other such nonsense to fill the first of hopefully many 3:33 seconds from Studio 163 at The Goin' Deep Show. 

We're hoping to feature other peoples goofy shit on these shorter Friday releases so if you have something to share call the Listener Line at 206-202-DEEP or send in an audio file to studio@goindeepshow.com and we'll play it.  Make sure its good or we'll make fun of you and your dirty ass. 

Just the Tip this morning.  Not so deep. 

Direct download: S163-0001.mp3
Category:3:33 from Studio 163 -- posted at: 1:57 PM

In Studio: Kid and JMac

On Skype: Hat Trick

A buzzed Kid and JMac bring Hat Trick in via skype where she gets assaulted via the internet. We ask her where she wants the load to go, whether or not she's had one blasted all over her face and if she's ever shared a guy with one of her friends. 

We find out that JMac uses the word cammy and has a guilty pleasure for Nora Jones. The Kid talks about Milfy chicks at the bar, threesomes,  and his monthly plan for getting drunk and crashing in various places. 

The name Sookie comes up and immediately reminds The Kid of a red headed chick he used to have a thing for back in gradeschool. We figure out what could possibly make a guy last longer in the sac, call a former hostess out on NOT having butt sex and The Kid tosses out his man crush of Hydro74.com. 

We are shocked that Hat Trick hasn't had a real massage, and we go over what is appropriate when getting such a thing… we're guessing fucking on a massage table is a little over the top. 

The art of the deep throat swallow comes up and how pissed Red gets in the morning when Kid rolls over and pokes her in the butt with his weiner and rubs the boobies. 

To wrap it up the ultimate Hallmark Card gets set to one of JMac's Lady friends what pretty much predicts the future of her getting her ugly bumped by JMac's ugly. 

Go Deep.

Go Deeper with Minute by Minute show notes. 

0:30 Intros - Buzzing

0:45 Has JMac gotten any sleep?

1:00 You getting layed JMac - Hat Trick Date

1:45 Did you give him oral love

2:00 Did you come home and call a fuck buddy or masturbate

2:45 Brunette Hottie at the bar

3:00 Lets make Wednesdays as crazy as it could

3:20 her ass and JMac knows his cammy's

3:50 The Mustache Ride

4:00 She was not Milado

4:50 It all depends on the booze level

5:00 Kids are a buzzkill on bootycall night

5:30 Seriously just a friend? 

5:40 The art of the Dutch rudder

7:00 JMac and I would have to sit back to back

7:25 Hat Tricks monkey ass feet

7:30 The MAP, JMac, Kid and Hat Trick bukkake

8:10 You ever shared a guy with one of your friends

8:40 So many wangs in my face -Yukon & Sookie

8:50 Sookie and those titties

9:20 The gap in the tooth crush

10:15 Where'd your cock sucking teeth go

10:20 Sookie goin' tit blasting nuts

10:40 We need a freaking ride

11:00 The off month drunken travel 

12:10 Wednesday night talent

12:40 Spy on milfs at the bar

13:20 Guilty listening pleasures

13:30 Does JMac have a sensative side - The playlist

13:50 Why I stopped using Spotify

14:20 Where's the fucking music

14:40 What will make the Kid last longer in the sac

15:00 Thinking about Alan Trammell during doggie style

15:15 Fuck you Jose Canseco

15:30 Bringing two girls into the studio - Why not to do it

16:00 How many contacts are in your phone

16:30 A shoutout to GDub

17:00 The Kid's man crush

17:40 The Massage

18:15 HA HA the tent pitch

18:25 Is that supposed to happen

18:30 Hat Trick you ever been massaged

19:00 I hear you have a Vagina that needs some massaging

19:10 Getting caught on camera at her massage job

19:50 Cootie vs Cootchie spray vs cream

20:00 No massaging from Hat Trick - i knew this guy

20:15 You went to some dude, not a massage therapist

20:45 At least some olive oil on your vagina

21:00 GDS expense report rub down - with stadium seating

21:35 Your nipples will never be chapped

21:45 The portfolio of blowjobs

22:18 Hat Tricks face blasing preferences

22:45 The Deep throat swallow

23:00 Where she wants it

23:30 Remember when Magnum said she didn't like it in the ass

24:00 How big was Hat Tricks X's dick - that was in her ass

24:14 Whatever Hat Trick says about cock is correct

24:40 JMac can't remember sex sober

25:00 No morning sex for Hat Trick

25:20 Kid likes to rub a booty in the morning

25:40 I'm just gonna start eating you out

26:00 JMac's early bang session - She wakes him up

26:20 JMac you need to get the hell outta here

26:50 The X boyfriend sent an amazing card

27:30 iCards - Gotta love the ugly bumps

28:00 JMac is in your head as the X girlfriend terminator

28:30 Outro

Direct download: GDS.1008.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:08 PM

Kid, JMac and Sleze in studio discuss the graphic nature of a Mr. Kleen listener line voiceover, re-emphasize the mommy issues, how overwhelmed the Kids recorded audio is getting. We congratulate Mr. Sleze for his wedding bliss and talk briefly how awesome the wedding was and how sweaty and flash tossing Gdub was. Jmac calls out Sleze about bring a whopping three beers to poker night… even though he was dropped off assuring he'd get a ride from his wonderful new wife. At one point JMac compared Sleze's homebrew to the tast of vagina, The Kid is still hesitating on using groupon because he knows he'll be dissapointed that its not a porn category and we come to the realization that old supermodels to not become more super with age. We talk about our amazing and wonderful porn site, get geeky with some numbers and discuss the awesomeness of tumblr. Check it out and remember to visit porn.tumblr.com The official skin site of The Goin' Deep Show

Minute by Minute Shownotes

0:30 Intro

0:50 Kleen Listener Line

1:00 Kleen does the Fuck your gramma listener line

1:30 Its Pretty Graphic

2:00 This is the disturbing message

2:45 He's got mommy issues

3:00 The Kid going through a shit ton of audio

3:30 1,700 audio files

3:55 Finding shit to use

4:20 So I can be real

4:30 Congrats to Sleze for getting married

4:45 Just keep it the same

5:15 How many beers you drinking if you get dropped off

5:40 My only concern is if I'm gonna throw up

6:30 Actually I was being a cheap ass - How much do you take

7:45 Are you protected of your homebrew?

8:15 I hope my beer doesn't taste like vagina

8:45 I got a Groupon recently… Hayoooo

9:20 How many sandwiches can you eat…. SHALLL-ONGE!

9:40 Is it cool for a guy to go to Groupon

10:00 Coupons = Groupons to the Kid

10:25 Instant Groupon… is that like a flash mob

11:00 Free Shit - The X mother in law coupon mafia

12:40 Holy Shit we're still talking about Groupon

13:00 Lots of facials and massages

13:15 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues

14:00 Lets lock in on a longterm deal

15:00 Old Hot Ladies still in bikini's

15:40 Elle Macpherson didn't have to bleach the asshole

16:00 A Naked JMac…. don't cream your jeans Dimples 

17:00 Porn.tumblr.com

18:10 Mind blowing numbers

19:00 Tumblr Talk

20:00 Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

22:00 Bid Red man can't follow you JMac and your porn

23:00 Tons of geek speak

26:00 Sleze is ripped during wedding bliss

26:30 You wip out your butthole in the photobooth

27:15 GDub pulls out tons of flasks… or was that Chris Farley

28:00 JMac had the nerves

29:00 Wrap up / Final Words

29:30 Contact Info

29:50 Serenity I love you!!

Direct download: GDS.1007.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

In Studio: Kid, JMac, Sleze

Kid, JMac and Sleze in studio discuss old listener line calls, something called beer 30, The Kid has to be talked off the ledge from getting sucked into Facebook, We play a Listener line call from SerenityX and tell you how to make JMac blush. 

We give out best to Magnum who finally broke down and got a boob job or a Lypo Relocation as JMac would put it. We make fun of women with droopy faces, 80's sluts and compare TV stars to their blown out local counter parts. 

We discuss why JMac is into cougars and how he lets his friends grope the ever living out of his Xwife and how good the Sleze Homebrew is and how We're gonna take turns… or churns stirring it with our cocks. 

Go Deep bitches. 

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:30 Intro

0:55 Timecapsule listener line calls

2:21 SerenityX Listener Line Call

5:00 Beer 30

5:30 Kid Rock in Saginaw

6:10 Fuck Facebook

8:00 Playing Cards on Path

8:30 WTF Myspace

8:50 JMac's first facebook experience

10:00 JMac's Wife was wondering why I was single

11:20 Fuck advertising

13:00 JMac's fly down at the Bowling Alley

13:30 Bowling kinda hottie

14:00 Magnum got her boobs done?

14:30 Lypo Relocation

15:00  Kirstie Alley

16:30 Shelly Long or Katie? 

17:00 The Blown out version

17:55 80s sluts

18:50 You made Yahoo news

19:20 Old men vs Old women

19:55 Cougars and  Milfs are into JMac

20:35 Anything you've never brought up

22:00 Wally not paying for anything

22:20 Wally groping JMac's X wife

23:20 Don Tang got bloated

24:00 Old Shows available

25:00 A folder full of Shows

26:00 Drinking More Beer - Sleze Home brew

27:00 GDS Beer

28:00 Gotta pace the beer consumption

29:00 Outro


Direct download: GDS.1006.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:40 PM

Kid, JMac, MAP, Silverback and Dimples McDonna in on this episode of the GDS. Topics include tempting The MAP with B&C Pizza, JMac tells the tale of the lonely piece left on his oven which leads into various ladies wishing they were that piece. The MAP gets us up to date on all the places he's banged at his new home, a number of poop related stories is revealed including Silverbacks church camp poop caper, Dimples McDonna's locked in the school craziness and believe it or not the Kid didn't even play a poop sound effect.  We briefly discuss Madmen and how the Kid still attempts to live in that world. Dimples mother skills get called out but quickly are defended and we talk southern speak for a bit and tell Siri to get her shit together so she can understand english. Go freakin' Deep.

0:00 Intro - The MAP, Dimples, JMac, Silverback

1:30 BC Pizza The real happy ending

2:00 The Ending to B&C  usually isn't happy

2:20 Dimples on your oven cardboard 

3:00 Like a Dirty Paula Dean

3:25 Paula Abdul

4:00 Pumped for America's Got Talent

5:40 The MAP get us up to date

6:00 Did you initiate all the rooms of the new house

7:00 Newlyweds - sex over the motorcycle

8:00 My name is Dimples Silverback vs JMac

8:25 Did you just call me Paula Dean

8:30 Five days of no pooping

9:00 Church camp poop story

11:00 You better keep your bloody rags for us

12:00 The first time you bled across a wall

14:00 I got locked into the shitter…. at school

15:25 Getting left by yourself

16:00 My mom worked at a convenience store

17:00 Madmen

18:30 Mom of the year

19:45 Examples of good mothers

20:00 Dimples defends herself - Bob comes to her defense

21:00 As far as my Kid knows she loves me. 

21:15 JMac talking to Dad about TVs

22:00 MAP's Dad's text messages

23:00 Changing reality

24:00 Dimples Accent - Oodles of Noodles

25:00 Southern Language

26:00 Siri needs to get her shit together

27:00 Wafflehouse and two cars

28:00 When you waking up

29:00 I'm late for work if I'm refreshed

29:30: Outro

Direct download: GDS.1005.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:44 PM

The Kid welcomes Hat Trick via skype, Red Eye falling asleep and Oz who bonds with the Kid over bitchy X's and 13 year olds. Kid is regretting his suggestions to family about what they should get for Christmas, Hat Trick jumps on camera where we make some comments on her ears, her Eric Northman shirt and True Blood. She gives us the scoop on her worst sex session and how she gave the guy a second chance. We round out with some porn talk and fling poo at Red Eye who crashed pretty hard. Go Deep.

Minute by Minute Shownotes

1:00 porn.tumblr.com

2:00 Downloads - How many Dicks can Hat Trick Handle

2:50 Is it cheating if I fuck your armpit

3:00 What if I spit in your armpit then fuck it. 

4:00 Red bull makes you unlazy

4:30 Fuck more bitches

5:00 Get more drunk on a leap year

5:40 Are you gonna get naked

6:00 The backlash from whip cream

6:30 New fangled toys - Facetime with family

7:00 Hat Trick on cam

7:30 Check out the ears on this one

8:00 The Hat Trick High Quality Standard Test

8:30 Tape measure with metric

9:30 The dick measuring contest

10:10 Red Eye barely awake - Tilt

11:00 Don't live longer, Women sex will only get more sensitive

11:45 Droopy balls in your face

12:00 Stand up and prance around

13:00 The whole package - True Blood

13:20 The bad ass vs the pussy

14:00 Following True Blood characters on Twitter

15:25 Hat Trick on Twitter

16:00 Its like when a tongue hits the clit - The booty call

16:30 Kids are awesome

17:00 The X and what her fucking name is …. Bitchface

17:45 The Protector

18:00 Tuff with the 13 year old and bitchy mothers

18:20 Lets talk about Hat Tricks Vagina - When you clean last

19:00 More Mila Jovovich

19:20 JMac is in charge of lesbos

19:50 Classy shots on there - Hot as fucking shit

20:00 The mind behind the porn.tumblr.com

20:15 Red Eye falls asleep daydreaming about Hat Tricks pussy

21:18 Why did I put my dick in that chick? How Drunk was I

21:45 Hat Trick explains the relationship with Baby Daddy

22:30 The worst guy Hat Trick has ever had

23:20 I could barely feel him inside of me

24:00 He asked to marry me

25:25 Who was the best

26:00 Fucking on the coffeetable - Red Eye Falls asleep

27:00 Hat Trick you better come jerk this fucker off

27:30 Masturbation on the show

27:40 Ride the face - 24 hours of oral

28:30 The Coffee break oral section

29:30 Fallin' asleep - Outro

Direct download: GDS.1004.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:59 PM

Kid brings in Hat Trick via skype in this one to yap with Red Eye and Oz. Topics include The birth of the end of the year party, sticking a vibrator up Hat Tricks ass, two drunk whores blowing up Red Eyes phone and how much respenct men lose when they learn that other guys aren't packing much in the pants. 

Hat Tricks takes us through the paces and tells us how to suck a guy off on the first date and all you need is a body chuck full of tatoo's and a willing mouth. 

We hit on aggressive women, stripper poles, born again Christians, and the Kid tells us to stay focused when you fuck and stop worrying about tomorrow. 

Red Eye gets the interrogation  when the Kid asks about his X wife and how fat she's getting, and there is an off chance that Hat Trick may know her new man. 

Did we mention that Hat Trick swallows for easy cleanup?

Its a service she offers…. but only on the first date. 

Go Deep. 

Minute by Minute Show Notes

0:45 Guess who's mic is louder than everyone elses

1:15 Hat Trick attempted to talk

1:30 End of the world party

3:00 Sticking a vibrater up your ass

5:00 You log in on 4square / Path a lot

7:00 Real Names

8:45 When is Sookie coming back?

10:00 Two bitches giving Red Eye the Stink Eye

11:00 These two know I fucked them both

12:30 Fucking sand and seaweed into a chick

14:00 She'll elbow you in the dick and you'll like it

15:00 I wanna smack chicks in the face with my dick

15:30 Guys lets NOT talk about dick size.

16:00 Small dick

16:40 We didn't fuck I just blew him…. he got off in 30 seconds

17:00 I think he got off on my tattoos

19:00 I normaly don't thank my girls for Blowjobs

19:15 I swallowed it for easy cleanup

20:00 Lets break in the new studio

21:00 Emmy has to test the pole… naked

21:25 Why do women have to be extremes

22:00 Hat Trick is a guys labido inside a Tattoed Hottie

22:15 Aggressive women

22:45 We're not done, lets not plan the next fuck until this one is over

23:50 Hat Trick cannot be hurt

24:35 You ever let a chick just get to you? - Red Eye's Baby Momma

25:00 Red Eyes X wife is packing it on

26:00 When's the last time you fucked her - Her relationship

26:45 Hat Trick might know your X wires new dude

27:00 How She got the name

27:30 You've put the fat Hex on her?

28:00 It's all your fault

28:45 Are you naked

29:00 The Details

29:30 www.porn.tumblr.com

Direct download: GDS.1003.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:36 AM

Kid welcomes a very hyper active Redeye and Oz to the show where Redeye has caught the GDS fever and predicts straight out of his ass the lofty goals of the Show in 2012. 

We kick things off by drinking Super Alcohol laced Energy drinks, toss out our favorite porn sites to jerk to and break every male listeners heart by telling them that the finest ass in show business is engaged. 

Redeye outlines his very flawed plan of why to get married. Previews the dimensions of two hottie sisters that will …. according to him, be making an appearance live in studio. 

The Kid tells the world that he sent Mr. Kleen an email, Redeye proclaims his disbelief that Eckler has a girlfriend and resolutions for the year include someone getting beat off live on the mics in studio. 

We hit on some reality TV and make fun of has been 80s stars who still haven't upgraded their hairstyle. 

Kid discusses the blonde hottie his wife would have a threesome with and how he saw her at Duso's

This show is rated two Nbombs on the new Nbomb scale. But Redeye claims he can get away with it because he's got some Nbombs in the family. 

Its all fun and games and most of those games include speculating what happened to Magnum the disappearing salesgirl and dreams of doing body shots out of chicks cleavage. 

Go Deep

Full Shownotes Outlined below. 

1:00 Are these mic's on?

2:00 What's on Tap - Tilt Coffee and Beer

4:00 Which porn sites do you hit?

5:00 Jerk before a workout

6:00 Last years resolutions of no jerking

7:00 Jessica Biel's getting Married

7:30 Reasons to get married

8:20 Redeye@goindeepshow.com - Captain Poon Tang 

9:00 Two Hottie Sisters - Checking in on 4square

10:25 The Dimensions of the sisters

11:10 Do they have piercing / Tatoos

11:30 Where do you find these sluts

12:00 Email Redeye@goindeepshow.com to submit your pic

13:00 Time to drink shots out of hot chick tits

13:30 Mr. Kleen gets an email

14:00 Red Eye Resolution

15:00 More Poop Sounds and a live BJ

15:15 Getting beat off by SerenityX

16:30 Meet Oz

17:00 Nothing better than dirty girls - The tour

17:30 The GDS Street Team

18:50 WTF Just stop getting married

19:30 TruTV -  Tanya Harding and her awesome hair

20:30 Brotha's holding up stores TV

22:00 Keeping it warm to get the clothes off chicks

23:00 Eckler and his woman

23:40 Eck wants a kid

24:15 The blonde hottie from Duso's

26:00 Mr. Dr. Poon Tang business cards

27:15 Magnum the disappearing Salesperson

27:30 Magnum had nothing good to say about Redeye

28:30 Someone shot her in the gigantic ass

29:00 Red Eye aka the god of women previews two whores fighting

29:40 Outro

Direct download: GDS.1002.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:28 PM

Kid welcomes in the loveliness of Hat Trick, Mr. Yukon and Ducky to discuss all sorts of dirty topics. Things kick off wrong with the Kid playing way more poo sounds than should be allowed. 

We love when chicks push air from their holes but the Kid is a little timid when letting others smell his lovely scent

Other topics include fake Mexicans, how Hat Trick plans to fuck and suck all nationalities, the time that Red saw a naked pile of Hat Trick and Rico and of course how hung the various members of the show are. 

We hit on how great of a mother Hat Trick has becaome becasue she sucks good dick, how many cocks have been in her mouth and how awesome it is when you aren't even into sucking or fucking. 

Hat Trick talks briefly about her and Hockey Tag Team partner Kayla doing Hockey teams and the epic battle between Yukon and the 41 year old cougar who likes to get hit in the face with a book while he's fucking her. 

We round out the show with Squirt tak, eating chicks out and The Kid raves about his new favorite porn star Bibi Jones. 

