Kid, Gdub and Wally discuss what our cartoon persona would be, Transgender army veterans, Canadian couples trying to diddle each others bits and pieces on an airplane and some golfer asshole who got his ass kicked and owed a strip club a bunch of cash. We make fun of women who have problems twirling and showing their nails. Kid tells everyone that bowling alley sluts just want to be at a bar but can't because they ploppoed out a bunch of children from their snatch.  We give out a few hotties of the week which is a segment that we're bringing back. This weeks Hotties are Bonnie Rotten and Lucy Mecklenburgh. Go Deep

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Kid, JMac, Spider Monkey, Gdub, C.C. and Mercedes Dela Soul in on this one where topics include porn preferences, how much the Kid likes FFFM and the sweet sweet sounds of women blowing guys. We come to the realization that women use their pubes to deter them from taking home randoms. We discuss sex frequency, how it will fade no matter how hard you try and C.C. being slightly disappointed that some of her DTF buddies have shacked up with others. I think Mercedes drops the bomb that her butt hairs were braided at some point.  Yes braided. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1249-01-28-2015.mp3
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Kid welcomes in GDub from Georgia, Don and Pooty Tang, C.C. and Mercedes Dela Soul where we discuss puke, saving it and how much Mercedes loves to projectile vomit. Gdub gives us the lowdown on when a chick puked when he was down on a girl and Pooty Tang tells the story of riding Don Tang cock then puked all over his chest on his birthday. We get into the love of your family members, being single vs having a significant other and getting your dick cut to save yourself money and saving yourself from ruining your life. We also talk about saving your family by puking and fucking them.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1248-01-27-2015.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang, C.C. and Mercedes Dela Soul where we discuss how badly Pooty wants Don Tang to blast a load of baby batter up in her lady parts. She wants it so much so that she texts it to him while his boss is looking at his phone. We discuss nudity being sent over the internet, going on benders, and if C.C. gives a shit if her friends like her boyfriends. We play a new game called what's your genitalia's themes song and also a little ditty called If your genitalia was a fast food item.  We discuss the bullshit phenomenon of dudes wearing a man bun and Don Tang gives us the lowdown on what he would let Jerod Leto do to him.  Kid agrees to get aids from Alyssa Milano and we get the lowdown on Mercedes snatch trimming or lack there of.  Did we mention that we talk about a couple of gays shoving cadbury eggs up their ass and how not to use Sharpies. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes in Don Tang, Gdub, Wally, Red Eye, JMac and Spider Monkey in on this episode of the show.  We give the lowdown on the craziest  names of women, GDub tells us the best way to knock up a black chick and Red Eye thinks all black chicks just smell.  He suggests potpouri. Kid discusses how we get lame when we get old and we hit on the topic of us all getting watered down and having a more difficult time getting stimulated.  We kick some ugly photoshop skills and some cranky femmenazi bitches are complaining. We wrap up with man vs woman and figure out what women are good for. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds1246-01222015.mp3
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Kid welcomes back Gdub, Wally, Don Tang and Red Eye.  Kid puts Red Eye's dumb cunt X in the spotlight and we immediately jump into disfunction and how it seems to just follow any woman. We discuss Hate Fucking, The Pity Fuck, The Tittie Fuck and how every guy hates himself at some point for porking some crazy chick. We come to the realization that Red Eye is attracted to crazy bitch Mexican chicks and loves the drama.  Kid also gives the blow by blow tale of some Old lady and some Jaba the Hut imitator who got friendly in a Hot Tub Time Machine attempt. Red Eye bangs an old lady and he couldn't get the old hag to leave after he porked her. Wally gives his technique for getting a dumb bitch to leave when you don't need her anymore. Gdub banged a Native America and isn't proud of it. We wrap up with Wally discussing a massive massive 5 hour boner that terrified him. 

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Kid welcomes in Don Tang, Gdub and Wally talking about how the lamest fucking stories in the world are the stories of how two motherfuckers get engaged. Getting your balls snipped so you don't plop out any little fucking leaches and we make everyone happy by bringing up the Love of Jesus and how it makes the Kid want to punch people. GDub tells us he wanted to make a Jesus freak cry over a sub sandwich and the Kid expresses his angle on slavery.  We reveal that the lovely Red is a juggalo and she apparently wants to infest the youth of America with the sweet sweet sounds of ICP. Wally chimes in and discusses his once in a lifetime experience of laughing in the face of Rapper Eminem. GDub gives us the lowdown on how his first concert was a Celine Dione and Kenny G Concert. We discuss the legalization of Pot and how living in the future will be. Go Deep.

