Kid and Don Tang rip the new trend of women jamming their bullshit into guy stuff.  Kid is angry about baseball adding girl crap into the game including dance teams, pom pom bullshit and now hearing a woman in the booth during the post season are tops on his list of shit that the ladies need to just stop. We play a clip of announcers ripping on a bunch of sorority girls taking selfies at a game recently and how thats usually what is brought to the game by the ladies. Don Tang plays devils advocate and tries to piss off the Kid even more but it just makes him want to cry. Why do chicks fucking ruin everything? That is the question of the day. Go Deep.

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Kid and Don Tang focus on the LGBTQIA community by coming up with their own acronyms for what their sexual preferences are. Curves vs Fatty’s in the sex appeal department, and how men can get away with having a little extra lbs. We throw a shoutout to the Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival which happens this weekend and talk about the Hasty Pudding tradition at Harvard University and how its getting all fucked up. We give out a name that we haven’t talked about for a while and that name is Katie Morgan. We also double up on the hottie of the night and encourage you to do a google search for India Reynolds

Direct download: gds-1286-09-24-2015.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang kick off the Fall season of Goin' Deep Show We discuss the upcoming weeks events including the GDub wedding, Strip clubs including the best joints to see hot women all over the country. Don Tang tells us King of Diamonds in Miami is the best and he was recently given some shit about putting up photos of strippers online.  I know, its unheard of. Alexandra Daddario becomes the focus of much conversation which leads to a question that the crew probably hasn't brought up before.  It gets pretty hot looking at pictures of Alexandra and the Kid reveals he's been holding off from beating off which leads to raging boners. We come to the conclusion that only blood would keep us from banging a corpse.  Whoa Whoa did we just say that? Kid rips on that dumb cunt in Kentucky who isn't doing her job and lumps all the religious freaks of nature and calls them retards. We wrap up with a dude who doesn't see his wife for a decade then he gets a bionic eye and gets to see his now wrinkled up old hag of a wife.  Go Dee.

Direct download: gds-1285-09-23-2015.mp3
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Kid and Don Tang browse galleries of Katy Perry fake porn pics and we could give a shit if they're fake.  We just like em.Kid gets pissy about gender descriptions and we come to the conclusion that if you're pansexual it just means your a fucking slut. Which we're completely fine with. Go Be a slut.  The world needs more sluts. Go Deep. 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1284-08-28-2015.mp3
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Kid, GDub and Don Tang join in on this one where topics include funeral hotties, how to stare at asses during the ceremony of death, how to creep out your significant other while she sleeps and how to "Netflix and Chill" properly. GDub gives is the story of getting head while driving in a blinding snow storm. We give the details on seeing Gdub's X girlfriend who has blown right up into the shape of a Grimace. Go Deep

Direct download: goindeepshow-1283-08-28-2015.mp3
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August 28, 2015

Kid and GDub want to hear Wally call his mother a whore over and over but the Kid just can't come through with the classic clip.  He's been browsing too much porno to be prepared. Kid gets very fucking pissy about the new baseball rules including the fucking shot clock style countdown, instant replay and especially the fucking retarded Cheerleader / dance teams that they've attempted to throw in front of everyone during the goddamn game. We discuss ways to clog your arteries even faster when at the ballpark by stuffing bacon covered in maple syrup on a stick. We do some Donald Trump discussion and attempt to say something worth while about it. Kid wonders how close a video needs to be of a closeup of an ass hole. Kid also tries to push his agenda of letting everyone know that step mothers in porn are very helpful. Go Deep.

Direct download: goindeepshow-1282-08-28-2015.mp3
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Kid, welcomes in JMac, Spider Monkey and Gdub where we tell peeps how to reach us at porn.tumblr.com  GDub gives us the lowdown on fighting with church people and the Kid has all sorts of questions on freeing the nipple campaign.  We know in a perfect world all you'd see would be hot chicks topless but you know it would be a fucking trainwreck of distorted fucked up bodies. Gdub falls out quick into this one.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1281-08-18-2015.mp3
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Kid, JMac, Spider Monkey and GDub discuss bachelor party antics to come for GDub wedding. Kid gets a push from Red to have a bachelor party so she can have an excuse to go to the strip club. We wonder if there is any food at the Deja Vu and are informed that in Minnesota a woman must be accompanied by a man to get into the tittie bar. Kid give us the low down on slapping a bitch off his dick for making too much noises. Go Deep.