Minute by Minute Shownotes Below

1:00 Introductions - Nice buzz

3:00 I like poopy sounds - just not smells

5:00 I've never done a mexican - I want all the nationalities

7:00 Red see's Rico Suave's cock

9:00 How Ducky met Hat Trick

10:45 The Softer side of Hat Trick

11:30 She's a good mom because she probably sucks a good dick

13:00 Ducky, how good is Hat Trick at Blowing

13:30 How many cocks have been in your mouth

14:30 Why is this dudes dick in my mouth

15:00 How to have boring yet violent sex… then steal from the bitch

15:40 You had me at pull off the condom and slap it on the TV

16:00 I don't wanna think about the times I regret

16:30 Hat Trick and Kayla do a team

17:20 Which Oakland A did you fuck

17:55 Bibi Jones

18:18 Kayla, the blonde hockey whore

19:00 I remember piercing her nipples - I love whores

19:25 Send us tit pics on @gds twitter - Listener Line pussies

21:00 The Crazy Cougar

22:00 Hit that bitch in the face… with a book…. and say thank you

22:20 Cut me

23:00 More Cougar info - She see's dick, she's gonna fuck it.

24:00 how do you get to cutting - Then Squirting

25:00 Squirt until you need your carpet cleaned

26:00 Don't soil my sheets

27:00 The Longest you've eaten a chick out.

28:00 I need to know the pussy eating secret

Direct download: GDS.1001.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:26 PM

Kid welcomes JMac, Silverback and Dimples McDonna to the studio. The Kid attempts to get sentimental about the last 1,000 shows but is quickly put back on track by talking about JMac's sexcapades including wine and how fast pants make it into the wash. Chubaka makes his Goin' Deep Show Debut, we tell the tale of the naked man canvas, sex positions, someone wanting to learn how to suck cock, and the details behind the sloppy joe incident. The usual amounts of farts and burps cross paths in this one and we give everyone the low down on some grab assing that happens during drunken parties that lead to sex that we all forget about.  Minute by minute show notes below. Go Deep.

1:00 Intro

2:00 The Naked Man Canvas Story

5:00 There are schools around. You can't go walking around with that mans Penis hanging out. 

6:00 JMac Sexcapades 

7:00 Chubaka Makes his Debut

8:00 She's bullshitting and has feelings = Guilt free sex

10:00 We're all very busy with out phones in our faces

12:00 Positions

13:00 A Class in sucking dick at Vaginal Sally

15:00 The 69 with the guy on top is hard with the dangles

16:00 What's on Tap - Bad Sex for 7 years

16:20 Rolling the Dice dance move

17:00 The Sloppy Joe Incident - Party info

18:00 Grabbing junk happily

19:00 You're a ball grabber

19:45 JMac's streak is done

20:00 I tried that in college, no we're not talking anal

20:30 Lets light shit on fire

21:20 Epic sex session forgotten

22:00 WTF are you talking about?

22:45 You're always trying to rape people

23:00 Lets drag JMac under the bus

24:00 Kid gets sentimental about the show

25:00 Invite the new friend to the Wedding

26:00 Dimples gives the Kid shit then almost pukes from a Chinese burp

26:30 The Kid's gotta fart and he's gonna mix it with JMac's Sex panther burp

27:00 Dimples.... you're retarded

28:00 The Kid likes women with a good radio body

29:00 Outro - Balls in the mouth, Sexiness, lesbos and Silverback wants an assigment

Direct download: GDS.1000.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:00 PM

Kid and GDub fill the time over the next few days of Holiday bliss by discussing how stupid bitch X's are. We also discuss how awesome it will be when the Kid dies and some jerkoff will have to browse all the shit in his computer. We talk big black booty, people eating shit and other crap. Did we mention its nearly an hour of drunken bullshit to fill your appetite for more GDS. 

Direct download: GDS.999.5.mp3
Category:Special Release -- posted at: 3:20 AM

Kid, Hat Trick and Yukon in Studio with Ducky on the phone. We talk a bit about why kids are awesome, Pornstars that we love and how twitter is just chuck full of naked goodness. We discuss skinny sex and where Hat Tricks hooters went. Yukon and the Kid have decided we like a meatier Hat Trick with less boney-ness. We get everyone the low down on the sit and spin, what the hell happened to Hat Tricks guy who left her, what the hell is up with her baby-daddy and how grand it is when you have an X with children.  Those fuckers are in your life FOR-EV-ER. Yukon tells us there was a hit out on his life and he thinks it was all from his bitch X. We discuss positions for a threeway, Hat Tricks take on Clover who she appeared with in a recent episode and one of my favorite topics.... the fat chick who still thinks she's skinny and the skinny chick who once was fat.  Find one of those and you're in business, find the other and try to push away their reality distortion field. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.999.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes back Hat Trick, Yukon and Ducky to the Goin' Deep Show. We get dirty and nasty as you'd expect when Hat Trick enters the studio.

We talk big black sisters loving Ducky, aggresive brotha's who say and do whatever they fucking want, naked pics and hockey players blowing loads all over Hat Tricks face.

Yukon tells of the tale of getting a half handjob from Sookie, we recap some Halloween sexiness and the time that Mr. Kleen jerked off on his iPad.

We wrap it up with some rimjob discussion and how that may change your life... along with some double penetration. The Kid also mentions how nice it is to get a reaction when a load is blown.

The boys mention that we're going for the face when we shoot.  Its science. Go Deep already. 

Direct download: GDS.998.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

A chilled out Kid and GDub discuss the future, things we're doing, things we're wishing and other bullshit.  Its a pretty relaxed episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  A little departure from the average disgusting affair. Stay tuned this week for the return of Hat Trick and the usual obnoxious banter. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.997.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid Welcomes Ninja Chesticles talks about punching pussy's, tearing out a vagina, we feature the real ultimate power.net website. Sewage in a van with a family. Go Deep and you'll understand. TB 219

Direct download: GDS.996.219.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 5:30 AM

Kid and GDub call out JMac for not being able to spell yet still kicks ass at the same online game that got Alec Baldwin kicked off a plane. We tell you how to cheat in school and how not to cheat in school. The Kid tosses out a stunning hottie of the night, Tatiana Gill and challenges anyone out there to find someone hotter. We ask the important question of when will a guy stop thinking about sex?

We also send everyone to the google to search for a droopy Kirstey Alley face, Xraying your tits and 52 year old dudes getting hitched to 17 year olds.  We ask all the important questions. Such as why isn't Lindsay Lohan showing her total wet snatch in playboy.The Kid suggests she head directly over to Hustler so she can get some credibility.

We tell the world how to steal publications off the internet and put them on your iPad. We predict that Madonna's smelly crotch and crypt keeper style will be scaring the children during the Superbowl. 

We talk smells, being a slog and slobbing the knob. Its all Good but not as good as the Miss USA from Michigan who got tanked and drove drunk.  We now love her... her dad probably doesn't though.  She's gonna get lit on fire. 

Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.995.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:03 PM

Kid welcomes Red Eye, Hat Trick and Clover to the mix. We talk bars, DJs and how all you need is a goddamn iPod and random. We wonder what the fuck is up with a Booty call at 8:00 am. Cloves seems down for some swinger action and we come to the conclusion that when you want something you go for it. Go Get it fuck nuts. We play the guess the bra and panties game, We throw a shout to our buddy Shithead, and discuss some double penetration and the maintenance that you must take to prepare for a dick in your ass. We play poop sounds. Listen in fuck faces and Fuck Facebook. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.994.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:46 AM

Someone's got Tight Tight pants on. Our Booty rating is high in this episode of The Goin' Deep Show. Clover and Red Eye join the Kid and we piss off some people in this one. Well not us actually… A listener got pissed and we discuss our snow hill drama. We promise this is gonna piss someone off. But eh if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself. Stop listening ya big pussy. We kick back into sexy talk and how trashed you have to get to have your buttonhole completely destroyed. Its pretty fuckin' sweet. Go get boofed. Hat Trick Joins in on this later in the show and we try to get our ladies to talk sexy to each other. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.993.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:34 PM

Kid welcomes back Red eye and a brand new hottie to the mix named Clover, (Cloves). Its about 3 minutes into the show and she begins to remove clothing because she's too sweaty. Red Eye tells the tale of meeting a chick at a Red light and giving her the princess treatment by taking her to the Texan. 

We explain why 18 year-old loves older guys, how to keep a boner and we encourage everyone to not get high so you can keep a boner. We guess the boobs, We talk about how bad it is when you can't keep a hardon and how women get offended by that. 

We tell everyone that its all your fault ladies.... unless you're hot. 

Kid tells the world his ambitions to be one of those bra sizing girls at Victoria Secrets. 

We discuss the art of the BJ and what we'd rather have. We get Cloves to discuss her masturbation tendencies and how much she sucks the cock. Her hangup is her skills and all she wants to do is improve... which we at the Goin' Deep Show can get behind. 

We make fun of a 21 year old who needs help keeping it up.... which means he's gonna have a very difficult life ahead of himself limping along. By the way he sucks at giving her some lickity split as well. 

We tell everyone in the world that you will never be happy unless you have good sex with someone. Find that person and begin the fucking. 

Did we mention she has her twat pierced.  Oh yes she does and she did it because she was bored. 

We wonder how HO-HUM it becomes when you get to stare at vagina all day at a tatoo shop. 

We talk Crushes, and the most important topic of all.... The ultimate pussy fart from a guy with a sub par sized cock. 

Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.992.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, Eckler and Kleen discuss dumbass kids at Barnes and Noble, not answering phone calls and what kind of disgusting things we could do to a woman who said she'd do anything.  We also preview squirt week and do other bullshit that you may want to hear. TB 696

Direct download: GDS.696.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 1:36 PM

The Brawler, Kid, JMac and GDub talk over a sleeping Bangor John Glenn chick. We yap about finger banging, how much Jmac says churn and some of us go pee during the show. Who can it be. Go Deep while we attempt to pump more beer out and in our mouths. TB 565

Direct download: GDS.565.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:49 PM

Kid and Shithead discuss why holiday's suck, How much the Kid is not a family man and jealous he is about Rogue getting gift cards but he doesn't. We also mention Serenity X and her twitter powers, Kid's goal for 2012 is to communicate more with the listeners and Shithead tells us about computer viruses and other shit. Kid tells us his love affair with snow including telling it how it can blow him and suck it hard. We talk hard liquor and how the Kid can't drink it any more. We inform anyone that Red has taken over the porn.tumblr.com site officially and we have to make sure we keep her in check

Direct download: GDS.989.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:17 PM

Kid and Rogue discuss why its important to take your television remote control to the bathroom. Rogue does a movie review and talks about some dude flirting with her at Buffalo Wild Wings. We are confinced that Kleen and Magnum are off selling things to each other and shoveling more bullshit into the room as they do it. Kid tells us about the Magnum sandwich at Bay City Bills and we discuss what we have to hide on the show. Kid gets accused of having a very large breasted woman in studio. Go Figure. I think we talk about another show but I can't remember. Go Deep and find out. ((( Make sure to visit porn.tumblr.com ))) The official skin to win site of the Goin' Deep Show.

Direct download: GDS.988.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes back Rogue (Shithead is on for the first few but gets lost) where she discusses how she wants to bash some dudes because they pretty much all suck. We talk about the empty studio, Some listeners from across the pond, who the Kid wants to fuck regardless of how beat up he'd get.  We talk about Hospital security, The Kids Kid and how and why Rogue should have her Vagina Pierced.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.987.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, JMac and GDub welcome back Candy for more during thanksgiving week. We talk about offering up the undies, strip club memories, freeballin' it and silk boxers. Kid loves the fact that Red wants to go get titties in her face at the Vu, Candy tells us she wants to try out for the strip club tour. Candy says she wants two cocks in her face. GDub totally believes it. Keep the thanksgiving dreams alive. Go Deep TB 563

Direct download: GDS.986.563.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 7:19 PM

Kid, JMac, Wally and GDub discuss Wally putting a Toe in a girl, Anal Cream and a nymphomaniac that got away. A former conquest who shoved hair curlers in her ass amonst other things.  We give out the names and tell everyone why you shouldn't wear a Goin' Deep Show shirt. We discuss the best head we've ever had and when the Kid put a thumb in a chicks pussy from the backside. Tons of nasty talk. A special shout to the listeners. Have a great Turkey day and pull a page from the Wally playbook and stick a toe inside a bitch. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.985-377.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:54 PM

Kid tells the world of his wifes love of smelly Mexicans, GDub sticks with the theme and talks about Taco Mac a local bar where they have over 120 beers on tap. Kid talks about how the world of business now relies heavily on the mentality of gaming and beating your friends. We decide that we hate websites that use our information to build their brand and business. We rip on a former coworker who drank O'dules and call him out for being a complete asshole. 

We give you a heartwarming story of mothers raping 10 month old children and sending the video to a friend in Kalamazoo, MI. We go over the things in a mans life that we're thankful for including discovering that you can have pleasure from your wee wee. 

We tell you of this new hottie named Helen Flanagan, she has big old boobies and likes to show em off. 

We discuss Lindsay Lohan's teeth and how all you have to do now is hang come cocain in front of her face and she'll suck your dick. 

Go get sucked. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.984.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:31 PM

The Kid and GDub discuss why children suck. Why Mothers of Kids suck even more and how to shart yourself why you're throwing up. The Kid attempts to shock you with his concepts on abortion and legalizing drugs. Its thanksgiving week and we want to thank whatever power that feels they need to be thanked for some bullshit. Mainly masturbation and titties. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.983.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:11 PM

Chesticles, Red and Mace join the Kid in this edition of the GDS. In this episode we hold the brush in our cleavage, tighten our shit and attempt to wipe away the skank with a paper towel. Go Deep and we'll send some vajayjay juice your way. TB 368

Direct download: DEEP.979.368.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

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JMac and the Kid wrap up Wife beater week with Wally doing Salvia, the crew not paying the bills and The Brawler filling in during the second half of the show. We discuss falling asleep while masterbating and more Go Deep bitches. TB 560

Jan.  • Feb  • Mar  • Apr  • May  • Jun  
Jul  • Aug  • Sep  • Oct  • Nov  • Dec


Direct download: GDS.982.560.mp3
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Kid, and JMac in studio chat with Wally who describes boning a 40 year old while wearing a Star Wars Shirt. Low and behold she has a huge husband. Wally does a drink of the night dedicated to Hotpants. Check it out and Go Deep. TB 559

Direct download: GDS.981.559.mp3
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Kid and JMac in studio chat it up and bring in wally for some good old fashion GDS. We do fanmail and send a red alert to any hot chicks from BWW that we stare at. We also stare at cleavage, and we discuss Kate Hudson's new liking of the ladies. Go Deep. TB 558

Direct download: GDS.980.558.mp3
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Kid and JMac in studio with Shithead jumping in for a bit. We talk about how to not put your kid to bed with an iPad, how to swap naked photos, Courtney Stodden and what the fuck she's famous for. We discuss the show Manswers and how awesome it is. We do some Wonder Years discussion and we talk Sasha Grey talking to Kiddies. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.978.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and GDub push the porn.tumblr.com site that we've created.  We tell the story about how Shithead takes advantage of a pawn shop. Kid begins to be worried about becoming numb to pornography, GDub suggests the Viagara. Kid tells the world he can't drink liquor anymore because it turns him into a complete Ahole. Kid strongly suggests to those out there to not have any children. The benefits of having Midgets on your strip club lineup and how to not save money by going to Buffalo Wild Wings get yapped about along with Social networks, missles and ejector buttons.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.977.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

The Kid and Chesticles slap you in the face with news of drugs, dandruff and celebrities that have big tits, big bellies and even some morons who do stupid shit. Lips getting bitten off, drugs in candy and bails of pot. Go Deep and we won't pull you over.

Direct download: GDS.976.364.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and GDub give everyone their take on Penn States porking controversy. We talk some construction, some death, GDub gives us the lowdown on how to print out your own coupons and get free shit. We do some talk about a female teacher banging a 12 year old student... We decide that if it were us we'd be that victim in a heartbeat. We talk about how to bully, why to bully and suggest that Wally open his own How to Bully business. We also give the play by play from a video that Wally sent to the crew. It involves middle eastern talaban like individuals being blown up and shitting their pants. Kid mentions kitty poop and how to make it easy, all via VH1. 

Direct download: GDS.975.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:14 AM

Kid and Shithead speak to you in this episode and shortly after you'll hear everything over again. Its full of echo bullshit. Technical problems abound but are being taken care of so deal with it bitches. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.974.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and Shithead do some party recap, we talk about Megan Fox and how hot she is when she's wet and naked. We talk porn.tumblr.com and how awesome it is to see the awesome body's of the women on the site. We discuss some golden girls and some new hot chick in a pumpkin patch. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.973.mp3
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Kid welcomes JMac and GDub to the show and we wanna do animation. We talk hauntings, footballs and toothbrush vibrators. JMac brings up the changes at Spencers and the Kid tells us a story about his mommy flipping out for no reason. There's more but you gotta listen. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.972.mp3
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Kid, Eckler and GDub discuss how much of an asshole Davis Spade is, Lindsay Lohan and if you're more afraid to catch all kinds of nasty VD or getting the bitch knocked up. We also look at Susan Sarandon's daughter and yes she's exactly how you'd imagine. Fuckin' Hot. We say a bunch of extra dirty and disgusting shit.  Its exactly what you'd expect from The GDS. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.971.687.mp3
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Kid, JMac and GDub talk death of dictators, suicidal killing videos and other wonderfully awesome things to find on the internet. We're happy to find out that Scientologists are investigating South Park because Scientologists are fucking retarded. The Kid tells everyone about his new favorite porn star BiBi Jones and how dirty nasty slutty she is. In the Boner Department we discuss spontanious hardons from the lawn mower that hinder you from emptying the bag. A recap of the Race Game where a brother drops a deuce in the back of a ransacked car leads to Gdub telling us about his buddy leaving a fat turd everywhere he goes. Kid has a frantic moment when his computer screen froze with crazy German porn at the exact time someone pulls in the driveway. We'd like to once again encourage everyone to hit up Google and search for BiBi Jones. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.970.mp3
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Kid, Juice and Shithead discuss large breasted huge titted women and how to handle them like a boxer. We tell the tale of how the movie series Die Hard needs to just fucking go away. Shithead reveals he has balls of steel messing with Gator Pee Pee's. We make fun of some Hollywood actors and how retarded they are. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.969.mp3
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Kid, JMac, and Juice psychoanalyze a GDS host, we play a few clips of said guest during her hey day with another host.  The Kid asks Juice if he's allowed to kill people, who to call and JMac tells us how serious it is down where he lives and how to keep the thug live away. We do a comparison of how different life is now that you can change plans every three seconds via the cell phone. Big Red Man joins us and gives us a movie review of the Green Lantern. We're not very timely giving baseball scores but who gives a shit. Deal with it. JMac slapped a guys ass. It was all an accident so don't be concerned.  We play the newly adopted gameshow known as Guess the Race… poop edition. We do a Detroit Commercial discussion and some Steve Jobs talk. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.968.mp3
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Kid and Juice in studio discuss suicidal would-be zookeepers letting the wild kingdom come to your backyard, Idiot families lost in a corn maze. Kid gets anxious with the soundboards, tells the tale of the Kids Kid getting a few shots. Juice also teases us with girls with gigantic boobies, gives his theory on why women's asses are expanding at such a rapid pace. We do some sports/baseball talk and how the Tigers let us down. JMac is also given the title of the phone a friend when someone's on suicide watch. 