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Kid welcomes GDub and Wally in on this MLK day release.  We play a game with Gdub for the first time called WTF did the NBomb Say? Kid screws over the live video feed.  This is the first recording testing the new Friday night schedule. Kid reveals that his significant other is way more realistic about recording regularly.  We hit on the subjects of dirty looks when at a restaurant, sex toys used over the internet now has a companion social network. Wally tells us the story of what he did with a blowup doll, Kid relives the days of playing Leisure Suit Larry and gives us the low down on smuggling weapons into jails via a girls twat. We hit up some hot chick chatter toward the end and how we used to wait for porn to load on old computers.  I think we make fun of Cameron Diaz and her wrinkled up face. Site of the night Mr. Skin and did we mention GDub knows a tard who was in Something about Mary? Listen in and celebrate your fucking day off being offended by a trio of dumbasses. Go Deep. 

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Kid, GDub, Don Tang, Big Red Man discuss Netflix, Black Mirror and recording every aspect of your life. Don Tang decides to be a fucking blank sheet of paper and then becomes some tree stump with a smile. We discuss how we want to die and it doesnt' include fading out to Cancer. It also doesn't include getting smacked in the face with a resistance band while attempting to workout. Go Deep mother fucker.

Direct download: gds-1242-01-14-2014.mp3
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Kid, GDub and Don Tang discuss freedom, The Interview movie that pissed a bunch of North Korean little bitches off. GDub gives us the low down on The Larry Flynt version of the Interview with even more obnoxious North Korean bashing content.  We ask how a fucking grumpy cat can make 64 million dollars, how chasing big foot can be a tv show and how a dude turns into a chick after one visit to the doctor.  Listen in there’s more but we don’t feel like typing anymore. Go Deep. 

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Don Tang and GDub in his new GDub Pub to kick off the new year.  In this episode we discuss the most violent place on the planet earth, some of our friends that are fucking little babies and how to avoid being called out about being a little bitch. Red Eye was put on a mission to get dirty sluts and he fails.  We discuss our route of idiot ramblings from the previous night which included a coffee shop visit and some bar hopping tossed in. We do one of our porn scenario brainstorm sessions and it includes vigorous cleaning of counters and low cut cleavage showing shirts.  At some point Don Tang gets a chick to tell him that she wants to stroke his goddamn hair. Listen in and Go Deep.  

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Kid and Hat Trick kick through the show notes to empty out her bin of topics. Including X’s kids and what the Kid believes the show is actually about. He drums up a scenario where he brings in a divorce couple and a former boyfriend to stir shit up and just watch the chaos begin.  Kid gets into the question of whether or not its a good thing that the waitress knows what you want to eat drink and whatever your heart desires.  We kick an app review of Plague and say a bunch of other shit.  The usual. Go Deep. 

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Kid, Gdub, and Hat Trick in on this episode where topics include how a stoned puppy is the luckiest animal in the room.  Gdub sends a shout out to evil and the Kid starts the show witha chick riding a car stick shift.  He then asks what frozen or piping hot sausages Hat Trick has had in and around her vagina. She reveals that she has done the Hat Trick wine which includes grapes in the vagina that were then eaten. We talk ping pong balls and shooting them sky high from the twat.  Gdub has volunteered to be the ping pong pussy pushing coach who encourages and coaches Hat Trick through the ping pong pussy fling. We get some money making ideas including the Hat Trick butt print or tittie print and GDub has his take on creating artwork. We discuss the porn ban and call it a bunch of bullshit.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1238-12-17-2014-2152.mp3
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Kid welcomes back Hat Trick and the one and only GDub.  We discuss how boys work up boners in public, how to properly take pictures of your weiner and if the Hat Trick has ever slept with a brotha. GDub gives us some words of advice when messing around with black chicks and how to avoid beast mode when you bang their man. Kid gives us his mocha mixed preferences when it comes to the porn. Hat Trick gives us the low down on the light skinned brotha talkin' Ghetto thug when others are around. She also gives us the low down on how to get really sore by banging 21 year olds with huge cocks. Go Deeper. 