Direct download: goindeepshow-1280-08-18-2015.mp3
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Kid, Hat Trick and Lebron in studio where we discuss gross stories of accidentally eating a toenail which kicks into kissing after oral. Hat Trick gives us her porn suggestions which involves big dick struggling to get in a tiny ass. We try to make her feel terrible about not doing porn when she had the chance.  The Kid gives us a search term to look up for porn and that term is Czech Harem. Go Deep. 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1279.mp3
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Kid welcomes Lebron and Hat Trick to the studio where we share a tasty treat, Kid wonders why Serenity X isn't friends with him on Facebook and all sorts of racial bullshit. Lebron talks like a hillbilly to drop some N-bombs and the Kid gets pissy at the media. Hat Trick tells us she wants to be in the audience at Maury Povich. Hat Trick gives us the low down on sending pics, filming sex and whether or not she'd do it. We discuss some pregnant talk, butterfaces and tiny penis fucking.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1278.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Hat Trick and Lebron to the show where we discuss getting caught man handling yourself, wearing a belt around your neck or in the shower spanking it. We discuss how to keep your boots on during banging and how many pairs of shoes brotha's have. Kid also reviews Hat Trick's twitter account and gives the scoop on the chick he has the hots for on TV. We hit booty calls, dick pics and how being sore reminds you of the guy who hammered the pussy just right.  Lots more, listen in, go deep. 

Direct download: goindeepshow-1277.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Hat Trick, Silverback and Gdub to the show where we discuss first ladies shoving fresh veggies into their vagina, submissions to the most awesome site ever.. porn.tumblr.com. Kid tries to give all the details on the Silverback and the pineapple story but fails terribly. Hat Trick tells us how to compare the size of men and it involves one liter bottles and sore asses while driving. Silverback tells us how to make a dick look small and it involves an ass in yoga pants. We get all the details on an aggresive sex driven chick who demands the dick then gets all fucking weird and shit. GDub also tells us how he almost murdered people. Your average ho hum neighborhood fun. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1276.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Hat Trick and Silverback into studio 163 and GDub from ATL where we bring up ways that Michael Bolton is trying to shitty up Detroit by doing some movie about the Motor City. We recap some wedding activities which include violent puking and large bridesmaid sexual advances. Sookie gets in Hat Trick’s ear about doing some Mud Volleyball where the Kid suggests all sorts of thonging and floppy huge titties in the mud. We recap some recent Hat Trick sexual exploits and she gives us the scoop on what the largest butt plug she’s ever used. Its classy. Go Deep. 

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Goin' Deep Show 1274: She likes it in the face

Kid welcomes to the studio Red Eye, GDub, Eckler, Dirty D, Dirty old Bastard and Trashy to the studio.  We recap the Kid's birthday bullshit, serious topics such as blow job gurgle sounds and how the pros do it. Kid describes his scare of scraping his cock on a desk. We do some dick injury and masturbation discussion. Dirty old Bastard shoots his load in his face and wonders if you ever rubbed it raw. We discuss date rape drugs, whiskey dick and how to jerk it quick and get it over with. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1274.06-12-2015.mp3
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May 21, 2015

Kid welcomes Yukon and Hat Trick in this episode of the Goin' Deep Show where we recount the action of one of the show regulars during a drunken night on the town.  We discuss the age old guys vs girls and feelings topic. 

We pause for the Jaimie Lee Curtis scene in True Lies where we give the full critique and analysis of her body and how she'd suck your dick right off. 

Go Deep. 

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May 1, 2015

Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang and the lovely Red in studio in their first episode since their wedding. We discuss giving less effort into eating the pussy and if you could skate by without doing all that nonsense would you? 

We discuss the married life and how being married for 45 days is far from 15 years. 

Kid figures out how to get blow jobs more frequently, how to get your private parts pierced correctly and ways to avoid pissing in various directions. 

Its a couples show and its angry by the time it ends. 

Go Deep

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April 24, 2015

Kid welcomes in Don Tang, Red eye and Gdub into this special hour long episode of the Goin' Deep show.  This one is special for one reason and one reason only. Its the Diane Sawyer Interview with Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner. We discuss how to turn your cock inside out, how to cum when your dick is up inside of yourself and what would happen if you banged a cross gender person and didn't know. 

Kid asks about features of a manly woman and how many times it crosses your mind if its a chick or a dude. 

This show is interrupted throughout by the audio from the show and its pretty much us here watching TV and saying really dumb shit. 