Direct download: GDS.967.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:31 PM

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Kid, and JMac in studio welcome GDub and the newly named Brooklyn Brawler. Topics of choice include how not to get nabbed by cops when you need a whore, how to never get served by a chick with herpes and we attempt to get a live orgasm on the show. TB 544

Direct download: GDS.966.544.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 11:56 AM

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Kid determines that Jesus is cool because he invented Porn and wants us to enjoy it and our in studio guests agree. Emmy joins us again for this one along with Eckler and Red Eye. We recap the female role on the Goin' Deep Show and how recent show hosts are like yin and yang. Eckler reveals he's married to Red Eye and we're watching porno doing play by play the entire show. We say some racist shit and we tell the world that some women like to be dominated…. including Emmy. We rock the anal discussion and how Emmy deals with the initial pain, Kid says he would use his vibrating toothbrush on her lady parts and Eckler describes his own cock being thinner than a toothbrush. Emmy tells us her technique for tantalizing boys in the winter.  It involves boots and no panties.  She shows us her ass in said jeans and the in studio crew gives her the three thumbs up. We discuss the theory that hot women dont' get hit on because guys are big fat pussies. Emmy tells us the tactic of going sleazy up top and classy on the bottom. Eckler tells everyone he uses a cock sock but only in his mouth. We talk more about stalkers, stalkee's and how deceptive people are revealed by way of the booger wipe… on the pants. Kid plays disgusting noises and Ecklers fucking someone…. but won't tell who.

Direct download: GDS.965.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

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Kid welcomes Eckler, Red Eye and newcomer Emmy into the studio.  Naked stories begin the show including hot tub action, beautiful titties and special instances where waking up to naked chicks is always an amazing thing. Our girl Emmy tells us how people where pouring beer down her and how she broke the Hot Tub with her awesomeness. Emmy rocks the Debbie Does Dallas shirt in studio and we guess her boob size.... of course. We ask all the basics in this one including how much sex she's getting, how free she is and how she has psycho stalkers.  Its a sweet tale of a booger picking freak who wipes his nose-gold all over his pants. We've come to the conclusion that Emmy needs a fuck buddy who doesn't struggle with finding the clict or whipe boogers. You up for the challenge? Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.964.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

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Kid, Eckler and Red eye talk about what its like when there is more than one sport going on at once. We do some baseball vs football comparison, We go over the terrible world of dealing with living with a fucking rabbit. We talk serial killing women with big titties and the Kid reveals that playing stupid is fine but never let your guy know it. We go over slutty Halloween costumes and the skanks who wear them. We recap Red Eyes 30th birthday party and how The Kid and Eck both missed it but only Eck did the responsible thing and called. The Kid tells the world that he has never planned children and will never plan them in the future. He also reveals the curse of the guy who is constantly looking at women and We say fuck you Nelson Cruz. We talk about chicks grabbing our junk at the bar during a blind date…..(((Emmy joins in))) then we continue our Boat drunk fuck story. I think some girl goes ape shit at some point. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.963.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:29 PM

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Kid, Eckler and Red Eye talk about doing strippers, who could bang em and who couldn't. We downgrade to the not so creepy guy who goes to Hooters and spends way too much money. We discuss the disgusting world of midget strippers and how much they make you want to ask God what the motherfuck happened. Eckler turns on a dime going from loving midgets to hating them after seeing them naked. He tells the tale of a Pittsburgh visit which included a superstar little person and how this so called little person could get away with murder. Kid tries to play a clip but it gets all jacked up and the only way to recover from it is to talk about gross stuff. We get a little techy geeky on your ass towards the end of the episode but its good so just fuckin' deal with it jackasses. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.962.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:38 PM

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Throwback Edition: Wally, JMac and GDub join the Kid for this episode where we discuss Hugh Hefner's new 19 year old twins, beating up old ladies while banging and blue balls get tossed around also. JMac is real mello and out of place and We almost stop a fight. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.961.541.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

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Kid, Eck and newcomer Red Eye talk about suicide, where some vagina's are that once yapped into the mic but for some reason where not memorable enough for Eckler to remember who's who. We discuss children who are pulled out of nowhere in relationships and how thats a bit fucked up. We come to the conclusion that children suck and how they make you think of things that would put you in prison. Mr. Kleen comes up and rumor has it he's not drinking. We try to put our finger on why that would be and have come up with a solid explaination. We talk about blasting a load of jiz in a woman's face.  Its awesome. Go Deep. 

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The Kid and GDub discuss whippin' out your shit at a wedding, How much food is enough, how much beer is enough and the decision is that there is never enough. The Kid considers reaching out to a former show host and his female counterpart and how a bullshit contest would full the room. We hit up some tech shit towards. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Shithead send out an APB on the whereabouts of Magnum, Kid starts to bundle the show hosts and cohosts together and so far Kleen and Magnum are lumped into a nice little bullshit package. Kid brings up the fact that some women in the middle east may be allowed to vote.... or participate in voting in some way. Kid tells everyone his take on it and it probably won't be good for the ladies. We discuss the upcoming Halloween party and what costumes we can make sexy. We do some Tumblr and Twitter talk, shownotes wrangling and new technology fucking you with photos in the cloud. We toss in an obscure sexual term that has plenty of violence. Go Deep. 

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Kid and Shithead talk about baseball, wiffleball, boobs popping out and Steve Jobs death. We discuss how shitty it is being the jack of all trades on a TV newscrew, how much makeup TV people wear and the Kid gives his take on Moneyball. Go Deep

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The Crew pours a 6 pack down our guests mouth and attempts to loosen up the Silicone cutie in this hour long edition of the GDS. We bring you topics of the sexual kind, including how much balogne some really big tits can handle. Go Deep

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Anniversary Week Wraps up with Episode 900. Hat Trick gets fucked.  Its all good. Original Shownotes? Kid welcomes Wolf, Legs, Little Wolf, Shithead, Hat Trick and her guy via skype and they give us quite a show. Its a freakin' Doozey. Try not to picture it while you listen. No more show notes, just listen to it.  Its my favorite new episode. 

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Anniversary week is coming to a close today and tomorrow with Episodes 800 and 900. Here's a doozy for ya from Episode 800. Original show notes: Kid reveals how not to use Apple's Airplay technology, Dimples shits herself and we play a little OMG from the urban dictionary. The MAP joins in later in the episode and we relive the shitting over the overpass story from way the fuck back. 

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Anniversary week 2. This is Episode 700's original shownotes: Kid, Eck, Kleen and guest Biggie Smalls discuss how yummy yummy a chicks ass tastes.  He also talks about some nasty meat. We recap a Tiger Woods experience and of course the motherfucker had a bunch of whores on the side. Go Fuckin' Deep asshole.

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Anniversary week has stretched into week 2. This is episode 600 relived. Go Deep with the Original shownotes: Kid welcomes back Wally and JMac for the 600th Episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We discuss sending naked tittie and pussy shots, how much we love pregnant chicks and recap of the weekend Kleen put the moves on the Brawler, and JMac sings. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.952.600.mp3
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Anniversary Week continues with Episode 500. Original shownotes: Kid, MAP and JMac talk for a bit about a few of the earlier days of the show.  This is an unofficial release of 500 but we had to get past this shit. In Typical GDS fashion the crew recorded a prime time 30 minutes of rememberance that went bye bye. 

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Anniversary Week Continues with Episode 400. Here are the original shownotes: Hat Trick + Wally mixed with a little Kid and some microphones in this, the 400th episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We've pumped out over 8 gigs of audio to download and over 530 files for you to enjoy. This one includes whipped cream, some laughs and wine.

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Anniversary Week continues with Episode 301.... because we skipped 300. Shhh! don't tell anyone. Original shownotes: Kid and Chesticles bring you a post 300 show even though 300 isn't even fuckin' out yet. The Kid doesn't listen and we bring up some stupid yet useful information to make women moist and ready to ride the lightning. We test out the Baby Ruth in the pooper

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Anniversary Week Continues with Episode 200. Original Shownotes: The original 4 from show number one drop this special hour and 20 minute long GDS celebrating episode 200. We start off talking about violence and then JMac smacks Mr. Kleen around and he doesn't know what to say. Sexy terms everyone can use. Go Deep.

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Anniversary Week kicks off with Episode 100. Original Shownotes: Mr. Kleen’s sick, we’re in Studio K and we’re avoiding the pussy hair that seems to be growing from every square inch of Mr. Kleen’s house. Smack talk, from coast to coast and around the world. Shut up, Go Deep and shut up again.

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To Celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Goin' Deep Show We're going back and pushing out a few of our milestone episodes this week. Listen in over the next weeks worth of shows that feature us from 2004 thru earlier this season. We'll be back next week with more fresh Goin' Deep to get you ready for Halloween and the end of the year. Go Deep. 

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Kid, JMac and Juice discuss all kinds of nasty things being put in your dick, We talk about tampon strings, JMac kills Vin Scully and we make fun of Mr. T and his singing ability.  Wally joins us in the virtual world and we discuss DJ. Go Deep.

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Kid and JMac are all over the board in this episode of the GDS. Baseball, Boners, and Bitches are among the topics of conversations. Tune in and Go Deep. 

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Kid and JMac bring you stories of getting in fights with old fuckers, new gal pals and old gal pals, jealousy and ripped crotch. We promise more tittie fucking and other bullshit from the beyond. Go Deep you NY gals.

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Kid, MAP, JMac on the phones join special guest the Judge.  We wrap the bball season with an episode where we yap a bit about the tigers, call out the Jmac for not coming across town and we of course talk about hairy crazy 70's porn. Go Deep

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Kid, Red, MAP and Chesty yap about vibrating spank banks. MAP messes up a friends yard, and the kid wears gloves worn by MAP and Red makes the Kid wash his hands. There maybe smells from former snatch on those suckers. Go Deep and Dykes who lose minds.

Direct download: GDS.942.313.mp3
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The Most Hated Beotch in podcasting Chesticles is in on this shorty leading into a weeks worth of memorable episodes.  We kick it off with hate toward tech support, filling in holes of really nasty shit and rippin' on pussies. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.941-276.mp3
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Chesty is loud in this one because the Kid messed with some wires and now she is even more loud than normal. She also has Anna Nicole clown face going and we discuss tickets, Dogs and cops who just give the fuck up. Go Deep.

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Kid, JMac and Dimples give you a layed back and easy goin' GDS for episode 939. We talk some baseball, smoking and getting your private parts torn off and stiched up.  You'll love it. Sit back, smoke some if ya got em and relax. 

Direct download: GDS.939.mp3
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Kid and Shithead discuss eye candy, the Charlie Sheen roast lineup, some fag on the rail trail, we do some animation discussion and how getting old means you'll eventually get out of touch with reality. We do some more Scarlette discussion, some Spotify chatter and how the Kid can find flaws with the most amazing of women. Shithead tells us his neighbor is former MLB pitcher Tom Gordon and he is a fucking asshole who calls the cops. We tell the world of our ambition to become one hit wonders and play the ultimate shit music.... Rebecca Black. We almost make it a full 30 seconds into the song. Go fuckin' Deep on that bitch. 

Direct download: GDS.938.mp3
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Kid and Shithead make announcements of wedded bliss, Kid calls out a crew member about participation points, The Kid gives us his take on his business and who's in and who's out, He also discusses his radar and who's on it, who's not and what the plan of attack is for the show. We talk about Scarlette Johanson photos and why the FBI should find something better to do. We critique a brand new relationship and why relying on others for happiness is always a recipe for disaster. The Kid gives us his take on the entrance to a wedding and how it pretty much is the GAME OVER mentality. We play an angry clip of a brother telling someone they're gonna die.  Its fun, Its enjoyable.  Get over your stupid bullshit and Go Deep or we'll punch you straight in your twat.  

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Kid and Shithead discuss the amazing looks of the Kardashian family, Kid makes some bold statements early on in the show about the fall/winter season of Goin' Deep Shows. We wonder when the new girls get their boobies and we talk about some TV, what we're hooked on and what we should be watching. Kid tells everyone how he's gathering headlines, how some people are addicted to Facebook and we wrap with a rapid fire. Check it out. Go Deep unless George Lucas wants to change stuff then you can Go just a little deep.

Direct download: GDS.936.mp3
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Kid and Shithead bring you headlines up the ass and all sorts of bullshit. Kid gives the update on the studio and we preview the ideas for the Halloween Party. Sarah Palin likes the big black cock and does some coke. We talk about someone setting themself up for disaster, Church masturbation, Fat guys not fitting into restaurant booths, Kid discusses drunken antics, Crazy Mexicans biting off the eyebrows during a brawl and Manny Ramirez is arrested for beating up his bitch. Kid tells ya how ya do it, and Shithead corrects us all by telling you where to hit people.  Go Deep. 

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Kid, Shithead, Butterfly and Rogue in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Shithead needs to get through this show so he can get some ass. Rogue discusses her lack of sex and how she solved it.  The Kid tells all the males of the world to not get snipped. We do some Social media discussion and some rim job, poopy sex and who knows what. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.934.mp3
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Kid, Shithead and Rogue welcome back Bemo aka Butterfly to the show. We hit on the Marty McFly shoes being auctioned off, then dive directly into fucked up relationship texting and how many is too many. We also hit on some Chas bono action and how her being on Dancing with the stars gets under the skin of Christian conservatives. I think we talk about drugs at some point.  Its all good so settle down fuckin' Christians. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.933.mp3
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Kid, Shithead and Rogue in studio discuss retarded old friends who post stupid shit to Facebook and Twitter, Rogue got her pussy slammed and is smiling ear to ear during this show. The Kid tosses out the idea of having every second of his day Tweeted to the world and if it would suck or not. He also talks about his younsters first day of school and the different type of parent that was at the orientation.  Here's to you super old guy with super young kids.  Try not to jump off a bridge every morning realizing your retirement years will be driving yourself nuts with children. We hit on the who's fucked up at the grocery store and we go over the nicknames for our dicks. Shithead expresses his ambitions to sniff Rogues bung hole and Rogue starts fights on the internet with slutty bitches. Go Deep.  

Direct download: GDS.932.mp3
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The trio of dip shits gets back on the mic and we bring you an exceptional GDS for you and yours. The reverse cowgirl anal tries to solve the hardest word in the hangman business. Kleen is getting a new neighbor named John Mark Karr. Go Deep, straight to hell.

Direct download: GDS.930-197.mp3
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Proving Jesus loves porno, GDub and Wally relive the glory day of a miss exotic pageant that they stumbled upon. JMac and the Kid sit in awe of their recall despite the years of getting high. Its quality on top of quality with wet panties being bid on by a group of horned up dudes.  GDub discovers the discomforts of shaving cream in your pee hole and how it manages to turn your cock into a bright red light. We do a local strip club review, pornstars who have aids, then don't have aids, Asian chicks and obscure sexual terms. We tap back on Wedding attendee's and how Red wanted to kill one for her resemblance to a former acquantance of the kid. We also watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape.... again. Go freakin' Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.930.mp3
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Kid, JMac, GDub and Wally recap the drunken wedding, we rate the waiter, give the low down on how waitresses and how boys head-tips towards how chicks make Wally do funny things. We ask GDub how many days a week he's drunk, how many times he flattens the youth of America and if he's seen any accidental nudity. Kid does a porn recap sticking with the wedding theme and we address the drunken greco Roman wrestling between Wally and the Kid. We hit up the drug tip and talk about getting High. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.929.mp3
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Hour Long Edition of the Goin' Deep Show with Jmac, Kid, Wally and a new female guest bring in this hour long edition of the GDS with freakish cock squirting on girls face, a shit-ton of girls squirting on one girl... on a trampoline and we get a chick to flash her titties. Did we mention this chick has a killer voice and killer tits. She talks about a threesome and how it started, Wally calls the opposite of shotgun to sit next to a girl with no tits on the way home from a Tiger game and we say its GLORIOUS. We attempt the facial hair to vagina fuz ratio with our in studio guest. I think Wally talks about how hot his Cousin is. Its bad bad bad ass. Go Deep and we'll show ya.

Direct download: GDS.928-391.mp3
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A Thursday Tossback Edition of the Show: Kid and Chesticles get a call from Red on the road. We talk about poking asses in the middle of the night, going down on girls and the hottest new TV chick goin'. Fake sensitive spots and the junk swing. Go Deep on my cod piece. 

Direct download: GDS.927-335.mp3
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Kid welcomes Silverback, Shithead, Magnum and Rogue where the Kid gets pissed at Magnum for saying one thing then proving she can fall asleep less than 15 minutes later. We relive our old flames and talk dirty like we usually do. Click it and open your ear holes. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.926.mp3
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Kid welcomes Silverback, Magnum and Rogue. Magnum masturbates in the GDS bathroom... or so she says. We suggest a reunion tour with Kleen and Rogue getting on the mics and we play a preview of what that show would sound like. We barely keep Magnum awake during the episode and we believe its because she just got done flicking her bean in the studio.

Magnum talks out of her ass for 99.9 percent of the show including calling out JMac and Juice as being A-holes which we immediately disregard because she's fucking retarded. We discuss Steve Jobs impact on the Goin' Deep Show, where the vibrators are kept in the house and how younsters are downloading apps that are used to vibrate your phone for pleasuring yourself.

We discuss the Real Dolls that you can buy to fuck, Kid doesn't want the messy cleanup and Shithead chimes in to tell us he fucks Real women and not dolls. Silverback likes the throbbing knob left inside the ladies after a well timed orgasm and we decide that we're going to plaster mold each hosts hands so Magnum can slide all of our pinky fingers into her butthole.

Magnum claims that her ass is precious and says it NEVER itches and has never itched it. We all call Shenanigans on it and she is in complete bullshit mode. Shithead also reveals the late breaking news of him getting back together with his X wife. Its a good one. Listen in, check it out and Go Freaking Deep already.

Direct download: GDS.925.mp3
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Kid, Silverback, Magnum and Rogue talk vagina apps, why she's not getting layed.... still.  We call out Mags for not Tweeting.... again. Silverback wonders how women can't know when they're vagina is bleeding and Rogue says she'd take a violent stab to the Vagina. Kid asks anyone if they give a shit what Rogues opinion is on practically anything. The Kid tells everyone that the enemy is the person who you want to fuck still. Magnum bullshits the world and says she wouldn't have sex with a black guy and pretends like she hasn't.... again. Magnum tries to tell everyone that she can't remember who's been in her mouth. We all call a shit ton of bullshit. Lots more just go deep already fuck faces. 

Direct download: GDS.924.mp3
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THROWBACK 336: Killer rap songs by dumb white kids that includes pans in the face and bitches cookin’ my shit. This is the GDS. Competitive eating news, small pee pees and not getting hard-ons as you get older. We also blow our mind looking at Eva Longoria’s ass. GoDeepChesticles and the Kid bring you stories of lopsided tits, a killer song by dumbass Andy Milonakis and we even play it twice. Plus if you’d like to find out why your junk isn’t getting up as much as it used to be you better tune in and hear what Chesticles has to say. Go Deep again… if you can get it up.

Direct download: GDS.923-336.mp3
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Kid and Shithead talk some geek speak, swear a few times and call out a few of the cast of characters. All mixed between a bunch of  headlines from the tech world. The Kid gives his take on why we do the show and we talk spinoffs. A little change of pace from our normal bitch slap in the face of porn and dirty talk. Hang deep with the nerds of the GDS. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.922.mp3
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Kid, Magnum, Rogue, and Shithead play some clips of some amazing singing on the bus, The Kid brings out the Oh Bill clip, and we talk about what songs we'd bang to. Magnum tells us we won't have air conditioning blasint because her nipples get too hard, Kid does some celebrity talk, including Tara Reid tweeting her honeymoon photos, chicks the Kid doesn't want to hit the wall, and we ask Magnum what its like to have so many walls to overcome.  Rogue and Kid call out Magnum for not tweeting. Check it out fucks. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.921.mp3
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Kid, Magnum, Rogue and Shithead go over why girls don't get sex. Kid disagrees because women hold all the vagina's. Must just be the woman. Its the truth behind the mystery. We recap Rogue's night of getting free drinks and needing a ride. The Kid asks where the line is drawn between rape and getting some and what women think when they are out at the bar and what the whole freakin' point is. We also talk fat chicks, skinny dudes and what the mother fuck is up with that. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.920.mp3
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Kid welcomes Magnum, Rogue and Shithead to the show where they talk about sadness, how much bloow splurts out of them when they're going through their time of the month and our X's and how much they suck the big fat one. Magnum said she can't drink and run because she'll have to shit her fucking brains out. Magnum decides that fucking young people is fun. We almost believe she isn't telling the truth about having "DREAMS" about it.  We also mention Magnum taking it in the ass..... again. Go Deep. Like she likes to deny. 