Direct download: gds-1237-12-17-2014-2116.mp3
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Kid and Red eye in studio discuss family shit, how to take shit to the next level in the sac with your old lady and that mainly includes picking out all sorts of chicks to add to the mix. We discuss a friend of ours kid and how he gets dragged to Hooters on a weekly basis. We discuss how ladies will eventually turn for the worst at some point. Red Eye discusses how his old old lady started to break down and become old. He also gives us the low down on what he will be missing from his X. Go fucking deep. Bitch.

Direct download: gds-1237-10-07-2014.mp3
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Kid and Red Eye in Studio discussing race shit and an app that is a concent form for having sex.  We do an app review to protect yourself from rape.  Kid fills Red Eye in on the Fappening, Kid also gives us the lowdown on some sports network featuring all women.  Its gonna suck balls. Go Deep. 

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Kid welcomes GDub, Wally and Big Red man to the show.  We dive into the fake three titted chick, The Fappening 2 and how every dude on earth likes to look at naked stuff. We get into the story of the guy who gets a shit-ton of orgasms every fucking day and how terribly crazy it would be. I think we talk about weed and other dumb shit like escaping from a car wreck

Direct download: gds-1234-09-24-2014.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang discuss the Stripclubselfies.tumblr.com site and how everyone needs to get on it and check out some of the pics from inside the strip club. Kid discusses some nasty blonde slut who can't seem to handle the letters 666. What a dumb cunt. Go Deep. 

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GDS Rewind. Kid and Don Tang get in studio from back toward the end of the summer when all those hot naked photos were leaked.  We talk about how pissed sand Nbombs are and its all because of their anger towards sand in the pee holes. Kid gives you the low down on Jlaw vs Kate Upton. We get on the inverted nipple tip and we have a new favorite game called find some new shit online. 

Direct download: gds-1232-08-31-2014.mp3
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Kid welcomes Eckler back in studio with too many fucking topics to list.  The in studio guest Mic is a bit jacked up and low so be warned.  You can hear it fine just deal with it jerks. We talk a bout fat chicks and blowjobs.  

Direct download: gds-1230-08-24-2014.mp3
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In this episode of the Goin' Deep Show the Kid surfs porn with the in studio guests and asks questions such as ass shaving, how much fur is around the bung hole and at one point gets Hat Trick to show her sister her trimmed snatch.  Yes you read that correctly. We get to the essential question of how much load you can swallow and how impressive one load is over others. Other crap as usual is involved.  Go Fuckin' Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1229-08-23-2014.mp3
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Time to dump some backed up load we’ve had in the bin.  In this one we bring back one of our show favorites Hat Trick.  She happens to bring in her lovely sister Xena Warrior Princess.  Also along for the ride is Silverback but his mic was all jacked up so you have to pay close attention to what he says.  Technical difficulties suck balls.  Topics include getting services, if Xena does or does not take it in the ass, Why Hat Trick is now single, Strip beer pong, who would get naked and we discuss new apps like in full nerd form. We discuss damaging pussy with women just deciding to not want to fuck. This is the end of the year dump where we finally get back from the fall hiatus and drop some GDS load in your faces. Go fucking deep. 

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The Goin' Deep Show celebrates its 10th year of recording October 2, 2014 with the Kid welcoming in The original duo of JMac and The MAP to the mix along with mainstay Gdub.  Kid give everyone the initiative of the next ten years, rips on the normal groups of jerkoffs that we deal with and we recap some of the stories that have come to light over the past 3,650 days of being involved in this crap.  Listen in and Go Deep. Did we mention this fucker is 2 hours long.  Oh yeah Thats what make sit "Special"

Direct download: GDS-10thAnniversaryShow.mp3
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Kid and Red Eye discuss wet women, how to win arguments and sausage fests in this Goin' Deep Show.  They tap on layin' pipe inside a hot tub and how horny chicks don't give a shit about banging in it. 

We discuss the Whisper app and how Red Eye uses it to talk dirty to chicks. Red Eye also describes how to get back at the dude who takes your X home. 

Secret... It involves playing with the titties of his X wife. 

Listen in and Go Deep. 

Direct download: GDS.1227.mp3
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Kid, Gdub and Wally discuss websites and how you try to keep track of old porn sites. We discuss our hatred of marriage and how fucking retarded it is. We discuss little black books and how to find hookers who just like balls and junk in their mouths all the time. GDub tells the tale of a little runt kid getting all sexy time with Miss America during a live auditorium q&a. 

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