Par for the course here in Goin' Deep Land

Listen in bitches. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1271.04-24-2015.mp3
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Kid welcomes in some throwback co-hosts from the early days of the show.  An early spring episode of the show where we discuss Tiger Stadium seats that have literally seen more ass and farts than any other seats in the world. We discuss Hat Tricks fuck drought, Sookie's sister who now has double D size titties and Hat Trick discusses the super powers of masturbation. We play a clip from 900 that has Hat Trick getting totally banged during the show.  One of our favorite clips. Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1270-04-06-2015.mp3
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Kid, Gdub and Jmac discuss ass cleaning, beer thats green and assholes who pick lame adult beverages. The Kid admits to being a beer snob and he ads fuel to the flames of the chick on the $20 dollar bill.  Kid admits he'd rather be a minority male than a female. We realize that the internet is chuck full of assholes just like us and we wouldn't have it any other way. Go Deep.

Direct download: gds-1269-03-20-2015.mp3
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In this episode of the Goin' Deep Show Kid welcomes Gdub and JMac where we discuss the geek shit known as the bitmoji. Penis transplants and getting payed for donations and Kid tries to get everyone to discuss their mental age vs their actual age. We come to the conclusion that the crew of the show pretty much stopped growing up when we fingered a chick.  We decide that kids are little assholes and the more of an asshole you are expect it to come back and bite you in the ass. We discuss the husband trade in program and how the ticking time bomb known as becoming 40 is fucking with the Kid's head. Go Deep.

Direct download: gds-1268-03-20-2015.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Gdub and Red Eye to this the 1267th episode of the Goin' Deep Show. The Kid brings up the mutual masturbation question.  Red Eye asks arguably the most retarded question we've ever heard on the show. Red Eye almost gets his phone thrown down the street in this one and it comes just off the heels of him nearly getting beat down in a kids clothing store. Kid reveals that he's becoming an ass man. We discuss premature ejac, chicks who trap their guys and just fuck their lives forever and kids we don't know about. Go Fuck yourself for even thinking it.  Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-1267-03-28-2015.mp3
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Time to go back in time bitches.  Its going back over a decade and we have Mr. Shark Attack in studio for Episode 19. The Paralyzer is the host, Mr. Kleen is along for the ride and The one and only Mr. Shark Attack is along for the ride.  The Kid is on board before he was The Kid and we are all about bashing George W. Bush which seems like a theme that was revisited during the early days of the Goin' Deep Show.  We talk Government propoganda, human animal hybrids, Saginaw Hookers, The Paralyzer picking up a toothless Saginaw Hooker and Mr. Shark attack Bachelor party details. We wrap up with topless beaches and suggest that everyone Go Deep. 

Direct download: gds-0019-02-02-2005.mp3
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Kid welcomes in Red Eye and GDub in this edition of the Goin' Deep Show.  Red Eye nearly gets his ass handed to him because he just can't stay away from his coworkers and their love for him.  He gives us the details on how he and one of his gal pals in a hot tub and gives us all the detials on how he gets friendly with mothers of the women he's interested in so they can give him the low down on what their daughters are up to. 

GDub has a black eye and he has some explaining to do. Kid also attempts to tweak any tight asshole bitch about not putting chicks on teh $20 dollar bill. 

Direct download: gds-1266-03-28-2015.mp3
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March 18, 2015 - The Winter Season comes to an end.

Its a huge drunk episode to wrap up the Winter season of Goin' Deep. In this episode we try to get the ladies to do phone sex with no success.  In studio are Kid, Hat Trick and some guy who's name rhymes with "Bally". In the virtual world we have Big Red Man, Yukon, Spider Monkey and the Mayor JMac.  We discuss age range and how we've been doing this show for way way too long. Bally says that he only likes women who are Bill Cosby'd and he tries to coax the guys with long hair to go get it cut so they can feel as depressed. We do some random rapid fire and Hat Trick has still not come back from the brotha but still prefers the Ginger-Tock (cock). Go Squirt yourself! We'll see you when the spring season begins. Go Deep. 

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Goin' Deep Show 1264: Interacial sex sibling rivalry

March 17, 2015 - H.O.T.W Draya Michele

Kid, Hat Trick, GDub, and "Bally" in this episode discuss going all interactial sexual and how "Bally" would have a safety net known as a black child to save his ass.  Kid asks Hat Trick if she's ever felt like farting in a guys face when he'd down on her and "Bally" can't remember Hat Trick's actual name. We talk some Tranny shit and start the discussion on how much porn stars get payed to do shit. Go Deep and Happy St. Patty's Day. 

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