Direct download: GDS.919.mp3
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Throwback Week wraps up with JMac, Wally and The Kid trying to get grants from the Government for studying farts, a burp off happens and we talk double patty burger. Oh and we talk about X's. Go Deep.... here's the original show notes: Kid, JMac and Wally discuss the brains behind the mayor and his attitude towards the ladies.  Wally tells the fans to not base relationships on Sex, asks what Jesus would do and the conclusion is he would want some head like the rest of us. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.918-719.mp3
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Throwback to Episode 513: Kid, JMac, Wally, GDub and Wally recap the time the cops are called by GDub's sister and kick Wally out of a party. We wave some B&C Pizza in front of the MAP's face on live webcam and tell everyone how to be white trash..... clue... you have to be puffing a cig and 8 months pregnant. JMac tells us about this tard who does a bunch of sports play by play. ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: Kid, JMac, The MAP, Wally and GDub in studio discussing fights, kids who will become whores, Wally getting beat up in Detroit, and Father of the year Hulk Hogan. JMac also relives a retard announcer. Go Deep and remember to screw 18 year olds.

Direct download: GDS.917-513.mp3
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Episode 193 reloaded. Original shownotes.....Kid and Map in the morning scratching their nuts in full on stereo and telling you how crumbelievable this show is. Someone says fuck Pluto. We also address the dilema of trying to nail a not-so hot chick and how to distract yourself to keep it up. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.916-193.mp3
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Part 3 of 3. A little car talk in this segment of the GDS, which was the Paralyzer specialty. Mr. Kleen gets pissed about GM buying Saab and We do a hottie of the Week. Which is what we all wait for. We do some video watching with porn music and Kleen starts to jerk it. Its nearly listenable. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS_915-034c.mp3
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Way back to Episode 34. This is part two of a three part release.  In this Goin Deep we have Mr. Kleen try to give us some news items. It almost works. I think we talk about clown rape and things we've learned from porno movies. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS_915-034b.mp3
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We go way back in this edition of the Goin' Deep Show. All the way back to episode 34. This is a three part series that will be released throughout the day. This is episode 1 of 3. In this Goin Deep we learn the origins of Dick Tover, my first porno, and beating hookers with salmon.  This episode is also most notable because its dedicated to The Paralyzers birthday. Part 2 of this episode later today with part 3 to follow this evening. 

Direct download: GDS.915-034.mp3
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Kicking off throwback week The Goin' Deep Show brings you one of our personal favorites.  Listen closely to the sweet sounds of some chicks vagina as it attempts to display how to blow candles out with only your twat.  Have fun and stay tuned for some great re-releases this week from the Goin' Deep Show. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.914-342.mp3
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Throwback Episode number 330: Original shownotes....J "The Mayor" Mac, The MAP and the newly fired Atomic Dame join the Kid in this episode of the GDS where we talk about parking in the hood, Atomic's love of Dane Cook, hot chicks at the bar and we rip on a few so called friends of the show. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.913-330.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:23 PM

Kid welcomes JMac, Silverback, Rogue and the lovely Betty to the show where we talk surgery where docs are checking out the titties on Betty. Silverback tells us about the trance that is the boob rotation. Betty tells us how to make em spin in various directions. We go over the bases and how they've changed over the years. The usual bullshit that you've come to love from the GDS. Listen in. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.912.mp3
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Kid welcomes JMac, Silverback, Rogue and the lovely Betty to the show where we call out Rogue for giving a handjob at a bar in East Lansing. JMac and Silverback tell us how to pick up 35 year old ladies from Delta College and we discuss Twitter and how the word just sucks. Kid asks JMac about the "Bachelor" party where someone flipped the fuck out about a naked chick and we do some porn.tumblr.com review and we notice the women in studio are slutty whores who want it hardcore. The Kid also makes sure to leave Rogue a present at Porn.tumblr.com and we call out Midland street about being all thug-tastic. JMac almost even drops an N-bomb. Listen in and get outraged. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.911.mp3
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Kid welcomes back a fan favorite, Betty into the studio wherre she tells us about getting over lesbians, dating a prince and other less serious topics.  Silverback and JMac also join in on the fun and lay it down like it should be. We discuss the Pig gig and the huge asses of the people there. We also fill everyone in on how to avoid people. We like to inform. So Go Deep and get a freaking life for  change.

Direct download: GDS.910.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:12 PM

Kid, Magnum, Rogue and Shithead discuss what Mags will or won't stick in her ass, we creep out a few with the Kid's suggestion. We also get into the head of where everyone's limit is. I think the term poop lube is brought up at some point and fresh untouched vagina is like fine wine. Unless your one of them young sluts putting tampons filled with alcohol up their pussy.  Its classy. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.909.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:43 AM

THROWBACK: The Kid and Chesticles bring you ass talk, poop, eating too much and some asshole getting hit in the face with a ball. The Kid is sick and he's overheating and it sucks. Go Deep with British slang by Chesticles.

Direct download: DEEP.908.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 9:42 PM

Kid, Mags, Rogue and Shithead in this one. We talk about masturbating and getting it in your dick tip. Shithead also gives us a cringe worthy story about accidentally twisting one off with Icee Hot and Rogue is all over a Wisconsin website for a bar. Alot of other dirty details but you gotta listen for those. Go Deep already and make sure to visit goindeepshow.com and our special sponsor porn.tumblr.com.

Direct download: GDS.907.mp3
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The Kid and Magnum welcome Zaldor to the show where we talk about why Magnum doesn't us her twat…. I mean why she doesn't use twitter.  We call her out about speaking ebonics.  Zaldor loves when the Kid crashes into plate glass shelves and we talk about Zaldors World and encourage everyone to go check it out. Mags also tells us she wouldn't get with a butch chick but is totally comfortable with hairy nads in her face. Check it out listen in and Go Deep. Make sure to visit Zaldors World

Direct download: GDS.906.mp3
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Kid, Mags and Shithead are talking Road trip in a prius while talking to Shithead in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Shithead tells us  about being mistaken for a Mexican and we get nerdy on your ass and discuss Google+. We give you an urban dictionary term and talk about when the best time to die is, how to steal superpowers and which porn stars we'd steal, we also make sure find all the flaws in the whole Wonder Twin Powers activation. We tease our new tech show. Go Deep

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Kid, Silverback, Mags and Shithead recap airfucking and who would judge it, The Kid tells you why he doesn't follow Alyssa Milano's Tweets anymore and Shithead tells everyone that if you're a brotha don't be skimpin' on your bill because you'll be spending the night in Jail.  Especially when you are paying for $1 dollar bills. We somehow mention Michael Jackson, Bibi Jones and of course our favorite subject porno and who and how we'd nail a star. Silverback also lets us into the head of a guy when he is most vulnerable. Tune in and hear what time that is..... a hint... its not hammer time. Go Deep. 

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THROWBACK EDITION: Kid and Chesty bring you some bullshit dike news, Lohan steals a car and walks around naked at rehab. Goat balls, and why Paris Hilton needs to get bitchslapped.There's more but we got shit to do and my fingers hurt from poking pussies. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS903.mp3
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Kid, Mags and Silverback discuss a bunch of men in a pool, why Silverback doesn't go to Midland Street because he's afraid of running into someone he knows. We do some beer pong discussion and how you can kill yourself with it. The Kid calls out a douchebag wearing pink and they try to pitch Mayo sandwiches.  fuck that shit. Go Deep.

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We pull a little flip flop in this edition of the program. This is the pregame of episode 900 when we're patching Hat Trick into the mix. We open the box of porn that the lord protects and we eaves drop on Hat Trick before she realizes her microphone is on. We do some celebrity talk, a pussy picnic and some droopy vagina lips. We do all the legwork to get Hat Trick prepared for the lay she performs live. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.901.mp3
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Kid welcomes Wolf, Legs, Little Wolf, Shithead, Hat Trick and her guy via skype and they give us quite a show. Its a freakin' Doozey. Try not to picture it while you listen. No more show notes, just listen to it.  Its my favorite new episode. 

Direct download: GDS.900.mp3
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A packed house rounds out the 800's. In this episode we have JMac, GDub, The Wolf, Legs, Little Wolf and Shithead. A Wednesday humpday news edition pushed to a Monday morning episode. We hit on some racist issues and GDub gives us the low down on why a hispanic will be president before another black dude will. We hit some Sara Palin bashing, why we would or wouldn't fuck her…. even in the face. The shit hits the fan when Little Wolf knocks up two teenagers and doesn't realize how much tit milk is coming at him. Its a quality show, lots of laughs to wrap up the 800s. Listen now and Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.899.mp3
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Kid, MAP and Hat Trick bring you a throwback edition. Its a great one leading into next weeks 900th episode which features a very special moment between two people that warms the hart and makes the panties wet. I'm sure the world will enjoy it. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.898.mp3
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Kid and JMac welcomes back The Wolf, Legs and Little Wolf into the studio where we talk about hooking up through Comcast, innapropriate sex noises from Dad and all while the air conditioning is on in the background.  The Wold talks about cheaters, how they always kill the messenger and some people get payed to cheat. 

GDub joins in midway and we discuss frequency of blow jobs and hit a news story of a woman cutting off a cock. The boys get creative on how and what to attach to your groin to fix that situation. 

Superglued hardons tearing away from your stomach is also discussed and how awesome that would be. 

We get into ass play and the military and why you don't want a room full of guys wanting you. 

The Wolf also gets letters from neighbors for having sex way too loud.

Check it out, Go Live, Go Deep, Listen Now.

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Kid makes fun of white guys shooting hoops a the park, but makes fun of the brotha and sista who where even worse. Go Deep.  We discuss JMac making an old man feel real uncomfortable at the bar when he points out that a brotha had just entered the bar and the guilt the old guy must have felt. Another old guy buys Rogue dinner and she doesn't even jerk him off under the table. Rogue claims she hasn't had sex in 2 months so she's watching more porno.  The Kid also tells the world about his new favorite porn star. Condoms in porno also is discussed and how much its a turnoff. We coin the new term "Magsturbating" to dedicate the number of times Magnum flicks her bean. Rogue also tells a story of blowing until a guy can't get off, and how fucking and being loud where people can hear is nearly as hot as cumming and suppressing the sound of an orgasm. We do some Eck talk and how he likes to throw beer all over people. Rogue learns that having a recording device in your pocket at all times is a great thing to have. Check it out and Listen NOW! Go Deep douchebags.

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Magnum is sweaty, Rogue is talking about cocks getting chopped off and Shithead breaks up a fight in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. We talk local concerts, and tease to a special episode 900 that will be coming out next week.  We do some talk of queefing and Hooters review. Rogue tells us she likes boobs and Kid hates the anorexic Hooter girls.  Kid also says he loves Emma Watson and Harry Potter is a drunk in rehab. We give our take on the last movie. Shithead tells us about how the RIAA can suck it. Rogue gives us the low down on what she knows about movies and how much it costs. We tell everyone to check outthe Emma Watson upskirts shot and strongly encourage everyone to go watch Kim Kardashian's sex tape.... even though its from way back its way worth the revisit. Rogue tries to be serious and talks about Rupert M's big troubles shutting down a newspaper over some eavesdropping scandal. We also do some Google+ discussion and Shithead makes a bold prediction that it will kill facebook.  Bold motha fucka Bold. We also tell you about some nasty bitch we ran into at an Arby's. Its yucky. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes JMac, Eckler, Shithead, Magnum and Rogue to the show. The Kid tries to explain to the vagina of the show who rules it. JMac explains being caught Red handed. The goal of everything in this GDS world is to get your dick wet and guess who won? JMac won. 

We talk about who makes the rules and who decides to be a slut vs starting a relationship with someone. 

The guys talk about what would happen if a porn star offers herself up. 

We also discuss local traffic and where some drunk people are living. JMac tells us how its beneficial to sleep prior to sex. 

The Kid talks about a woman crying..... and blowing him. 

Its all good. 

The Kid also says he tends to just say it because he doesn't give a shit. 

Go Deep.

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Kid and Chesticles during this throwback edition of the show. Original shownotes: Dumbass kids on the side of the road, waiting at the doctor and eating sandwiches that are bigger than your face. This is the Goin' Deep Show and we give you this extended edition of the show with tons of poo talk and first kisses for dildo's. Go Deep.

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A blow by blow from the Girls perspective on the Kid getting jacked in the face. Kid confronts Rogue on Twitter hating and promotes the all new porn.tumblr.com. Kid predicts no naked chicks at the Sleeze bachelor party and the Kid says we need to get a stripper so we can officially call it a bachelor party othewise its the normal beer pong brat horseshow event. Eck asks if anyone has ever had their butt kicked by strippers. We talk about some photos of the crew falling all over each other at St. Stans. Go Deep.

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Humpday News edition with Dimples McDonna and its Blacks goin' wild shooting people all over the place in Michigan. JMac, Silverback, Eckler and the Kid chime in on all the headlines including Casey Anthony, Someone getting their Nipples torn off and we argue over beastiality. Go Deep.

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Kid gets jacked in the face and promotes the brand new porn.tumblr.com and half the show is the in studio guests moaning and groaning over the photos. In studio are JMac, Eck and Silverback. Other topics include Rogue calling out the crew for not tweeting, Eckler's Tumblr page, former bosses knowing the inner show conflicts, Eckler saying he loves the Kid via text and JMac's nipple all over his phone. Kid has to explain why he sent JMac a lovie text message by mistake and we talk some social network stuff including Google+. There's lots more but I'm done typing so start listening. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.890.mp3
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Silverback, Rogue, Magnum, and Dimples Macdonna join the Kid. New Drinking game is if you can find a split damn second when Rogue isn't talking over Magnum or Mags isn't talking over Rogue then you have to take a drink.  Good luck with that. We talk sperm spurts, sperm volume, quality over quantity and we ask the girls if they've had some face loads. The art of the BJ and what goes through the ladies head. The Kids Kid gets talked about and how he's gonna kill his friends if they look at her. There's more, so just Go Deep.

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GDS 888: Kid welcomes The Map, Motorboat, Jenny Talia and Jimmy the Fag into the Goin' Deep Show Studios for this throwback. We talk about gigantic boobies, blowjobs to heal the world and why the Kids thumb hurts. Kid claims to be a titty fucking virgin. Go Deep and check it out. 

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GDS 887: Kid, Mags, Rogue, Silverback and Dimples Mcdonna previews the weekends events, how to handle all the festivals throughout Michigan and try to talk about Celebrity rehab but quickly veer off topic. We go way back to Greekfest and talk about one of Silverbacks former conquests. We toss out a name from way back.... The Reverse Cowgirl Anal. We also call out Kleen for having smaller balls than Rogue. Find it, listen in and be happy. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.887.mp3
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Kid welcomes Dimples Mcdonna via the phone, Mags, Rogue, and Silverback in studio do some news. David D. is back in sex rehab, no duh. Let me just go jump into bed with a bunch of "costars" and then come faithfully home to my wife.

 Some softball players aren't gay enough to win with a bunch of other gay-wods and we discuss the needs of a man.

This is the first humpday news edition of the Goin' Deep Show. So get on board and learn something for a change you jackasses.

Go Deep.

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Kid welcomes Silverback, Rogue and Magnum to the studio where we give you the rundown on the last few weekends of festivals. Stay tuned for a great weeks worth of GDS with this one kicking it all off. Go Deep.

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Kid welcomes Silverback, Rogue, Magnum, Shithead and sitting in studio the silent company of Red.  The Kid tries not to say dumb shit and calls out JMac for drinking Monster. We discuss how we wanna die, and the decide that breaking your neck in a fireball aka a car crash would be the worst.

We talk about Rogue seeing her moms butthole, how her brother pissed on her and how it all happened last week.

We discuss the yoga pant era and how it bumped right into the camel toe era.  We also discuss what would be printed on the butts of our female cohosts.

Eckler leaves Rogue at the bar

A little St. Stans talk
Hangovers and who turns JMac on.

How he stayed at Rogues house on the floor and how Rogues international texting plan is for the birds.

Shithead doesn't want anything to do with what his woman's antics are as long as he gets off.

JMac is still seeking a sugar momma.

I think Mags and JMac also wanna choke each other out at some point during this show.

We promote www.girlsinyogapants.com

So you should go there and get wet.

Go Deep.

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GDS 883: Kid and Chesticles bring you headlines from way back in this GDS Throwback episode. Dita talk, amazing asses, The Kid hurt his hand and he believes it because of too much beating off. Its alot to take in so you better sit back and just take it like any good girl does. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.883.mp3
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GDS 882: Kid, JMac, Silverback and Shithead (Mags halfway through) talk trash about eating too much, how sacred the Golden Girls are to JMac and the Kid talks about why we should be searching for women with no teeth. We promote the site ghetto confessions where you can browse the wonderful world of some idiot banging crack heads. Silverback tells us that a former conquest of his has a boyfriend who obviously has access to her facebook because he was defriended.  We go over being in a band vs being on the field of play and how the transition between being that queer singing then transforming into Ozzie Osbourne. We also get medical on your ass and discuss walking pneumonia and solve the Silverbacks sitting and sweating problem. JMac tells us about being sick during hell week and how much of a pussy your coach thinks you are. Kid describes the first time he saw a Va-Jay. JMac still hung out at the sandbox in the 7th Grade? WTF? We go through all the ways to fuck with someone's boyfriend. We do the swim class talk and the women who got away with murder for wearing the small cameltoe displaying suites.

Go Deep.

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GDS 881: Kid, JMac and Silverback in studio with Shithead present a manly man edition of the Goin' Deep Show. A post brewery visit in Frankenmuth has the in studio crew farting up a kraut storm. We watch some baseball in studio and tap on that for a few seconds, JMac strokes out, starts to say words all jacked up and he doesn't apologize for a moment. We discuss the confusion between groupon and a category of porn that that Kid loves.

We do a waitress review and decide she was backside plunge worthy on a moments notice.

We try to describe that she could be good lookin if you just stared at her long enough.

JMac tells the tale of sleep fucking.... aka waking up and humping the shit out of a girl. Also known as wet dreaming with props. 

The only downfall is the pull and pray is just a bit difficult.

The Kid gets called out on a wordrobe choice, We discuss the male vs female dynamic of the show and tell everyone to chill the fuck out.

A call out to Silverback about a bootycall that went down in flames and dissin' his baseball teammates.

We do some redhead discussion, JMac being too hurt to bang and how Twitter has fucked up the english language. Just like JMac did for most of the show.

We relive cock block story..... again. So deal with it.

Go Deep.

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Kid, JMac and GDub play a call from ...... someone. We make fun of ..... something. Then we say the "F" word a few times.  Its pretty much like every other show. Go Deep.

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GDS 879 Kid and JMac get some quiet time without any of the bitches. JMac plugs his twitter gds_themayor for everyone to Kid previews a Spoo Call, JMac and Kid discuss the Cooperstown Trip and the bar scene, we tell some people to stop plucking your freaking face, GDub calls in to join in. We did some monkey butt talk, Porno Talk and how we search for the good stuff. We do a porn review of a Vicky Vette My Friends hot mom. JMac gets dirty Twitter messages from porn stars. GDub gives his take on the masturbating homeless guy,  We talk about what Bay City is notorious for including whores, killing WWII vets by freezing them to death and dudes masturbating and going to prison FOREVER.

Direct download: GDS.879.mp3
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Throwback Friday - Here are the original show notes.  Go Deep Mofo's: Kid and Chesticles bring you a post 300 show even though 300 isn't even fuckin' out yet. The Kid doesn't listen and we bring up some stupid yet useful information to make women moist and ready to ride the lightning. We test out the Baby Ruth in the pooper. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.878tb.mp3
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Kid, Mags, Shithead and Rogue in studio we've decided that Magnum doesn't need any beauty sleep, Shithead says the ladies are the hot and Rogue says only because she sent him dirty pictures. Rogue tells the story about her sex life with the husband including the highly classy fucking that happened in a bathroom stall at a campground.  Mags tells us about some troop she was nailing and the Kid asks all about violent crazy sex that she probably didn't have. But she did have sex in the same room as this dudes mommy.  Rogue calls out Kleen about Kleen only going down on her three whole times..... and shit talked it the entire time.  It was Bad Ass.  Go Deep fucks.

Direct download: GDS.877.mp3
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Kid welcomes Shithead, Magnum and Rogue to the show where we talk about the "Open" relationship where the rule is NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We talk about vibrating panties over the WIFI and how women get all the toys. I think the Kid says something about getting his ass waxed. But you can all just forget that.

Direct download: GDS.876.mp3
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Kid, Magnum, and Rogue bring you a show that will probably piss off all those douchenozzles who think there are too many ladies on the show.  We read a listener email of some angry fuck who needs to just stop listening to the program. We decide that Jesus was probaby a drunk and the Kid wants to drink with him. We tell everyone about a very hairy vagina, a girl that a former host may be trying to hook up with and that same girl who a new member of the crew did take out.  Its all code words here on the GDS so you better listen unless you're a butthole who doesn't have a life.  Then just go about your business. We hit the Weiner tip as well and ask about sexting.  Mr. Kleen's favorite thing to do besides jerking off. Rogue tells us about how her new international relationship involves sending pictures of loads. Go fuckin' deep.

Direct download: GDS.875.mp3
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Kid welcomes Eckler, Juice and Magnum into studio where we hit the wrestling tip. Mags says she's going to drink some juice and Juice tells us a little background about how to bang a prude and how this so called prude would never come in and record a show..... because she has a pole up her butthole.
Magnum gives us the low down on what women talk about including when it sucks and when its just a little OK.
We discuss shirts being ripped open, girls dancing and Red whipping out here titties.
Jealousy is also talked about and some former guests love life and relationship that went into the shitter.
By the end of the show said person calls the show and we try to get him in trouble.
Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.874.mp3
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Original shownotes to follow: Kid, JMac and Juice in studio discuss JMac getting porn mixed in with the animated flix, How they Met Pamela Anderson and how the Kid got caught jerkin' his meat on bunk beds. Go Deep there's more. We promise.

Direct download: GDS.873tb.mp3
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Kid, Mags, Eckler and Juice in studio. Eckler gives you the low down on how to eliminate people from your life.  The Kid says he's getting softer in his old age and makes every attempt not to mention a certain name.  We read some listener feedback and Kid pretty much tells the listener to stop listening and fuck off. Its quality. Go Deep you jackass.

Direct download: GDS.872.mp3
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Kid, Mags, Juice and Eckler in studio with Shithead from Orlando. We talk more about an "Open relationship" The shows numbers, how quick we can masturbate and we try to talk Shitheads woman into having a threesome with Magnum. Eckler tells the tale of some desperate skank who he met on Tumblr. Its all good. Go Deep.... with air conditioning.

Direct download: GDS.871.mp3
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Kid popped a tire, Mags is in a skirt and Juice tells us how to transport booze in pill bottles in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  Eckler and Mags can agree on how hot John Travolta is and Kid makes fun of the male vs female take on show participants. The Kid goes over some numbers and how they just keep on moving up so it really doesn't matter. I think we make fun of a listener email. Oh and Magnum and Eckler also come to fisticuffs over the whole stealing the purse thing. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.870.mp3
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The Kid asks the question... what makes him more ass-holey than anyone else.  We recap the purse debacle of 2011. We do the Baseball Jersey discussion and tell the story of the youth of America thinking JMac is a minor league baseball player.  We call out Rogue on her dick sucking abilities and her crazy long toes. Its all good, Its all Deep. Go there ping pong shooter. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.868.mp3
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We take you back to 2007 in this Throwback edition of the Goin' Deep Show where Chesticles and The Martial Arts Phenom are in studio. Here are the Original show notes: The MAP, Chesticles and the Kid talk about Paris Hilton, The Price is Right, and a pre-wrinkley Harry Hamlin. We also love the Salma Hayek sporting even larger hooters with her prego body. We can only anticipate the largeness that they will become.GoDeep

Direct download: GDS.868tb.mp3
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Kid welcomes to the studio JMac, Silverback and the Twitter queen Rogue herself bring you Macho Man rapping, and if we can get her to stop flirting with international listeners and think straight she'd probably not need that international text messaging plan. Shithead also joins in and hopes that Rogues new guy is an 80 year old.

We hit up the boob tip and relive some women who've upgraded their shit.  I think JMac even sings a few times. Go Figure. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.867.mp3
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Kid, JMac, Rogue and Silverback in studio where we give the details of how to have sex in a dugout, Shithead joins us and he got layed by a random bar whore who looked like a ragged Pamela Anderson. I think we talk about women sucking on sweaty balls and how to avoid it. JMac gets a little more detailed on having had to sleep with a chick... just because. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.866.mp3
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Kid welcomes back the Mayor JMac, superstar vagina Rogue and a newbie Silverback to the GDS Studio. We kick it off fast and furious with stories of reliving the glory days, JMac tells everyone he's the version of a male cougar, Kid discusses the weekend of having a threesome, and people getting punched in the face. We also tap on the fact that youthful 19 year old strippers are pretty damn awesome. Silverback also gets mad props for taking care of the Kid while drunk....driving, and we point out the fact that someone we played softball with is in some deep shit for kind of having sex with underage girls.  Sorry for your luck. We discuss stripper pole techniques and how Silverback's strength and conditioning classes help when riding the pole.  I think we toss some Hat Trick discussion in because Silverback and HT go way back. There's probably also some making fun of Mr. Kleen, which just happens to be the crews new favorite past time. Listen in Go Deep, then Go Deeper.

Direct download: GDS.865.mp3
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It's throwback time again and this one is pure disgusting as The Kid plays a clip of Mr. Kleen stating he had intimate relations with someone he probably shouldn't. GDub is along for the ride in this one and we do some political talk about Sarah Palin and Kleen tells everyone that he has some very odd political views. Here's the original show notes: The GDS welcomes back Mr. Kleen after spending 18 months away from the show. We play some clips, talk some politics, make fun of Republicans and drink a shit-ton of Blue Moons. GDub tosses in some call outs and we make a few bitches panties bunch. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.863.mp3
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Kid welcomes back GDub where we retell the story of the tickle-fight that Kid and Wally had. We talk about how we broke the color barrier on the Goin' Deep Show and how losing weight and drinking the same amount leads to bad bad things.  Go Deep and be reminded to never answer your phone in studio.... unless you want it shoved up your ass.

Direct download: GDS.862.mp3
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Beer Expo recap, more making fun of Kleen, how the Kid learned how to pour a beer and Red claims her dreams are better than internet porn. Kid calls out Red about her fake drug addiction. We attempt to do the fishbowl with Moneyshot McDonna but the fishbowl needs a fresh new set of questions.  We call out masturbation and when we did it last. We tell everyone to beware of truck drivers watching you young ladies giving roadhead and the kid describes softcore porn where actual body parts are touching. We also try to estimate the Moneyshot load amount and the Kid wants nothing to come out of his wang during sex. It only leads to more little spawn. Listen in and Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.861.mp3
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Couples night at the Goin' Deep Show  where Dimples introduces her better half. Moneyshot McDonna tells wonderous stories of loads hitting the ceiling, loads not being consumed and loads of brand new info that the Kid learns from Red. We learn that chocolate covered orange peels will get a BJ. She calls the kid out on spending his birthday with another woman and how a naked whip cream bikni was in the works..... but he blew it.  We throw a shout to those who are effected by the tornado's and we tell everyone what we'd do if it happened to us. Go freakin' Deep.

Direct download: GDS.860.mp3
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Kid, Rogue and Shithead post show decide to kick it into full on show-ness. Rogue fills us in on some of Mr. Kleen's sexual tendencies, she sets the record straight on a few issues. The Kid talks about his fupa, his morning wood and we get Rogue to send Shithead a dirty photo. We also address the pillow fight that Wally and the Kid got in during a drunken night of bar hopping. Check it all out and remember to call the listener line at 206-202-DEEP.

Direct download: GDS.859.mp3
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Its punching bag week and sticking with the theme the crew goes back to 2007.....March 14th 2007 to be exact where Mr. Kleen begins his vanishing act and doesn't return for 18 months. Haven't heard this story before.... How's it end? Here's the original show notes: Mr. Kleen fucks up and doesn't show. He will pay the price eventually. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.858.mp3
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Kid brings in the cause and the effect in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  Rogue and Shithead sit in and discuss the retarded unecessary drama that the shows official drama queen brings the the table.  Its the skipping record known as "High School over dramatics" in this one show and The Kid says what he needs to and is done with it. Go Deep if you can stand it.

Direct download: GDS.857.mp3
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Kids Birthday present to himself is the night off. That means you get to go back in time and hear the wonderful story of JMac banging a waitress on a pool table. Here are the original shownotes: Kid, JMac and The M.A.P. bring you another rare weekend edition of the GDS. JMac bangs on a billiards table, farts in studio and Kid can't remember the beer in his hand. We also decide what roles we play in the mayor's life. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.856.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Token, Rogue and Magnum in studio where Rogue tells everyone that she's turned the corner and is ready for some girl on girl action. I wonder who pushed her over the edge. Kid does some Penthouse forum shower scene and Magnum thinks token is awesome but if you're from the ghetto.... sorry for your luck. Some brownies that crash you hard and Rogue's mother tells her when she has sex.  Its all nasty.... and you'll still listen. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.855.mp3
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GDS brings the man that gave magnum her name. Its Token and its all about Magnum dodging the questions, and us talking about wrestling. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.854.mp3
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Its another throwback Friday and this is a good old show with Chesticles and The MAP in Studio. Here are the original shownotes. The Kid hurts feelings and wants to fuck a chick at Tiger Stadium. We mention dropped opportunity for threesomes in a driveway. The MAP farts on the air and we offend a few ethnic groups. Massages all around and not even with a hardon. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.853.mp3
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Kid, Red, JMac, Magnum and Rogue in studio where we call out fat chicks facebook pics, Red dodges a question about why she was at SVSU parties when she was a freshman in high school. We call out high school bullshit and say that John Glenn bitches have mascots known as whores. We toss out the wort stuff again and the Kid blasts an X. Its all good. Unless you're the one getting called out. Go Deep. Douchebag.

Direct download: GDS.852.mp3
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Kid welcomes Red, JMac, Rogue and Magnum into the studio where we relive some old Friday night TV lineup, Kid wears a thong and we try to get to the bottom of why some women love to pick pimples on asses. We hit on the butt implant situation in porn and we discuss an A list Celeb with herpes. 

Direct download: GDS.851.mp3
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Kid, Dimples and Magnum continue the drunken after bar discussion where someone starts to throw bottlecaps and we call out former guests. Nothing new. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.850.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Mags and Dimples recap a bar night, Magnum smells Eckler's wardrobe and we fill everyone in about how much of a lightweight the Kid is. Kid also reviews a local hair styling place and also fills you in on his figure preferences. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.849.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

It's another throwback edition of the GDS. Its a great one from 2008 with Chesticles and the Kid in studio. Here are the original show notes. Kid and Chesticles bring you clips of Bill O'Reilly, discuss the new Just the Tip feed and how much Chesticles is addicted to Facebook. We also try to rangle Intern Don Tang and tell him when to turn the show on and when he's just being an ahole. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.848.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum and Dimples McDonna into the studio Its a very drunk show and we're all shocked the buttons and recording actually worked. The Kid doesn't fall into any glass tables in this but his face is clearly gone. We do some MSU recap and tell the world how to properly become invisible after screaming out vagina in the middle of a quiet bar.... during the daylight hours. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.847.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Eckler Magnum and Betty in studio discuss all kinds of down and dirty things and by the end I think Magnum wants to punch people in the balls. Listen in and Go Deep. It is your duty. 

Direct download: GDS.846.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 10:45 PM

Magnum takes over for the Kid and hosts the show in this one. Betty is in studio and she shakes her ass in front of Ecks face. We talk about shoes on chicks and high heels and how men love them because of the curvey ass it gives everyone. We somehow get on the topic of semen in pancake batter. Its all wrong and we have no damn idea how we got there. Oh and we measure our weiners...... kinda. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.845.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Eckler, Mags and the lovely Betty join the Kid where we discuss virgins vs lesbians that look like guys and Eckler calls out Asians as the ugliest humans on the planet. Its a very racial episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Try not to get offended. I think we start to piss off Magnum by the end of this one. It gets ugly. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.844.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:37 AM

Its throwback Friday and this is a special one where the Kid welcomes in studio GDub, The MAP, and special big titted superstar Titties Mic Smokes Alot. Listen in and Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.843.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Mags and Eckler bring in Betty once again for the show. We ask who Betty thinks about when she's masturbating. We set the record straight on what gender queer, established the fact that there's no groupy sex action and we blame parents for it all. Eckler tells us he was out with a virgin last night and is gonna bang her soon. Can't wait to hear that story. Betty tells us she's into violent sex and Eckler tells Mags she looks like shit.... again. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.842.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid and Mags welcome back Betty to the studio where she reveals that she is now into women and has a partner. We ask all the classic sexual questions and get down to it. Listen in and find out what we get to. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.841.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes JMac in studio along with Magnum and Rogue where we blast a movie that JMac regrets, Magnum said she enjoys Watchmen and loved blue wang. Mags calls out Uma Thurman and says Cameron Diaz is way hotter. JMac gives us a Wii fit fitness recap, Kid suggests trading families, and we watch girls with small titties put the moves on dudes during our late night softcore porn watching action. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.840.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Rogue and Magnum to start the week. Rogue claims there are hot 65 year old guys, Magnum agrees and the Kid is in complete disbelief. The Kid also encourages the ladies to get down on a girl and give it a chance. The Kid also calls out Mags on her running schedule. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.839.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Throwback Edition Friday: Here's the original shownotes - Go Deep: Kid and Chesticles do the humpty dance and make fun of Dads doing their daughters for 24 years. We rip on a celebrity who thinks she can sing and more bullshit about Miley Cyrus.  She kinda sucks. Can't wait till she crashes and burns. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.838.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:40 AM

Kid welcomes Mags and Rogue in studio where Mags reveals that she walks around her house naked, Rogue wants people to watch and Kid tells his technique for being on bottom. The Kids sperm count will never be gone and he tells everyone he's doing everything in his power to drain himself. We pressure Mags into drinking stuff she doesn't even know what it is. HA, She's been roofied. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.837.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:18 PM

Kid welcomes Mags, Rogue and Red into the studio where they proceed to wax the hairs from his torso. Not much more to say. Its a painful episode of the GDS.... for the host that is.  The ladies love every second of it. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.836.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:57 AM

Kid, Mags and Rogue in studio. A few shout outs thrown, We preview episode 836 where the Kid gets his nipples waxed. Mags claims she wasn't thinking about Spoo last time she jacked off and she thinks FWB's are Fucked with Butts.  We set her straight and call Rogue parsley because she got set to the side with her FWB.

Direct download: GDS.835.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:23 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum and Rogue into the studio, we talk about people pretending to give a shit, waiters fuckin' with food, women and how they know how to work it to get free drinks. We tell everyone where we'll be this coming weekend, The ladies get a little political and the Kid has to steer them back to what's important. Porn and dirty shit.  I think we play a Spoo go to hell call and did we mention that Rogue got a few dicks in her face..... literally in her face. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.834.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:33 AM

Friday's throwback edition of the GDS takes us back to 2006 where Kleen talks about Cousin on Cousin love and Red is in studio with boobies ready to be released. Gettin' Wasted, Drinky drinks and other Bo-shit. The ultimate lazy man's scam to get payed. Movie review of Kids. Poppin wood so you don't have to. Its all Goin' Deep

Direct download: GDS.833.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum and Dimples McDonna to the show where we watch some softcore porn during the show and the ladies could not be more distracted. We talk about other shit but who really cares. I think it involved more cock sucking and laughter. We play a listener call from Wally in Florida and we go over the fact that we're getting really old. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.832.mp3
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The Kid hates idiot jack ass tools in this episode of the show. In studio for the ride are Magnum and Dimples where we discuss how the Kid doesn't like old chicks, Magnum hitting on the dude from Speedway and we talk about old ladies and how their vagina is stretched out. Mid show Magnum drops her cell phone into her drink sending it into vibrate mode.

Direct download: GDS.831.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Blowjobs... sex or no sex discussion here on the GDS. Kid welcomes Magnum and Dimples in studio where they pretend to blow the microphones, the ladies think that a BJ isn't sex and one of the in studio guests tells us the details about getting bent over a car. For some reason the other lady in studio wants to know how to fuck in a car. You have to guess which lady reveals what.  Dimples does what she does nearly every day..... and sloppily makes noises in front of the mics. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.830.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Mags and Dimples in studio where the threesome recap Co-Karaoke, A wombat wakeup call and getting lyrics to song way the fuck wrong. We talk about smelly soap, Magnum getting hit on and how parents are old and need to be more specific. Magnum tells the world she masturbated 9 times in a day. We all wonder if her bits and pieces are rubbed raw. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.829.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:57 AM

We bring you another throwback edition of the Goin' Deep Show. This one with a great lineup. The MAP, JMac, GDub and the most hated bitch in podcasting Chesticles.  Here are the original shownotes - Jmac, GW's, MAP and the most hated female in podcasting Chesticles joins us once again. We call out a d-bag, mention some fanmail, Roadhead manners including the Kids crying girl roadhead. Holmes calls the kid a girl and the quiz proves it.

Direct download: GDS.828.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum and Rogue in to wrap up this weeks fresh editions of the show. Reminder that Fridays are now GDS Archive throwback editions. If anyone out there has a favorite request or special date they want to hear we'll pull it out for you. In this episode we talk maintenance, sexting by Kleen and how to drink someone under the table but only if its before 10:40 on your birthday. Kid models his new jeans and tells you how to not be smelly. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.827.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:24 PM

I refuse to listen to the show to make notes so freakin' deal with it. Rogue and magnum are in studio and halfway through we get Shithead in and its all echo chamber again. Go Deep. Foo.

Direct download: GDS.826.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Mags and Rogue welcome Mr. Shithead to the show.  This is a shitty echo chamber edition. Deal with it bitches. We learn some guys just want Penetration Penetration Penetration. Magnum says she wouldn't take a pussy over a penis. We talk about drugs too. Oh No. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.825.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid Magnum and Rogue in studio discuss porn sites with way too many ads. Rogue tells us about her weekend of a black dude throwing himself at her and we recap a pushup contest and how it turned Juice on. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.824.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Steadily becoming a weekly mainstay the GDS Friday throwback edition continues with this episode from April 8th of 2008 where Intern Don Tang and the Kid discuss going to college, How Hat Trick calls him out about not being in studio and other shit.  Here's the official shownotes from Episode 461 Go Deep: Kid and Tang bring you stories of bitches at the ballgame. How Red abuses through a ring and Don Tangs lack of stories about his anal retentive girlfriend even though we all know she likes it rough in her ass. Did we mention Tang is movin' to the hood? Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.823.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, JMac, Eckler and Magnum recaps how Wally missed out getting some action from Mags. We take sides on the Kleen vs Rogue debate. We talk about how often percentage wise you'd get layed in a bed with the opposite sex and we nearly have a dance off that nearly turns way wrong and into a dick off.  Its way out there bitches.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.822.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes JMac, Eckler and Magnum to the studio where we do the asshole discussion and how guys who are assholes and how they WIN! We recap a wild goose chace that Eck and Kid went on in Saginaw ........ and I think the Kid talks about how he's such an asshole..... again. I think we also call out some family members and their take on life.  Good luck with that. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.821.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes JMac, Eckler and the blonde bombshell Magnum.  JMac gets spanked as we remind him that he called Mag's outfit non slimming. Kid recaps his epic asshole night, describes how famiies suck and how lame schedule conflicts lead to no action. Eckler saves the day by telling the Kid he'll be around a load of MILFs and hot women at the lame event. Thank fuckin' God.

Direct download: GDS.820.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, JMac, Eckler and Magnum recap a few male vs femaie topics. A beautiful waitress at Rattlesnakes in a skirt, We also have come to the conclusion that it truly is "GAME OVER" when you get married. So just don't do it. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.819.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Its another classic episode of the GDS leading into the weekend.  Happy April fools day to everyone. This episode is from back in 2007 with the following show notes - Kid, MAP, Wally and Hat Trick talk dirty and do dumb things on the microphones.  Most of the show we can hardly recall. Its better that way. Lots of nasty talk. Exactly what you would expect from the HT. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.818.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Magnum and Eckler pile on some more bald discussion, losing some pounds and our heritage. We discover that Eckler is awesome along with some polish and german. We bring up kitty cat names and how to date a black lady. We do site of the night and we call out some ugly. Lots of it. We wrap it up with masturbation chatter and how and what you think of. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.817.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Mag's and Eckler discuss losing weight, Megan fox and tan lines in this episode. Kid also discussed acrobatic sex positions, in the shower, and just about anywhere else. Eckler proclaims that all girls have the gap and some are larger than others. Magnum pretends to milk a cow in her face and we tell Oprah to fuck off. My birthday present is that Oprah's show ends on May 25th. I think we make fun of religious people again.  Its all good.  Or all bad. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.816.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Mag's and Eckler talk about how to hit on women, how to play the game and how to come to the realization that most women just can't make a guy settle down. We talk about forever bachelors and how the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. We also think of how shitty it is to have someone who puts out way more effort than need be. We go deeper in this one and we may make fun of some people. Thats what we're good at. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.815.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, Eckler and Magnum discuss people who get pissed easily and how fuckin' lame it is.  The Kid also rants about how fucking retarded it is to get a rabbit for easter and how he wants one about as much as he wants to have his dick chopped off and fed to him. We also tap on how Mr. Kleen will disappear for a while because he's as predictable as the sun rise. Mags tells us how to land a guy and how to deal with game play during dating. I think we hit some mommy issues as well and its all just fun in games until someone gets hurt.  We all know who that is.  Go Deep already ya pussy bitch. That is if you're listening. 

Direct download: GDS.814.mp3
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Kid welcomes double R to the show where we hammer on a recent breakup some more. One of the in studio guests even eludes to the fact that some hanky panky may have been going on between family memebers.  Its all jacked up in this one.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.813.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:43 PM

Kid continues the abuse this time with porn a plenty, dildo discussion and all kinds of dirty talk. Yep he's spun out of the abuse conversation and back to what mattes.  Dirty shit. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.812.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 12:47 PM

Kid gets brave and brings in a few females to rant a bit and fling poo at the male gender.  Its not as ugly as it sounds but has potential. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.811.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

JMac and Kid continue the AZ on location shows. We patch the Martial Arts Phenom in from Orlando Florida and discuss the breaking news of a split between a few members of the show. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.810.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid and JMac begin the recap of the weekend from the Arizona Sun City Studio at the Martial Arts Phenom's Southwest Dojo. Topics include smelly feet, weddings, waitresses barely wearing clothes, beer, beer and more beer along with JMac pushing Peter Gammons out of the way to get to the concession stand at the ball park. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.809.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:48 AM

Magnum calls out JMac farts during this one and we relive our glory days looking for softcore porn on HBO when we were kids. Magnum starts to search for porn on the iPad and I think she finds it. Near the end we call out some east vs west coasters.  Its all good so go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.808.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

JMac shows of his crotchal region on this St. Patty's Day Edition of the GDS. We discuss Juice skipping out on us for a record number of times, Magnum fills us in on how manipulative women are and we tell her that all guys want is to get drunk and get off.  Its science. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.807.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid welcomes JMac, Magnum and Dimples McDonna via the telephone. We screw up the audio on this one and it gets echo chambered. If you can battle through the echo you'll hear some crazy shit. Good luck.

Direct download: GDS.806.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid, JMac and Magnum in studio with topics like the Kid being a pussy when flying, JMac prioritizing his week by when we're getting drunk and what to take to get you drunk.  Magnum brings her A-game by talking about fetish videos on netflix. We talk a bit about the Japan earth quake disaster and Magnum talks about her favorite comedian who uses puppets and makes the Kid change the channel faster than anyone else on TV.

Direct download: GDS.805.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:27 AM

Kid, Kleen, Mags and Rogue give you the low down on why the Kid gets all the ladies milk, We put Kleen on the spot about banging one of Rogues friends and Magnum tells us her pussy was sore after she got nailed the first time. Kleen thinks he's cool at his age. That's for the fans to decide. I think we make fun of Kleen's marriage that didn't go to well. Its all about how shitty it was. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.804.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 AM

Kid tries to express his dislike for the north, Kleen Rogue and the blonde bombshell Magnum join in on this one and Mr. Kleen even pulls a reference from 1999. Radio calls in and tells us how the relaxing north went wrong when he was pulled over by some cops. Mag's tells us about sex in the snow and how you can shape the snow to fit the ass. Radio also tells us how he had sex on the alter of a church. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.803.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:46 PM

Kid welcomes Mr. Kleen and his lady Rogue along with Magnum to the show. We make Mr. Kleen see how Mrs. Smelly Magnum is after a workout. The Kid tells the wonderous and amazing tale of a double tittie fuck and we remind Kleen that the whole crew has seen him jerk his meat..... and blow a load. Kid also talks about a 3D animated sex scene and claims it was the hottest thing going. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.802.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:10 PM

Kid's world is over because Alyssa Milano is pregnant and once a woman becomes preggo's she's pretty useless. Dimples defends mothers and Magnum tells us her days of love are going perfectly as planned. JMac calls out Dimples on not doing her vagina routines and how big her tampons are. Stripper talk and loose vagina.

Direct download: GDS.801.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 8:32 AM

Kid reveals how not to use Apple's Airplay technology, Dimples shits herself and we play a little OMG from the urban dictionary. The MAP joins in later in the episode and we relive the shitting over the overpass story from way the fuck back. Its a classic GDS to to kill off the 700's and top off our push into the 800's. Go Deeper as we do exactly what we've done for years and fuckin' years.

Direct download: GDS.800.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:12 AM

Kid, JMac, Mags and Dimples in studio creeping closer to Episode 800. JMac tells us a tale of BJ proposals that are overheard by fathers, Dimples falls drunk between a dryer and a washer and Magnum is covered in Chocolate Fondu. Its all good. Go Deep bitches.

Direct download: GDS.799.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:19 AM

Since the Kid can't count correctly we bring you a throwback episode of the GDS from March 7th of 2007. Show Notes include....JMac is getting his nuts cleaned for a suck, after the blood is gone. A hot broad crop dusts some bowlers and Mr. Kleen gets called a cock sucker for not knowing what the FUPA is. Kleen changes his mind on black chics and he says he'd bone his mom in law.

Direct download: GDS.798.mp3
Category:Throwback Edition -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes Hat Trick, Magnum and Yukon Nick. We dig through Mr. Kleen's iPad and found some video of him jerking off. It was a shootin' mess.  Good luck getting that out of your mind. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.797.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:29 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum, Hat Trick and Yukon Nick. We discuss our kids and when they'll be allowed to bring their friends into the studio, The kid tries to not get too fucked up drunk but doesn't really succeed. Give it a listen. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.796.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 9:16 PM

Kid and MLY Wrap up the duo show recordings with Philly B in the big boy chair rockin' the soundboards.  We call out Mike Jones for not talking and we attempt to get Hat Trick to whip out a boobie.... or two. Go Deep.


Direct download: GDS.795.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 8:29 AM

GDS and MLY again team up to bring you another 30 minutes of mayhem including calls to Bud Clark of the MLY and offending the crap out of whoever he's with. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.794.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 1:53 PM

GDS and MLY the show give a ball player a call and dupe them into being a homewrecker.  Give it a listen. A followup to the call will take place in episode 794 so take a listen and have a GDS Goin' Deep Weekend.

Direct download: GDS.793.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:28 AM

Kid welcomes a shit ton of guests to the studio in this episode. The MLY crew continues the week with the GDS, Magnum, Hat Trick and newcomer Yukon Nick. Its a quick episode where the women want to see some cock, we fill everyone in on a few secrets and make a bunch of noises into mics. Its all good and you should listen. Or call our go to hell listener line number at 206-202-DEEP. 

Direct download: GDS.792.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

More from the original crew from MLY. We give Mr. Brown a call and talk some more old school bullshit. Check it out. A regularly scheduled GDS is coming to the feed shortly.

Direct download: GDS.791.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:18 AM

The Kid presents a very special episode of the Goin' Deep Show. The front office Studio welcomes back the crew of originals who started the show way back in January of 2004. Phil Bradley, Mike Jones, James Monu Wickham and Andy Taylor enter the studio for the first time in over 7 years. We play some clips we talk a little baseball and we drink some whiskey that was originally sipped from back in '04. Its the first of this weeks episodes featuring the MLY guys. Stay tuned later in the week Hat Trick and Magnum also jump in and we set the record for the most in studio guests when we welcome a new guy to the mix. Go Deep and get ready to go deeper. 

Direct download: GDS.790.mp3
Category:Reunion Shows -- posted at: 6:15 AM

Kid packs the house again including Eckler, Kleen, Magnum and JMac in studio. We figure out how to get the Kid to get things done, Magnum has a cell phone vibrating between her legs, Kleen and Eck discuss their Shot and shell night. Go deep.

Direct download: GDS.789.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes the mayor JMac, Magnum, Kleen and via telephone its Spoo. We talk about getting fitted for tuxedos, a couple of hot bitches watching JMac get measured and the whole time Magnum is licking a sucker. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.788.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid Welcomes Magnum, Kleen and via the phones we have Spoo.  Joining us later in the episode is JMac with new intro music. We discuss what finger girls use to diddle their bits and pieces. Mag's said she's horny. We all wonder how horny. There's more but its late and It's time to jerk it. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.787.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:53 AM

Kid, Magnum and Kleen in studio talking about old school hoop jumping by a former host, We play a Wally clip about global warming. Kleen talks about grabbing his junk in front of a few ladies and Magnum talks about flirting. We also tap on mushroom stamp plopping in and out of the chocolate starfish. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.786.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kleen and Rogue join the Kid and Magnum in studio for this episode. We try to call a listener with no success.  Kleen tries to rip on Eckler but it just doesn't turn out well.  We talk about poop sex, Kid calls out moms, tells everyone that Kids suck and that there's no place for little douchesacs here on the Goin' Deep Show.

Direct download: GDS.785.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:25 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum, Kleen and Rogue to this episode. We play a clip of someone who farted in someones face. We make a call and tell you what your pussy should smell like. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.784.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:17 AM

Kid brings back Magnum, Kleen and Rogue for another awesome episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  We talk group sex, hitting the clit and how often we're getting layed.  Check it out and stop jilling off. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.783.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:00 AM

Kid Welcomes Kleen and Rogue into the studio where we yap about racist shit including sex with a black chick, we check out some iPad porn, a hottie of the night, and how Kleen is in a continuous state of losing weight. Rogue also talks about her diet of beer and running to drop some pounds. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.782.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:10 AM

Kid welcomes Kleen and Rogue and we discuss girls sucking girl boobies, we tell Kleen he better get his shit together and try to keep Rogue.  She tells us a couple of stories about guy who blew their loads too soon and she didn't even get anything. She burps up a storm and Kleen takes the challenge. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.781.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes Kleen and his girlfriend Rogue to the GDS Studio. We discuss farting in faces while going down, Rogues experience with a guy who's dick is the size of many people's pinkies and of course one who practically broke her in two. Kleen also takes over the show and asks alot of gay questions at the end.  It was AWESOME!! Go Deep Fuckers.

Direct download: GDS.780.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes JMac, Wally and Magnum into the studio where he gives his valid platform of protecting the vagina from being torn apart by pushing a newborn through it. Wally daydreams a bit about wet vagina and tells the world he has a curved cock. We also describe the reasoning behind why men wanna plug chicks in the ass. Kid also talks about Brianna Banks. She's a beautiful nasty skank. Go Deep bitches.

Direct download: GDS.779.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Black history month kicks off with a racist listener line call, a recap of the GDS weekend, first impressions of strip clubs and bars. Magnum called Spoo to get the details on a possible murder, we play a call from Wombat calling JMac and Wally out and we point out the Brawlers bionic eyeball. Wally says its from all the cumshots.

Direct download: GDS.778.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and Magnum discuss the art of the vibrating panties. Kid talks about his first crazy masturbation story and oh so much more. Go Deep... and buy a goddamn shirt you cheap bastards. goindeepshow.com

Direct download: GDS.777.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and Magnum call Wally then he makes a surprise visit to the studio in his underpants. Magnum looks at Wally pitch a tent and we recap the kids crash into a wine wrack. I think we do a dutch rutter and Wally explodes in record time. We also discuss our plans to make the ladies of the show wear vibrating panties.... and put it all on video. Go Deep before the Kid gets wasted and breaks shit at your house.

Direct download: GDS.776.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Eckler and Kleen join the kid where a topic of conversation is very violent choking sex and Mr. Kleen feeling he may need to save a bitch from the clutches of Eckler. Kleen gives someones information that nobody knows and caters to that one son of a bitch.  Pretty much killing a few moments of show..... then forgets what the fuck he's gonna say. Eckler describes a 45 minute blowjob and Kid calls out Kleen about being all awkwards around JMac. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.775.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Eckler and Kleen join the Kid again in studio where we play some go to Hell calls and make a call to Spoo in ATL. Kleen gets called out for not letting his X buy the Android app. Lots more so just fuckin' listen assholes. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.774.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes Eckler and Mr. Kleen and they just shred a former conquest that they both fucked and the Kid just shreds some dumb cunt who needs to shut her goddamn trap. Listen in. Have fun. and try not to let the stick lodged in your ass fall further into your tight ass. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.773.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid presents the audio captured prior to the fall down shit faced three sheets to the wind debacle that happened on Saturday night. You'll notice throughout the show that The Kid is constantly being handed drinks.  So those crazy ladies are to blame. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.772.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:58 AM

Kids still passed out and the ladies just keep talking dirtier.  Again the wrap up to the night where the pussy is everywhere in studio. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.771.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

More pussy in this all female edition of the Goin' Deep Show.  Kid is passed out on the couch and three beautiful ladies take over and kick ass. Not much more to say here.  Go Deep and listen in to this very rare episode 2 of the all pussy GDS.

Direct download: GDS.770.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid like a complete jerkoff passes out before the next three episodes and the ladies take over the show. Lots of chick talk that will get all the boys listening out there hard as a rock. Go Deep and listen in Mags hosts and Hat Trick kicks ass.  We also introduce Sookie to the fans for the first time and from what The Kid remembers she has some nice curvey boobies. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.769.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, Mags and JMac do something different in this episode and bring you the three story show.

1. Kid goes first and talks about his days in school where a chick he was on the school newspaper with jerked him off in the newsroom.

2. Mags tells the story of how she got backstage at a rock concert

3. JMac tells the tale of hugging his mother with pussy juice on his face

Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.768.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Magnum and JMac hit the studio where Mags keeps bringing the beer noise.  I couldn't even recall how many were chugged. We hit some entertainment news, Magnum relives her days as a peddler of rubber cocks. She got personal, wanted to know how big a chicks vagina is and she wanted to fill it with a dildo. Mags also reveals that she swallowed on her first blow job which set the pace for the rest of her life. Kid reveals he couldn't cum on his first blowjob because he was pretty much unable to.

Direct download: GDS.767.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum, and JMac to the studio.  They retell the tale of the douchebag boyfriend of a friend. JMac brings presents and gets a present from Candi reassuring the fans that his dick has grown since he's dropped some weight. He upgrades his expectations for women now since he's all trim and fit. Much more than you'll ever be able to handle. Just Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.766.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

The first ever iPad recorded episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  Kleen and Kid do some yappin. Kid calls out Kleen for not letting his woman buy the Android App because he's a big pussy and doesn't want her listening. We also toss down some words for a few fans and anticipate fighting that will soon happen. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.765.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:55 AM

Magnum and Dimples Mcdonna join the Kid and we bring in GDub where we talk poop, farty farts and we attempt to prove that Magnum doesn't have any pubes. She also mentions that her farts sound like ducks, and give Dimples shit about being so competitive that she'd win in a jerking off contest. We do some manscaping discussion and the art of throwing up the international pussy eating sign with your fingers. Go Deep. 


Direct download: GDS.764.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

An early to bed for this old boy means no show notes. I think we talk about poop and farting.  Listen in and find out.  I think GDub joins us.  But I guess you're gonna have to listen to find that out. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.763.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, Magnum, and Dimples talk about being teased, somehow getting off and holding off on penetration for a month. What the fuck do you think of that? We do some clit slapping conversation, how old you are when your sex drive wears out. We call out some anal mother fuckers who try to convince everyone around them that they're not sexually driven. Kid talks about videoing his load, his girth-iness has felt girthier and we compare pussy sizes. Its an over modulated GDS show so just fuckin' deal with it. 

Direct download: GDS.762.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Dimps, Kid and Magnum in studio bringing the noise. We talk celebrities and who you are allowed to do. We touch on the subject of thumbing a butthole and we do a few other things but you gotta listen to figure all that out. Don't be lazy now. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.761.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:50 AM

Kid welcomes Magnum and Dimples McDonna into the studio where we measure weiners. We discuss the fact that little kids are evil and when you're on a diet you want to punch people in the face. We discuss the Kid's hair ambitions and how the two ladies in the studio both wanna see different things on his head. Kid also talk about the fact that he hasn't wacked of yet in 2011. We discuss the amazing Fiber 1 bars and how they make you shit yourself in a major way. We give you a special site that will help you with your diet. Hint, you'll wanna throwup. We remind everyone to send in submissions to name Magnum's Vagina. We talk about vagina lips, Fed X guys with their jacks hanging out and morning wood.  This is the beginning of a great series of shows.  Go Deep bitches.

Direct download: GDS.760.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:41 AM

Blanco and Aqua girl once again join the crew for this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. Eckler and Kleen also join the Kid.  We talk about dildo size, how big Aqua girls boyfriends wang is. By the end of this one Kleen and Eckler want to choke each other. Its fun. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.759.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

How much do you squirt.  We continue out chat with Squirty mc-squirt-alot and Blanco. Kleen tells us how he once stripped for money and actually made some. We do some dildo size, how much Kleen would shove up his ass and how women have it made to make all the money in the world via their snatch and ass. We do some obscure sexual terms, check out the asses of the guests.  I think we even take some pics of the back tatoo's of Squirty. Blanco talks about boing really deep on a cock. They also mention that they've tasted their own juices. Its fuckin' delicious. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.758.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

A packed house for the GDS. Kid Welcomes longtime punching bag Mr. Kleen. His partner sitting in the love seat with him is Eckler who makes a great return. We also present Blanco and Double D's aka Aquagirl. We love butterfly tatoo's and Aquagirl has an amazing one on her titties. We get the details on how Aquagirl squirts all over the fuckin' place and doesn't even think twice about her juices blasting all over a guy. Oh yeah, somone is completely blown too. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.757.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Its contest time and todays contest is called Name Magnum's Snatch. Its pretty simple.  Call the Listener Line at 206-202-3337 and give us the special name for Magnum's cooter.  We have more in this episode but thats the most important thing. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.756.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:00 AM

JMac and Magnum bring in the new year in hangover style. We bring in the new year with stories of JMac flirting with girls at a high school party....aka Wally's house. We visit the Stein Haus where JMac and the Kid get stink eye from the dudes that Magnum was with. We almost don't mention somone who doesn't want to be mentioned and Wally nearly kills each and everyone with his nasty ass.  Its quality programming in the year 2011. Oh did we mention JMac nearly lit the Kid on fire. Seriously thats a true statement.

Direct download: GDS.755.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:14 AM

GDub, Wally and Kid talk about goin' down on chicks, not getting caught and being intimidated by in laws. There's alot of other crap but really who reads this shit anyway. Go Deep then get on with your life.

Direct download: GDS.754.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:00 AM

The Kid immediately calls out Wally out about not putting it in Britney Spears butt in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show. GDub and the host don't even believe for a second that Wally wouldn't fuck Britney Spears in the butt. Its an all friends episode of the show. We dis a few we make a few, who gives a shit. Wally believes for a second that he wouldn't fuck Britney for reasons we all know but his girlfriend doesn't wanna hear. Its fun, you should enjoy the calling out in this one. Go Freakin' Deep.

Direct download: GDS.753.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 7:30 AM

Do we really need a description with this one do we? Fuck that bitch... at least thats what Mr. Wombat says.

Direct download: GDS.752.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 6:57 AM

Kid, GDub and Wally discuss some shit. Yeah thats the description of this episode. We talk fat bitches not being able to wipe their own asses, Wally solves Africa's starvation problem..... yep eat fat bitches...... not in the good way either. GDub comes up with another great idea besides getting super fuckin' fat and that idea is collecting STD's. Who's on board? Kid makes fun of swimming fatty's and how pathetic a Chris Farley lookin' chick on the high dive made him bite his tongue nearly clean off. We make fun of religious kooks and play some holy dude healing people.  Its fuckin' awesome. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.751.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

GDub and Wally kick it on this first of five post Xmas shows.  This weeks shows are the final of 2010 and We're very excited to kick it off right in 2011. We mention Hat Trick in this episode and what pics of her you'd beat to. We call out Wombat for getting in his Christmas message by the hairs on his ass.

GDub gives us the low down on being not so tempted when someone offered a BJ..... for $10 bucks. We try to price out the services described on the Urban Dictionary. We once again tell the tale of the Paralyzer and his famous Christmas activities from 2005.

Wally teaches the listeners to pee in strategic places to get full on nasty smelly effects. The boys talk a little Lions football and Dub hits some C3PO action..... which will soon be a drinking game. We put Wally on the spot about having kids.  "The Kid" talks about how sucky it is having children and how he only has two with two different women.

We give you a classic, epic, wonderfully beautifully big boobied hottie named Sophie Howard that everyone should go check out. We talk about the Half a head guy from down in FLA. Wally claims thats how it is when he gets head.  The Kid addresses a consern that all men probably think..... women don't need us if they can purchase enough sex toys. We feature a site that has some fuck machines that will change their world. We also agree that Kasia is the most amazing little porn star rockin'.

Direct download: 750.jpg
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Its our traditional Xmas messages from members of the Crew. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.749b.mp3
Category:Special Release -- posted at: 7:49 AM

A short and sweet reading from the Kid to put your dumbass to sleep this Xmas eve. Try not to punch any family members during your festivities. Go Deep and drop some yule log ASAP. 

Direct download: GDS.748.mp3
Category:Special Release -- posted at: 3:59 PM

Its old time stories tonight on the Goin' Deep show.  Most of the remembering has to do with GDub's sister and Wally and JMac getting called out about doing all sorts of dirty shit to her. Wally tells the world that none of his antics are his own fault. Kid reveals the whole story about how the shit hit the fan during another classic episode. GDub turns into C3P0 a few times.... as usual and we  tell everyone to Listen if they want.... but they probably don't.  We talk Erp, We talk Vader, We get violent and also bash some Psycho Christians. Yes thats an official title. We trade links and those include Natalie Portman's ass in a thong. Kid talks Hot tub threeways and says he's lick the bung of some women but Jennifer Aniston can go lick herself. Wally gives us the tongue in the thumb theory which includes spit and dive in the ass.  Tongue-jack the shit box style. Cock Rings, Who your last fuck will be and our new favorite ass. Little Lupe are all discussed. Go Deep and have a good last few days before Xmas. 

Direct download: GDS.747.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

We play Kasey Kasem in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show and present a long distance dedication track called "Use my arsehole as a cunt" by Kunt and the Gang. GDub and Wally once again join the Kid. Dub sounds like C3P0 only a few times during this episode. We throw a shout to Reddit which is how GDub is finding the best and brightest on the internet. 

We mention a bunch of idiot douchebags dressing up like superhero's in Seattle attempting to fight crime. Wally is offended by Justin Bieber and his new haircut along with Miley Cyruss getting high on legal drugs. 

GDub's X gets called out again and the Kid knows she hocked a big juicy loogie in his pizza. 

On the porn front..... softcore porn master Pamela Anderson hits the pages of Playboy again setting a record.  The problem is who the hell reads on paper anymore. iPad baby iPad. 

We mention our techniques for people with Aids. Listen peoople!! We have ideas and you bette listen. Solutions man that's what we're all about. 

Kid gives us Bible lessons and women... its not looking to good for ya. Just ask hubby if you can talk.  Unless of course you want to be stoned..... and not in the good way. 

We hit a history lesson towards the end and take our caps off to Benjamin Franklin and his man whore ways back in the day.  Founding father high five to that one. 

Listen in Go Deep and have a hell of a day you douchesacs.  

Oh and by the way, for a little more info on that badass known as Ben Franklin click this link for a pretty awesome article on the founding father. Go Deep again. 


Direct download: GDS.746.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 11:41 PM

GDub and Wally join the Kid in episode 745 of the Goin' Deep Show.  Credit goes to Wally for inspiring everyone out there to call the go to Hell line and bitch somone out.  Now only if he could remember the number to call. We chat a bit about registered users, extra content and special features.

The crew decided to make money by mushroom stamping paper with their dicks. In person mushroom stamping could probably be arranged at a premium cost.

GDub quits a job he got abused at but he doesn't have an epic quitting story. Wally then relives his epic quit story where he called Wendy's when he was too high to go in to work his shift.  Instead he just quit then forgot to hangup the phone.

Kid gives the big F.U. to the server that we use to be at.  They pretty much bent us over and slid something hard right in our backside.

We do a little What's on Tap and discuss the Ideal Party store and their amazing selection of alcoholic beverages. We also agree that its too hard to keep track of how many you have when you drink pitchers especially when you're counting your calories.

At the halfway point we discuss violent sex with encyclopedia's getting used as hammers during the act.

We give you this weeks shot and shell boobie review, which leads into a story of our favorite Shell waitress trying to kill her boyfriend.

The Kid calls his X a dumb cunt and makes fun of mothers who still think they make a difference.  Swim meets and othe bullshit fill this one out. Go Deep and get drunk ASAP.

Direct download: GDS.745.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:30 AM

Kid, Kleen, Dimples McDonna hit the studio where we do some research on Red Tube of the mysterious talents of the squirter. Dimples tries to find out if squirting is real and she thinks its women violently peeing and flicking it around. 

We ask Kleen if he's hit his new lady in the shitter or if its even an option. We discuss hemroids, assholes flipping inside out and all kinds of inner plumbing on the outside. 

Kleen gives us the low down on how  dirty old ladies loved his sponge baths. He also said he would send lady nurses into rooms where old deaf guys are beating off and the Kid calls him out on not trying to put his weiner in the mouth of an old lady with no teeth. 

We also ask if Kleen ever hooked up with one of the coworkers just after cleaning a full sized grown up depend under garment full of fecal matter. Sounds freakin' romantic doesn't it? 

Kleen also wishes his later years are filled with jerking off 4 times a day. Which is just down from his now six times a day. 

Kid talks about his ball fro and some weight loss program where Kleen is the secret weapon since he knows all the ways to cheat and lose tons of weight in the shortest amount of time. 

This episode has more disgusting topics and sounds than we've had in a long time. Go Deep and try not to get any on ya. 

Direct download: GDS.744.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:00 AM

The Kid welcomes Dimples Mcdonna back to the show and a surprise visit from Mr. Kleen. Topics the threesome hit on include how not to piss your pants by using the three finger taint tickle method.

We compare girl porn to guy porn and discover that women use their brains and guys have to see it in all its vivid glory. All the juicy wet portions of it.

We make some new years resolutions not to beat off and to lose some weight. Nobody in the studio or the world believes any of that will actually come to reality. Kleen gets concerned his loads will overwhelm his lady friend if he stopped twisting one off because he's so potent. 

All of this bullshit along with Kleen initiating hot tubs, girls tasting themselves, urban radio stations and The Kid not going to see The Kid because his balls got wet with urine.

For you youngsters out there hitting your first concert The Kid also gives you a full proof way to survive a vicious mosh pit and of course we do some research on our favorite website Red Tube. Everyone Go Deep in our initial release on the new Server.


Direct download: GDS.743.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 2:00 AM

Wally live from Traverse City joins The Kid in this episode of The Goin' Deep Show. Wally is nearly caught stealing wine, We explain our douche-sac old server shutting us down because we nearly broke the Internet. A pleading Wombat from Australia wants us to drop a bomb on whatever city Oprah is visiting down under.

The Kid explains what would happen if Oprah is shot in the face, how much he hates beer companies trying to innovate by making color changing labels and stupid vortex bottles. 

We talk a little baseball, mention streaming the show live to phones, and Wally calls out JMac for choosing a blow job over getting free tickets to a football game.

Kid rants about Crossroads Village, the most unhappy place on earth..... unless you're drunk. Thank you Natty Ice.

We top it all off with little kids pissing on Santa Claus. Thank you douchebag parents forcing your jackoff kid to sit on Santa's lap.

Juice makes an appearance via the Go to Hell line and kid calls out an iPad app that was immediately deleted after one click. Check it all out here on the Goin' Deep Show.


Direct download: GDS.742.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and JMac are outnumbered in this edition of the GDS. Sexy Snow White, Magnum and newcomer Dimples McDonna hit the studio where we call each other out on tasting our own sexual juices, flickin' beans at a live kids show and the sweet smells of Snatch.

Kids wife wants to rip his balls off for doing such a late show and causing the Kids Kid to wake up. JMac gets called out for being too thin and the crowd wonders if he has something wrong with him. We discuss the possibility of smoking helping your taste buds so you're able to go down on some stanky snatch.

This immediately leads into discussions of who has the tastiest vagina and the ladies in the room calling out those who haven't tasted their loads.

The Kid wonders if some vagina tastes like it has candy treats inside of it and nobody believes that he hasn't tasted his own splooge.

Magnum tells us the tale of throwing JMac under the bus during a recent trip to Detroit where a flaming homosexual is all over him. We discuss sex toys, vagina's that feel wonderful vs not so wonderful and of course Elmo and Masturbation. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.741.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, Wally and Magnum in this episode where Mag's calls out Wombat to call in and talk kinky. Wally's computer falls apart and Magnum talks about cleaning dildo's with her mom and freaking her dad out. She also suggested selling sex toys to the fans. Go Deep and tell us to go to hell on the go to hell line at 206-202-DEEP thats 206-202-3337.

Direct download: GDS.740.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 3:30 AM

Kid, Wally and Dub welcome Magnum to the mix. Wally gets caught beating off during the show. We do battle of the Weiners. And Magnum wants to flick her bean to the Shake Weight commercials. We talk taint, we talk blowjobs and we do it all in 30 minutes. 

Direct download: GDS.739.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid welcomes Wally, GDub and new addition to the program Magnum. We call out Wally for not jumping on Mag's when she was throwing the signals. We discuss some sex toy peddling, try to describe the show and found outs its just about boobies. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.738.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and Juice step in studio and talk about dumb ass waitresses, Fooling a host member, Little girls growing up and Howard Stern. We talk porn star names and Urban dictionary terms.  Of course we suggest you Tell others to go to hell. Then Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.737.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid and Juice warn the youngsters of the world against raw doggin' a female and then using the pull and pray method. We throw some conservative friend under the bus and we talk about the brutha's fighting in town. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.736.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, GDub and Shithead talk tech, hard liquor and ways to scam retards. We try to claim we're not all over the internet with drunk pics but you know better. The world is now an open door and you gotta deal with it. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.735.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

Kid, welcomes GDub and Shithead to the show. We discuss China, Pot, GDub's X, Vagina juices on pizza, Deer Widow shit, We hit on the TSA scanners, GDub has a plan and so does the Kid. One semi-wood the other an extra piece of wood. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.734.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

The Kid welcomes JMac, Wally and Deep Throat where we talk about leaving Dildo's in the ass while you masterbate.  Small cocks, and JMack makes an epic call to a girl who ends up telling him to fuck off. We try to coax Deep Throat into tickling her ass.

Direct download: GDS.733.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 AM

The Kid welcomes JMac, Wally and some vagina named Deep Throat to the show. She spends a good chunk of the episode trying to see a cock, the boys discuss sloppy wide open gaps, poo on your weiner and what Deep Throats vagina looks like in great detail.

Direct download: GDS.732.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

GDub is in Studio with Kid and JMac. We play a listener call from Wombat, Talk about guys who want to party and will do just about anything to do it. We bring you some geeky bullshit and we try to do it all with a smile...and chub rub. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.731.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Brawler and JMac talk spills, Boondock saints and yes JMac is still burping.  We recap pee pee's touching feet and the Brawler nearly throws up. The Kid plays some poop clips.  His favorite thing to do. We're back and in full effect. Shows all week

Direct download: GDS.730.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid Brawler and JMac pump out a show where we talk about old 80s babes, how much the Kid loves himself and how much he loves when others love him. We recap a somewhat hot chick at Hooligan's who had a fucked up face but a killer body. JMac burps alot. GD.

Direct download: GDS.729.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler do a late late show discussing sex scandals, Angry wifes and keeping it toned down so we don't wake the neighbors. Eckler wonders how molested you have to be to get a face tatoo. 

Direct download: GDS.728.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler discuss nasty whores with droopy eyes and a hot body going home with goofy guys with no eyebrows. Yes its true we love drugged up sluts as long as they rock a killer body.  They discuss unfriending Australians, purses and Red discovers her own Gspot. 

Direct download: GDS.727.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Kleen, Brawler and Shithead do more retarded yapping about putting things inside of the Brawlers twat, Fucking bitches on Disney rides and Kleen wants food like he's the cookie monster.  We insult, we act like assholes and we say butthole. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.726.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Kleen, Brawler and Shithead continue with more bullshit.  I'd type more notes but someone wants to take me to bed.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.725.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Kleen and Brawler start this one off and add Shithead to the mix late in the show.  Kleen farts, he's drunk, we discuss footsy with brawler, and he gives us the lowdown on the fat bitches that are in his lineup. Go Deep and stry not to barf. 

Direct download: GDS.724.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid and The MAP discuss Alcohol, an amazing porn clip featuring two amazing looking blonde ladies at the pool, Tasering Kleen and how much of a rumble that would take place.  We do dumb news and discuss Black History Month and Wally making out. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.723.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Juice discuss soccer scandal, tasering people and hot tub parties with lot of Jello.  Juice's back is sore and we call him out about possibly banging in a bathtub and we discuss Wally's face sucking with the MAP's cousin. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.722.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Juice in studio discuss JMac getting porn mixed in with the animated flix, How they Met Pamela Anderson and how the Kid got caught jerkin' his meat on bunk beds. Go Deep there's more. We promise. 

Direct download: GDS.721.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid Fucks the audio in this edition of the Show.  Brawler joins in and we're blaming her for fucking up the audio. We discuss gross things, USB sex toys, screwing girls earlobes and geeky things. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.720.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Wally discuss the brains behind the mayor and his attitude towards the ladies.  Wally tells the fans to not base relationships on Sex, asks what Jesus would do and the conclusion is he would want some head like the rest of us. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.719.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Wally in studio in this late edition.  We talk skin tags, getting your junk touched, booty calls and people wearing too much cologne.  Wally gets text messages from whores and we make fun of dirty bitches.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.718.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Juice, Braweler, LBoogie and Tits McGee wrap up the week of boobs with talk about cock size,  group sex and stripper spray.  We try to get the girls to lick each other, they stare at each others tits for a while and flirt but no butt cleavage.

Direct download: GDS.717.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Juice, Brawler, LBoogie and Tits Mcgee do the fishbowl, we get  a call mid show and we describe Tits McGee's titties.  The girls almost motorboat and lets face it they want to makeout and we are here capturing it all. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.716.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid welcomes the Brawler, Juice, LBoogie and new to the show Tits McGee.  We ask where she likes jiz blown on her, whether or not her nipples are sensitive and some pube shaving.  Its standard issue sexy bullshit with a new big boobied hottie. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.715.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Juice, LBoogie talk about resolutions, Helen Hunts fucked up face and being addicted to porn. We talk positions in the sac and JMac has a contract for a threesome. Its now in his fishbowl. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.714.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Juice and LBoogie talk about hoggin', throwing dirt in a deaf guys face, JMacs porn BJ, fat chicks who don't understand they need to wear larger clothes and of course untagging yourself on Facebook because of a fatty. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.713.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Juice and a return visit from L-Boogie.  We talk alot about Poo, we talk Genji's loads, ratemypoo.com and lots of other bullshit talk. We wonder if women are supposed to flush their blood rags, when they should drop a deuce at a guys house.

Direct download: GDS.712.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, GDub, Sleeze, The Judge and The Tooth fairy discuss terror, how many times GDubs gets head and how many condoms his dog finds used condoms.  The Judge brings up vagina size and tries to get an answer from the Tooth Fairy. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.711.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid welcomes into studio Sleeze, GDub, the Tooth Fairy and The Judge where we get the low down on really nasty dog smells, chicks getting fucked on their periods and we ask the tooth fairy how kinky she gets with GDub. Check it all out and more. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.710.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, GDub and Wally talk about puke, hostiles, and Wally predicts the end of the world.  He says Jews, Iranians and some other crazy bullshit.  Does anyone know WTF we're talking about? Go Deep and try to figure it out. 

Direct download: GDS.709.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, GDub and Wally discuss unemployment, Wally attempts to dodge some intimate questions and GDub answers them like a champ. We discuss Wally's revolt agains Amercia and how he wants to fuck shit up. Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.708.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Gdub and Wally bring the noise in this episode of the show.  We do some Jesus crap, talk about honesty and who listens and how we avoid trouble while doing the GDS.  We all agree that its bullshit that flows from our mouths. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.707.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Wally and GDub relive a story of a nasty stripper that gets put on a bus. The first shaved pussy, The first "OH FACE"  and how uncool a chick who shoots her liquids all over the bed.  Merry Xmas. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.706.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Wally and Brawler tear it up in this edition of the Goin' Deep Show.  We hit on Wally's old flames, insulting them, falling asleep masterbating and banging women to sleep. We also tap on women with tires and huge clits. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.705.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Brawler and Wally talk about vibrating panties, blowin' loads in the dimples of the Brawlers ass, premature ejaculation, BJ's inside a tractor trailor and fishy smells. We also hit up some Harry Potter dirty talk and Emma Watson is our Queen. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.704.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Eckler, Kleen and Smalls discuss mucho amounts of porn, Kleen gives away porn, we find nasty numbers to call, recommend everyone go and get a big hard drive to put their porn on. Kleen has his 20th Class reunion and Kleen is gay because he goes. 

Direct download: GDS.703.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Eckler, Kleen, and Biggie Smalls discuss drugs, serious people and relive why we use satan as the logo. We talk about hot blonde 80s TV moms who are now lesbos, Kleen wants to fuck the Cosby Show and did we mention he's drunk off his ass. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.702.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Kleen, Eckler and Biggie Smalls on this one.  Kleen starts it off in classic lame form, we discuss again Claire Huxtable and Kleen hates that bitch. We hit the bar and talk about MILFs who have huge guns and how Kleen would do her. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.701.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Eck, Kleen and guest Biggie Smalls discuss how yummy yummy a chicks ass tastes.  He also talks about some nasty meat. We recap a Tiger Woods experience and of course the motherfucker had a bunch of whores on the side. Go Fuckin' Deep asshole.

Direct download: GDS.700.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Eckler, and Kleen do some followup regarding Amy Winehouse. We forgot what show number it is.  We even pretend jerkoff on the air to Megan Fox and some sexy porn tape of Carmen Electra.  Its the Goin' Deep Show, so get bent. 

Direct download: GDS.699.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Kleen and Eckler in studio where we make fun of Mr. Religious Kleen, We talk about your mom's Vagina, banging a pastors daughter and Kleen gets a handjob from some religious chick. Go Deep it sucks but you'll like it.  Sucking is good.

Direct download: GDS.698.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Kleen and Eckler bring the noise about 2 lady friends eating each other out and getting caught. What we'd do if we saw such an act, We hit up some phone sex with the 911 operator, Beating off at school and stimulating gigantic boobs that helped.

Direct download: GDS.697.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Eckler and Kleen discuss dumbass kids at Barnes and Noble, not answering phone calls and what kind of disgusting things we could do to a woman who said she'd do anything.  We also preview squirt week and do other bullshit that you may want to hear. 

Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

JMac, Kid and Wally bring the noise in this edition of the GDS. We talk about finding catalogs, practicing with condoms, Wally talks about catching his mother fucking, and JMac recalls wanting to pull out of a butt on instinct. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.695.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Wally discuss the ugliest woman they have ever seen, We do an obscure sexual term that requires spinning vaginas.  We also talk about a woman with 2 vaginas and our love of the lesbos.  Go Deep.  Wally doesn't wanna see dick. 

Direct download: GDS.694.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

KId, JMac and Wally talk about future projects, cleaning dicks, ball smell, the taint and mistaken smells. We also discuss hooters girls who are anorexic and how nobody wants to fuck gross and disgusting skeletons. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.693.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Its some behind the scenes stuff, its from 666 its all here and we even play some clips.  Lots of people in on this one. Give it a listen and catch the remainder of the 666 bullshit coming out next week on the GDS. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.692.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Eckler, Kid and Juice welcome L Boogie again for this episode where we discuss avoiding aids from african americans, oopsing girls in the butthole and victoria secret models who take it in the booty.  Everyone check it out and chill the fuck out. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.691.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Eck, Kid, Juice and L Boogie still in studio keeping the night alive.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.690.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Eckler breaks a chair and we tell everyone that we don't want to fuck Amy Winehouse no matter how much she spends on tits.  There's lots more but you gotta listen to find out what it is.  Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.689.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid rants about stupid radio stations in the area and does a remix to one of their regular recording artists... aka the porn mix.  We talk about Letterman and office relationships. We also discuss Shakira, Wrestling and some other bullshit. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.688.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid, Eckler and GDub discuss how much of an asshole Davis Spade is, Lindsay Lohan and if you're more afraid to catch all kinds of nasty VD or getting the bitch knocked up. We also look at Susan Sarandon's daughter and yes she's exactly how you'd imagine.

Direct download: GDS.687.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler and GDub welcome the brawler to the GDS. We talk about Sharon stones snatch, not wearing panties and how Michael Douglas sold his soul to satan. GDub talks about some roofies and drugs and Eckler talks about forgetting girls names. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.686.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Eckler, Brawler, GDub and the Kid discuss how to get drunk from within the vagina. Our interest in eating vagina and how to effectively use anal beads in three holes. Eck gets tricked on fleshbot.com and we discuss some nurses helping a patient. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.685.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Eckler, Brawler and GDub join the Kid where we continue Halloween week with another recap of the GDS Halloween party.  We discuss wanting 3somes with 19 year old girls, We remind everyone that Wilma isn't gonna blow Fred and GDub describes naughty nurses

Direct download: GDS.684.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler discuss the recap of the Halloween Party, skin to win, how to train a girl like a puppy and GDub comes in and joins us as well.  The Kid almost remembers how to  use the buttons and he also almost got his butt kicked.  Check it out, Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.683.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Sleeze is in the big boy chair, Juice is callin' the bitches and JMac and the Kid are along for the ride.  The Kid is drunk and we're trying to get out of the studio to go to the pool. Go Deep. now. 

Direct download: GDS.682.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Sleeze and Juice talk about fucking Mr. Incredible, Blow J's for more pleasure, We relive a dirty girl and we fart right from a laugh into the chair.  We made no sense and we lose it about two thirds into the show. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.681.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes JMac, Sleeze and Juice and yes, we resort to poop stories. Take a listen if you can hold your lunch. Goo Deep and please don't puke. 

Direct download: GDS.680.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Juice discuss all kinds of nasty things being put in your dick, We talk about tampon strings, JMac kills Vin Scully and we make fun of Mr. T and his singing ability.  Wally joins us in the virtual world and we discuss DJ. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.679.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler play the asshole card because Kleen's not listening anyway. So we give out his full telephone number for the fans. We talk about prostitution in Vegas, super hangovers, wearing a sheet, Hot chick Adrianne Curry and her hot ness. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.678.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler call the brawler and pretty much abuse her for the majority of the show.  Don't worry she's used to it.  She is married after all.  Go Deep and stay tuned for more idiot conversations coming this week from the crew. 

Direct download: GDS.677.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eck bring you stories of women who are not pregnant but get poked in the belly and we almost get murdered. We rip the brawler for being a pussy and we discuss cars full of shit and how you can get two broads to blow you.... its all for research.

Direct download: GDS.676.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Wally discuss ball disappearance, dropping them in the toilet, We discuss that scary skeleton Michael Jackson, Super spokesman Billy Mayes and play a little Billy Remix. Go Deep. We're still alive douchebag. 

Direct download: GDS.675.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

JMac and Eckler outline their ways to make cash off the system, activities including dog walking, babysitting and life goals are discussed.  We found that a bar is our way to live large and never make money. Go Deep and check it out.

Direct download: GDS.674.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Eckler discuss fat chicks and normal sized girls, how the kid gets fatties to lean their huge arms against him when he's trying to get a beer at the Wheel. JMac and Eck talk a little football for some reason. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.673.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler, JMac, Wally and Mr. Kleen in studio and the boys are arguing, Kleen is wearing too much cologne and the Brawler flee's the studio because the hubby smacked her leash. Go Dip dumb fucks.

Direct download: GDS.672.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Packed house, Eckler, Kid, Wally, Kleen, JMac and the Brawler argue about all kinds of dumb shit including beerfest. the word gay, the brawler and her hatred toward toes and Eck fucks commercials. Go deep.

Direct download: GDS.671.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Wally, Brawler, JMac and Kid discuss a nasty asshole that shot Wally's boner to the ground.  Ass face during sex.  How Jmac blasts poop off the back of the toilet and the special place known as the taint. We play some Wally Clips. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.670.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Wally and Brawler in studio discussing late night calls, vagina that is too wet and how we don't let women fart in our presence.  We also talk about how women don't haze each other like men do and how we wanna see bare ass. Go Deep. BITCH

Direct download: GDS.669.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and GDub discuss a bloody MMA match. Toughman contests and we do some other crap that I can't remember. Go Deep already and just stop reading. It gets you nowhere good. Get Deep.

Direct download: GDS.668.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and GDub relive guys night out, talk about Dub recording poop, crazy bitches following the mayor from bar to bar and how the kid throws rocks. We speculate on who called who, who wants who and who bumps into vaginas. Go Deep. 666 still to come bitches

Direct download: GDS.667.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Brawler and GDub give you a Sunday school lesson and tell all dwarfs, flat nosed and ball busted people to avoid the alter of the lord. We do a bunch of other crap and let you listen so just do it. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.665.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes GDub and the Brawler in 664 where we discuss a video submitted by the MAP of Megan Fox, we sick everyone out with more poo clips and we talk about assholes. Real assholes. We also hit spray tanners and candy. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.664.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

GDub and Kid do some daydreaming of double BJj's from two hot hookers. We agree the grass is always greener on the other side and that good guys don't finish first. We also talk about how much the kid is an asshole. Dub. Go Deep. It'll feel good.

Direct download: GDS.663.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Another episode of "We're still recording. This one features Brawler, MAP, JMac, Eckler and of course the Kid.  JMac thinks he has long hair. HA! Eckler gets angry at reunions on facebook, We even have little one's pissing all over the place. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.662.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes a whole buttload of in studio jabber jaws.  JMac, Eckler, Brawler and from Phoenix its the MAP. We do some stripper stories, toss sex toys at JMac and make fun of the Brawler. Oh yah Eckler's dad dies and he offends his newfound family.

Direct download: GDS.661.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler, JMac, Brawler and MAP  talk about the spinning wheel, JMac getting shoved. The Martial Arts phenom is actually taking some Martial Arts lessons and we discuss the new studio for a moment or two. Thanks to the Wolf. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.660.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid whips out a sex toy and makes the Brawler and Eckler play with it.  We dive into more sex toy stuff, do some geek speek, and rip on children and X's. We also discuss how much you'd get done if you didn't have to think about masterbation. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.659.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:00 PM

The Kid and GDub welcome Red for the first few minutes of this episode.  We talk car destruction, Russian Sex Slaves, ball bustin' and GDub watching strippers prepare for a long day of work. Did we mention she was a disgusting whore. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.658.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Sexy Snow White, Brawler and GDub talk about vile jiz, former guests reaction to GDubs lickidy split.  JMac accidents and bartenders who just suck down your drink. Oh and the kid poops in this one. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.657.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

The Kid, JMac, GDub, Sexy Snow White and the Brawler discuss blowing loads way to fast, JMac has guys taking his condoms off, and we relive the days of getting caught by the parents doing all kinds of naked fun. Go Deep or we're walking in on you.

Direct download: GDS.656.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

The Spinning Wheeel show , Aggressive guys and getting scoped out during fights. The GDS welcomes The Brawler and Sexy Snow White where we discuss dildo action, cock rings, JMac playing with his Wii and GDub sings boys to men. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.655.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Eckler, GDub and Wally get crazy on topics of nude beaches, prostitution, high ticket sales and a little pig skin during the spring. Cathy Griffin's bikini body is hot and we hit our favorite Walmart bingo. JMac suggests mass murder. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.654.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Wally and Eckler bring you all kinds of disgusting stories.  We play a few poo clips, Beer Tax, younsters who tan, and some former guests who pissed off a few of the listeners. We talk honey-do lists and how little the kid does. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.653.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler discuss crazy women drivers, some geek speak and attempting to get super-porn-star Eve Lawrence to come out of retirement and screw the boys in studio. We revisit the dildo with the inch scale to measure the depths of the Vagilla. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.652.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Its tatoo time and Eckler is in the drivers seat.  We take lots of pics in this one and we wrap up the fishbowl. Kid wears glasses to stare at our in studio guests and JMac shows off his milk hole. All that and more with Betty and Veronica. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.651.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Eckler welcome Veronica and Betty. We talk about flashing titties to the pizza guy, We guess the boob size of our guests and we relive some groping. We also describe sexy smells and I think we talk about load blowing and where it goes. 

Direct download: GDS.650.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Eckler welcome back Betty and Veronica who hit up the fishbowl. Its all about the virginity talk, blowjobs and not telling anyone how old we are. We agree that no good cane come from revealing how many people you've slept with. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.649.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac and Eckler welcome Betty and Veronica to the GDS. We discuss someone getting bet-fucked, A few sexual tendencies of the ladies and the Kid plays a few clips describing ass and titties . Betty also tells us what gay porn she buys. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.648.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Brawler, GDub and Eckler do this episode. We try to find JMac a job. The Brawler has a bed on the floor. The Shell needs a bartender and we suggest JMac gets the job.  We also mention peeing orgasm. Go Deep pee pee head.

Direct download: GDS.647.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler, JMac and GDub talk about getting in arguments, saying no, getting called a little bitch and then buying taco bell to make up for it. The Kid also gets called out about wearing crocs and JMac is offered the pooltable sex treatment for beer. 

Direct download: GDS.646.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Eckler and GDub talk about getting women off too fast, The Sham Wow guy beating up a whore and people who listen to the show and don't like what we say. JMac also shows off a hottie who was hangin' with a buddy of ours.... bud didn't get any.

Direct download: GDS.645.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler bring it to ya in this news filled edition of the show. We discuss. PG porn, Transformers 2, we recap chicks farting and Cindy Crawford naked photos. We love it and you should to. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.644.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler sit in studio, discuss groping lady and their tendencies. We grope some boobies and talk about flu flu drinks that are in these fancy pussy glasses. We discuss former guest The Wolf and the women he's bringing in. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.643.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler talk about old people faces, how we wanna die, what will happen when we have a stroke and how to prepare for the thumb visits.  We also talk about the hicks of michigan and how the Kids sister needs to shut her fuckin' pie hole. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.642.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes JMac and Juice in studio. The MAP from Phoenix also joins in. We talk about hoggin' revealing your dink to a chick and why we let the MAP leave town. We call out a pal for being able to keep his big fat yapper shut... like a little bitch.

Direct download: GDS.641.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes JMac and Juice in studio and all the way from phoenix its the Martial Arts phenomenon. We revisit the milkhole, hamburger hill and bartenders who look at porn on the iphone and wonder about huge assholes.... literally. Go Deep. NOW!!

Direct download: GDS.640.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid entices the brawler and Sexy snow white to push their boobies together. Joining for the ride are JMac and Eckler.  We dive onto topics of bras, chicks getting pissed at other chicks, what girls think whey they masterbate and we replay some Wally. 

Direct download: GDS.639.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, JMac, Brawler and newbie Sexy Snow white discuss hot blondes, tall women and how a short guy with a twisty tongue makes you forget about height. We hit the usual salad toss, finger in the butt and beastiality. JMac reveals his non sex life. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.638.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Brawler and Sexy snow white welcome back a show mainstay. Its JMac back in full attack. The Kid motorboats we talk about some talent at the local Ponderosa and we find out that JMac was coming home even though he was being all secretive. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.637.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

The Kid welcomes Eck and Brawler in studio and we call JMac, talk about someone who pissed Eckler off at Walgreens and The Brawler has to fart really bad and she is just letting them seep into the futon in studio. Kid plays sound boards alot and loves it.

Direct download: GDS.636.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler get bailed on by Wally halfway through the show because he had a call from his old lady... and we all know that boy is whipped like a little bitch. Kid relives some old girls, nothing new and we get totally tossed off our game by Wally.

Direct download: GDS.635.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes back Eckler and the legendary Wally during Wally Week. We talk about Wombats tags that he put on two elephants banging, Kleen's ribcage girl is an actual person and we do a recap of one of Wally's most memorable moments. Go Deep MOFO's.

Direct download: GDS.634.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid welcomes back Wally and Eckler to the show where we kick a little ass, talk about some huge titties, chicks who dig the hispanics, a blonde chicks enjoyable ass and rape. We also hit up oil drilling, and of course a Kid sex story. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.633.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler and Brawler yap about some old school bond movies, Qtipping Pee Pee's, We do a movie review,  yap about stripper tax's, and new action heros. Its a good one. Go Deep bitches.

Direct download: GDS.632.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

GDS with Kid, Brawler, Eckler: We play the Wombat singing clip. The Kid suggests the Brawler getting gang banged, of course weiner size, felching and a waitress who has veiny titties. We know because a friend saw that bitch on  a sex tape. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.631.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

KId, Eck and Brawler talk trash to a local piece of shit show. The phenomenon known as no underpanties and see thru pants. We also do one of our favorite thing.... play a porn soundclip and its a doosy. Head on in and Go Deep. We know you like it.

Direct download: GDS.630.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler and Kleen bring the brawler in to measure our nads. The Brawler breathes heavily, We see an angry bartender pissed and we talk about how much of an asshole the Kid is. What the fuck else is new.  We play the nugget 911 call. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.629.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Kleen, Eckler and Brawler discuss toe fucking, Beer Pong Herpes, two nasty teachers bangin' a 13 year old,  women who need 2 hours worth of hole plundering and high heels on chicks with asses that are just amazing. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.628.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid, Eckler and Mr. Kleen bring the brawler in halfway, we discuss Watchmen, smelly breath, green poop, photos of poo,  Brawlers work poo atmosphere and we actually toss a hottie at you. We do porn review and we stare at super young chicks. Go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.627.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler in studio welcome the Brawler in this special in between show where you get to listen in on the bullshit that we yap about between the shows.  Not much different than the bullshit that we usually talk about. Check it out. Get layed back.

Direct download: GDS.626.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler welcome the Brawler to the show.  We discuss the X's sister,  oopsing some nudity, flat tummies and beautiful vagina. We let loose on telling everyone that Wally is the great interruptor. We call his ass out, and look forward to his visit.

Direct download: GDS.625.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler bring back the brawler, we discuss the first time Brawler saw a dick, vintae porn and boobs that are not quite yet at the knees. We also ponder the money shot and its effects on people beating off. Think about it and go Deep.

Direct download: GDS.624.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 4:00 PM

Kid and Eckler welcome Brawler via Skype where we discuss anorexia, shoes, women who would fuck your world up and sex for manual labor. Go Deep

Direct download: GDS.623.mp3
Category:Full Episode -- posted at: 5:00 PM

Kid and Eckler talk about assholes you interact with, We do a porn review of the redheads, what the techniques are for twisting one off... when you have the time. We do a little news recap and some other bullshit. Go Deep.

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Kid and Eckler discuss hiding shit from your parents, haircuts that went wrong and female hairdressers from Rosie Odonell to hotties that wore on my hairdo. We discuss Brazillian whores, Kid suggests Black VS white Pay per view. Go Deep.

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Kid, Eck and Brawler get nasty on your ass with chitty chat about the Brawler grabbing cock at the local comedy club. She gets nasty, we listen and so should you. Go Deep bitches.

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Kid and Eck discuss some news, former crushes and how ugly dudes get hot chicks. Wiffle butts and the mother daugher combo fuck. Go Deep.

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Kid and Eckler bring you stories of masterbation, one man and a cup, diet, couples at work and the big tits on horny girls and the religious boyfriend douchebag. We rate the ass and give em a sexy area code. Kid recalls X's with guts & mexi's without.

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Kid takes the night off of the hosting duties but sits in with Eck and Kleen.  We hit topics including High School chicks who got boob jobs and turned hot. Rooms with beds and not much else and Eckler finally wraps a story from episode 611. Go Deep.

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Kid, Kleen and Eckler bring you retarded news including wedgie attacks and more. No more notes. I'm tired and going to bed. Get Bent, Go Deep.

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Kid in studio with Eck and Kleen and the Mayor & Wally in CO. Topics: saying Fuck you to family members, Wally having his own show during the show. Steroids and some news recaps and Kleen's mom shaves his back? WTF. Also someone has big balls. Go Deep.

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Kid welcomes Eck and Kleen in studio and Wally and JMac from Colorado.  Topics: sleeping with N-bombs, calling porn hotlines, octo-mom death threats, Rhianna punched and how to stalk some crazy denver whores on Twitter. Go Deep

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Kid welcomes Eck and Kleen in studio and Wally and JMac from Colorado.  We talk radio, JMac pukes, Wally didn't have sex in High school and JMac lights the kitchen counter on fire. Other topics include stripper poles, Katy Perry,  Mexican anger and more.

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Kid welcomes Eckler and Kleen, TOPICS: too many sounds,  Kleen farts on the mic, N bombs, Hotties name Mo with lots of kids, none of which are Kleen's. We call someone, they don't answer Kleen's retarded and tells you why. Go Deep

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Kid welcomes Eckler and Kleen. TOPICS: Stealing beer, how many fatties Kleen would bang, Sucky bars, and how whores at the strip club will blow you if you look like their son. We also tap on eating a stripper and not paying. Go Deep.

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Kid welcomes Braweler, Bemo and Eckler in this GDS where topics include fucked up wires, we recap clean underwear insident, Kid gets hit on at the grocery store and cleansing your system via the nasty lemonade. We hit on Salma's tittie mild and more. 

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